Design the New City Seal. Win Valuable Prizes

Friends, howzabout about a contest?

We need a prize, of course. Some junk from the FFFF gift shop? We have some T shirts left, I think. Somebody around here stole some Bad Chi signs so I think we may be able give some of those away. Or maybe the real prize is simply contributing to the glory of our city.

Anyway, here’s the first entry. That ought to get your creative juices flowing.

Entries can be emailed to us or uploaded to and linked in the comments. Good luck!

Update from Admin:

Alright, I found the perfect prize…

It’s a CD from Nancy Sanchez, an awesome jazz singer. My friend Gabriel San Roman told me about Nancy and I saw her play at Steamers in downtown Fullerton. She has a great voice and is pretty cool, too. Check out

28 Replies to “Design the New City Seal. Win Valuable Prizes”

  1. T-Shirt? Old Campaign Yard Sign?

    Geez…Signs of the economy, eh?

    How about ante the prizes to $50 gift card?

    1. JD, yours is the funniest so far.

      Admin, Sizzle Chest’ is just too disgusting, I hope you remove it from this string, it really makes me sick.

      I just listened to Nancy Sanchez sing the Hippo song on her website and you’re right she is totally awesome.

  2. Do add FxTxTx — which now stands for Fullerton Trashy Town.

    And a motto: Whatever we can do great, we’ll do mediocre, and we love trees.

    1. Sweet, effervescent Baby Jebus! Brick veneer, dinosaurs, burning cash? That’s gonna be real hard to beat.

  3. Got some classics up in here! LOL! A worthy gift pack too! Especially with the Nancy Sanchez CD addition.

    I’ve got a new Harry Sidu image to debut, but there’s no contest or news hook yet 🙁

    (patience Daniel son!)

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