A Blast From The Past

Every now and then we like to remind our Friends about Fullerton’s recent history. We did it here, in a post on the arrogant mismanagement of Fullerton by former City Manager, James L. Armstrong. We noted that in 2001, after seven years’ worth of failure in Fullerton, he failed all the way to the top job in tony Santa Barbara.

But, alas, Poor Jim has run afoul of the cops up there, and, recently was taken to task by a blog for his efforts to stall the release of information about a city program that subsidized houses for – city employees! Too bad Armstrong mistakenly cc’d his sentiments to the very people who were making the public records request!

Jim Armstrong hard at work shoveling...well, you know what he's shovelling.

Still the same. Incompetent and arrogant.

5 Replies to “A Blast From The Past”

  1. Armstrong was idolized by the boohoos and the ‘pugs.

    He was a real control freak and a creep, and still is, apparently. He didn’t deserve that job in SB. Actually he deserved to be fired. About 15 times.

    We celebrated the day he left.

  2. Will there be a search for a new city manager are is the council just going to hand it to the interim one?

    1. Now that is a great question.

      When does Joel Feltz’s interim period run out? The HR department must conduct an objective candidate search.

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