City Council Meeting Tonight

The public meeting starts at 6:30 PM. On the agenda tonight are the issue of hiring contractor Michael Gennaco to “investigate” the FPD. Those of us who have been around City hall awhile know that these contractors always do what the City Manager wants since he’s the guy that got them hired. VOTE NO!

Speaking of the City Manager, Joe Felz, who has overseen the corrupt FPD and who has totally bungled the Kelly Thomas affair is up for a $35,000 raise. Yep, you heard that right. That was bad timing! It’s on what’s called the “Consent Calendar” so unless a member of the public asks the City Clerk to pull this item for discussion it will go through on the nod. VOTE NO!

Also agenized are some more ridiculous “affordable housing” projects of the kind that cost twice as much to build as regular housing. These are being pimped by lobbyists who also happen to be some of the biggest repuglicans in Orange County who are counting on Jones, Bankhead and McKinley to line their pockets. VOTE NO!

Of course you can also make your voices heard in public comments, too, at the start of the meeting.

Fullerton City Hall is located at 303 W. Commonwealth, Fullerton at the intersection of Highland Avenue.

See you all there!

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  1. Yeah. Take someone else who can show up on behalf of me. I just looked at the Mr. Thomas’ photo in a comma and I am disgraced. I am a conservative and a Christian, and I support holding the officers personally liable for their abuse. These officers should be tried.

      1. Funny. Their job descriptions never included murder. Guess we’ll have to have HR jump on that ASAP.

          1. Yes, it was. Hitting someone in the head with a blunt object numerous times shows intent to kill.

    1. #2 by MeYou on August 16, 2011
      he will get his raise
      cops will go free

      humanity is forever on the side of a milk carton

      Next you’re going to tell us there is no Easter Bunny! =-o

      Have you talked to your family physician about Prozac yet?

  2. You might be getting a little kick here, Anonymous is done with San Fran and BART (for now) and is moving on the Fullerton PD, From the Twitter account @YourAnonNews “237 W. Commonwealth, Fullerton – The March begins at 11am in front of Fullerton PD! Sat 8/20/11”

    1. From the Anonymous twitter feed:

      # We’ll step back.
      RT @T4RD1S:
      Kelly Thomas’ family requests that #OpFullerton be temporarily held-off. 24 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    1. couldn’t make it this time but watched online and there were some great speakers. Nearly the whole council got up and walked out once, including I think Whitaker. They weren’t getting the respect they thought they should. The public comments ended at 9:30 then the mayor ran the clock out on graft, etc.

  3. …disturbing what a pack of police men can do to a man and get away with it..
    Mark my words.. They Will get away with it.
    A corrupt system protects their “own”.

    1. #6 by K I H on August 16, 2011
      …disturbing what a pack of police men can do to a man and get away with it..
      Mark my words.. They Will get away with it.
      A corrupt system protects their “own”.

      So, why don’t you just put the barrel of your police issued firearm in your mouth and get it over with quickly? Clearly your life is devoid of meaning. The rest of us intend to continue standing up for justice.

      1. Oops, ‘Sherman’ was temporarily Xer from post #8 My temporarily bifurcated ‘personalities’ have remerged now. 😎


  4. Mr. Peabody,

    What is a “repuglican?” Does that stand for Republican? Folks, not everyone posting here in support of justice for Kelly Thomas, and a return to Sane Responsible Policing, is a Democrat (ie: see Mark’s post #1). Some of us are Americans first, then politically aligned. Can we try and keep politics out of this already messy mess? The cops already have a finely honed sense of ‘us’ versus ‘them.’ Why would you want to create more divisions? I thought Democrats wanted unity through diversity, or something like that. Just, don’t go around biting your friends too, eh?

    Or if I am mistaken, Mr. Peabody please explain to Sherman the difference between Repuglicans and Republicans. Thanks.

    BTW: Does the Fullerton City Council NOT allow cameras in their meetings? We record almost ALL our City Council meetings and have them on local TV like CSPAN. You could post them on Youtube in 10 minute segments with links, and if there is a point of particular interest you could point that out here with a specific link.

    Don’t live in Fullerton, but I for one would willingly watch the entire proceedings. Seriously, put your City Council on notice, ‘the entire world really IS watching’ until there is justice for Kelly. Just sayin.’

    Give ’em hell tonight for those of us who can’t, but are there in spirit (including the Republicans and Independents).


        1. If you have AT&T U-Verse you may be able to access the televised meeting via U-Verse channel 99. And you don’t need to be a Fullerton resident to do so; I am not, but I am a news junkie so I have been watching the public comments segments of the meetings. In doing so, I am guessing that Mayor “Dick” (aka Boss Hog/Dr HeeHaw) Jones has a specific “go to Council meeting” suit as he’s worn it during the meetings I’ve been able to watch…

    1. AGREED. FFFF is making a gross mistake alienating Conservatives, Libertarians, Republicans, Constitutionalists, and other Americans.

      How many Dems support gun-point cell phone laws? MANY.

      Keep partisanship out of the Kelly Thomas debate.

      1. So damn stupid. FFFF is clearly libertarian in orientation, not liberal. Can you even read? And they are doing an excellent job keeping partisanship out of it by the way.

          1. They’ve been going off on Democrats and liberals too.

            The bottom line is that both political parties are failing us and both deserve any names you want to call them. Take no prisoners FFFF!

    2. “Folks, not everyone posting here in support of justice for Kelly Thomas, and a return to Sane Responsible Policing, is a Democrat…Some of us are Americans first, then politically aligned.”

      Yes. I am a businessman and would consider myself to be a fairly conservative, mostly republican voter, but I share in the desire to see justice done with regard to the brutal, murderous beatdown of Kelly Thomas. Mr. Peabody: Please don’t marginalize me in the way the anti-“lynch mob” peeps try to marginalize you with their rhetoric.

      But then again…

      “Mr. Peabody knows everything, doncha Mr. Peabody?”

      “That is correct, Sherman.”

    3. By way of explanation to Sherman, “Repuglicans” are those who milk the system for their own personal gain while publicly espousing a love of Republican values. See GOP Central Committee meeting for many examples of this “I’m in it for me” mentality. Their king is Scott Baugh, and Court Jester is Harry Sidhu, but the Royal Court includes a variety of cigar-smoking, Scotch-drinking, Mickadeit-befriending, high-speed-rail-promoting, lobbyist types. They use the Republican party to feather their own nests, provide soft-landing government jobs and/or independent consulting contracts for friends and family, and generally feed at the trough they claim to want to reduce. FFFF has long been in the habit of outing them, in addition to idiot liberals who think government is the answer to any and all problems we may face in life. If you are a true conservative (probably leaning more toward libertarian than anything else) then you have no fear of the bloggers here calling you names. But I for one appreciate the posts these guys have fronted, even when I am the target. These guys keep me honest and accountable as a blogger over at Red County. If you say something around here you better be able to back it up. That is the essence of anti-Repuglicanism.

        1. Really? You couldn’t do better than “If you say something around here you better be able to back it up. That is the essence of anti-Repuglicanism.” What the hell is that supoosed to mean?

          The problem with going down the ‘us versus them’v road is that it demeans the victim’s death. Name calling is always inflamatory, worse, it weakens the good arguments being made here for justice by giving them the taint of a larger agenda. As if the Kelly Thomas murder is being overblown, simply another opportunity to bitch and moan about ‘them.’ And it’s a divisive distraction.

      1. #14 by Xer on August 16, 2011
        Oops, ‘Sherman’ was temporarily Xer from post #8 My temporarily bifurcated ‘personalities’ have remerged now.



        Guess you overlooked that post? ‘Sherman’ was me for three posts, the first intentional, the next two not. That’s why post #14.

        Appreciate your excuse for the label, Repuglicanism. The people you pointed out are double-dealing dogs, but you risk alienating Republicans by using that label. Attacking Democrats, or Libruls, too does not justify it. As EyeNeverSayNo eloquently points out you are driving people away from your cause by being divisive, and you are demeaning Kelly Thomas’ death.

        Incidentally, somewhere on these blogs I openly admitted to being an Independent voter. Used to be a Republican, but sometimes voted Democrat. Mostly just vote against the incumbents now. As an old friend often points out in regards her own voting record, I vote for the person, not the Party. By the way, I flirted with Libertarianism for some years too, but none of those party’s shoes ever seemed to fit me, So, I’ll just stay an Independent (none-of-the-above).

        1. Excellent post, Xer. One of the amazing results of the Kelly Thomas outrage is the way it brings people together and on point from all political and cultural orbits. I’ve never seen anything like it, ever. I remember Matthew Shepard — and his was a terrible murder, as is Kelly’s — but it resulted in a plague of online hate spew the likes of which I had not yet seen at the time. This is different, for reasons that risk being, if not lost, maybe overlooked as this case grinds on.

          And it will grind. These things always do. The bad guys count on it, every time.

          The comparison to Matthew Shepard’s killing with Kelly’s is interesting, considering the culprits in each case. Were there security cameras looking down own Matthew as he was being tortured to death, the video footage would have been released the next morning, with pleas from law enforcement for help in identifying the killers.

          In Kelly’s case, we already know the killers, and for well over a month, the video evidence has been in the hands of their protectors. The excuse currently floating around is that the video is being withheld from public scrutiny to prevent the potential tainting of witness testimony. I doubt this is true.

          If the hidden video evidence demonstrated that Kelly was fighting and resisting like the FPD wants us to believe, they would have released it long ago and we wouldn’t be here tonight, tapping away on FFFF.

          So this is where we are. At the onset of this story, information and revelations were breaking several times a day and people all over the world were coming on board; all with one thing in mind — justice for Kelly.

          Things have moved pretty quickly, considering the FPD and City glibly assumed Kelly’s story would be in the taillights almost immediately. Well, it isn’t; thanks to everyone who kept it front and center — especially at FFFF (and John and Ken, CNN, etc.).

          Here’s the thing. The investigations are official now, the lawsuits are lining up, the recall is taking shape, rats are leaving their sinking ship; this is all good news. But these things take time — a lot of time (Marlon Brando’s dead son just got a ruling in LA; how long did that take? Apples and oranges, I know, but you know what I mean). The Justice we’re demanding for Kelly Thomas won’t come overnight. It won’t. “Due process” demands it, whether we like it or not.

          Kelly’s road to Justice will take time. And this is why Xer’s post struck me as important. Information and revelation won’t be breaking every day like it has been lately. Jones will be gone soon, the six will probably fade to black until their court dates roll around, and things — although not forgotten — will “settle down.”

          The challenge is to stay united, all of us, and not drift off point into “repuglican/libtard” name calling. This benefits only the bad guys.

          We all have our POVs and worldviews, and we’re always free to present them. But the thing that makes “Kelly’s Army” so precious and rare is that at the beginning at least, Kelly came first. No doubt about that. We were all on point and united.

          We may have to wait awhile for the gears of justice to grind Kelly’s killers and protectors into the dirt. Let’s stay on point for this.

          We can fight about politics and culture somewhere else.

  5. Council members enjoy action like this. They just laugh at all the people and vote how they want. You will see tonight.

    1. Uh, and that is good for democracy how? Or would you prefer strict authoritarian rule here? Damn, Cops sounding downright anti-American these days. Sorry boys, Stalin and Pol Pot are dead. This is the US of A. I realize the constitution is a bit complicated for someone with a GED but its short. Try reading it. If you can’t get make it through it, try tasing yourself a few times and see if that helps.

        1. So your logic is basically – authoritarian policing, police brutality, false arrest, police commiting perjury, apathy at the preceding, and corruption and cover-ups by local city government (and presumably DA offices, etc) is everywhere.

          Therefore we should all approve of this and stand by silently.

          Being idealistic and trying to change any aspect of the system is a fool’s errand.

          Am I getting that right?

        2. Pretty unrealistic, ‘Reality Is.” Where I live, an occasional bad cop floats to the surface, but most of ’em do fine police work. Really sad for Fullerton, but at least, excepting for yourself, there are plenty of law-abiding citizens there willing to work to improve your system, or was that ‘you’re,’ can’t remember your particular choice of spelling at the moment.

      1. Ok, spoke up for the Marines, now for those w/GED’s. Where do you get off making fun of those with HS or GED’s Are you a PH.d? I doubt it. One, those I know who are don’t have a blownout ego and wouldn’t make fun, and two, I know a lot of those w/PH.d’s who are complete idiots outside their own field, but I don’t make fun of them either…well at least only to their faces:)

    2. #12 by Fullerton Politics on August 16, 2011
      Council members enjoy action like this. They just laugh at all the people and vote how they want. You will see tonight.

      Then you need to vote their keisters out and try some fresh blood. You could at least go and let your voice be heard tonight (it’s called Democracy), unless you have an aversion to sunshine and clean air? Onus is on YOU, sunshine.

  6. oh, he gets a 35k dollar raise and his employees take a 9% cut. sounds fair to me? what next, paid swim lessons?

    1. Yes, I am surprised that nobody else has mentioned this. Who wants to work for someone who gets a raise while you get a cut?

    2. Someone needs to ask if a market study was done. If not, call BS on this entire process. If so, try to get the details of that study and prepare to laugh at how they arrive at the number. I have been in public service for 18 years and I would love to hear how Fullerton operates.

  7. It was my understanding, and correct me if I’m mistaken, that Michael Gennaco would be retained to examine the FPD’s use-of-force policies and to advise the city how those policies could / should be amended.

    He will not actually have the authority to discipline or exonerate anyone involved.

    I don’t have a problem with the city seeking some outside counsel re: how our police use-of-force policies should be modernized.

    Please advise if I’m missing something here.

    1. What’s going on here is the City wants Gennaco to help them look like they’re doing something. He will make a “report” to the City. This will give the City an opportunity keep saying nothing as long as Gennaco is on the payroll. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he becomes the City’s official spokesman.

      1. I don’t agree with your motives in this incident Tony but you are learning quickly how the system works. 🙂

          1. He’s a along time Fullerton anti government, anti police figure. He’s been waiting along time to jump on a wagon such as this one to get his name in the public. He’s a known slum lord, with many run ins with the police, courts, and city. He hates all of them. He wants to run this city and make decisions his way. He’s hoping that this incident will allow him to overthrow the city government, and people will think he did it himself, allowing him to be on the council or Mayor.

          2. Tony and I must be brothers then because I also happen to have a very low tolerance for BS. Our family reunion is Saturday in front of the Police Station if you want to meet the rest of our family.

        1. Exactly. He’s just a high paid PR figure that makes a ton of money in situations like these. Look at Bratton. That guy is world known now and even London wants him over there to consult. This guy is a big name and it will appear as though Fullerton is making a big move having him look things over.

      2. From what I’ve seen so far, city officials are completely incapable of handling this on their own. It sounds like they could use a little (a lot) of input from a qualified expert on police procedures who isn’t on the FPOA payroll.

        The city counsel hasn’t done much to date, so any corrective action on their part should be welcome news. Corrective action should start with a thorough audit of the FPD’s use of force policies, and we sure can’t rely on the in-house union goons to handle that.

        I, for one, would welcome an honest, neutral arbiter to draw up a comprehensive report on the failings of the FPD, along with recommendations on how to correct the problems.

        Tony, you bring up two concerns: 1) that Gennaco will become the city’s official spokesman, and 2) that the city will continue to say nothing. A spokesman who says nothing isn’t much of a spokesman, so I wouldn’t lose much sleep over that.

        1. He won’t be neutral. He will favor the direction his employer wants to go. He will be the spokesman who will say almost nothing (the investigation is still ongoing) and neither will anybody else because Gennaco’s in charge. And by the time he’s done saying “mistakes were made, nothing to see here, move along,” he’ll be into Fullerton for over 100Gs.

          1. I guess I need clarification on what Gennaco’s job will actually be.

            If the city wants to hire a private investigator on the city’s dime to determine whether or not the city was at fault, that would create a serious and obvious conflict of interests, not to mention a monumental waste of resources.

            If, on the other hand, the city is actively seeking expert advice on how to prevent something like this from happening again, I think that should be welcome news.

    2. He will look at policies and procedures and make recommendations for change. The city or the PD don’t have to accept those recommendations. Fullerton uses Lexipol, so their polices are pretty much standard for most agencies in California, and some US wide. It just shows that the City is doing something.

    3. they first need to get rid of and i mean fire and prosecute thrown in prison all the cops involved in the beating death of kelly thomas. half the problem right there righ there…

  8. Actually, I agree with Gonzo.

    The real question is how good, unbiased, honest a man is Gennaco? Someone needs to do some serious research on his track record and see what it suggests.

  9. A council member can also ask to have the item pulled from the consent calendar, but will they?

    1. Take away the taser and it limits force options. Now it’s either pepper spray which is a mess, or baton. From what I have seen taser is much easier most of the time and much quicker to get someone to comply.

      1. HI There, you seem like an insider with knowledge of policies & procedues. I suspect you are a law enforcement officer or employee yourself. Would be curious to know how you line up in all this. It’s hard to tell the rabble rousing blowhard trolls from the individuals who might actually want to effect productive change. There are lunatic fringe on both sides and I can see how someone with a pro-law enforcement perspective might be goaded into saying some inflammatory things. Nevertheless, you have shed some light on things that common lay-folk like ourselves are not aware of. I almost suspect that you are one of the so-called “good” cops who thinks that the actions of at least some of the FPD may have tainted the reputation of the better part of the force. Again, there are so many people posting under so many different names and spewing such vitriolic garbage, I may have read you wrong. If so, my apologies. If not, and if you are, in fact, law enforcement and have a take on this incident (that is something other than you–tree-hugging-activists-aren’t-gonna’-get-crap-because-us-boys-in-blue-are-above-reproach), I for one would be happy to hear you state it.

  10. Sherman :
    #2 by MeYou on August 16, 2011
    he will get his raise
    cops will go free
    humanity is forever on the side of a milk carton
    Next you’re going to tell us there is no Easter Bunny! =-o
    Have you talked to your family physician about Prozac yet?

    When he gets his raise you do realize it is $35,000 that SHOULD have gone to BETTER USE

    Fullerton, CA Politicians are cowards and scum.. they should not be looking at raises right now .. only scums would do that..

    Does he need or deserve a raise..

    1. Anonymous :

      Sherman :
      #2 by MeYou on August 16, 2011
      he will get his raise
      cops will go free
      humanity is forever on the side of a milk carton
      Next you’re going to tell us there is no Easter Bunny! =-o
      Have you talked to your family physician about Prozac yet?

      When he gets his raise you do realize it is $35,000 that SHOULD have gone to BETTER USE
      Fullerton, CA Politicians are cowards and scum.. they should not be looking at raises right now .. only scums would do that..
      Does he need or deserve a raise..

      Okay, were you responding to ‘Sherman,’ or to MeYou whom ‘Sherman’ was responding to? You included both in your c/p.

      And, By The Way:

      There are so many anon-y-mousies here I can’t keep up with you all. Can’t you people think of something a bit more original, at least like:

      Anonymous#0001, Anonymous#0002, etc?

      Or, hey, how about these: AAFPDL



      Now THOSE are original! Anonymous? Sissy!

      I agree the last thing these clowns in Fullerton City deserve right now is a raise!

  11. @ #10
    “#1). Some of us are Americans first, then politically aligned.”

    We are HUMANS and no human deserves to be treated as Kelly was.

  12. You go, Tony.!!! Let’s take Fullerton back!!!! Yall make sure Mayor DICK takes an early bird shit so he sits up straight and gets what’s coming to him, all over his leisure suit and kiddy cheap haircut. DICK, GTFO.

  13. we here in russia havent seen this type of police curruption as what i have seen and been reading from fullerton police in the USA.
    the police officers in fullerton CA involved in this beating death must pay for their crimes and sentence to prison.

  14. The Fullerton live stream is up and running just fine. I’m watching now in San Diego.

    Public comment has just started.

    Give ’em HELL, you guys.

  15. Wow — it’s getting rowdy in there.

    The council is rattling on about the Skelly Process and the citizens will have none of it.

    Welcome to the Kelly Process, a-holes.

    Citizen victims of the FPD are speaking right now.

    I love you guys.

      1. Even though. You write. In short sentences. We. The people. Of Fullerton. Will replace the City Council. And laugh. As the FBI hauls the dirty cops off. To jail.

  16. If any Fullerton residents are watching this online, can you identify the elderly gentleman in the gray suit sitting to the left of the citizen speakers?

    He looks like he’s having a hard time, like he’s squelching a fart or something. I hate when that happens.

    I hope he’s ok.

  17. I’m back. Squelching fart guy is evidently having a difficult night. He continues to fuss with his nose and mouth, he can’t seem to find a comfortable way to sit; I’m worried about him.

    He kind of reminds me of my dad [RIP].

    Like I said, I hope he’s ok. I’m concerned.

  18. Why are all the activists wanting only 3 council members to resign? Must be something inside or a friend or something because they are all the same in this deal.



    We are not giving up. You make me sick.

    I can’t believe what you’re doing to our town.”

    Bravo. Bravo!

  20. We’ve been checking out the squelcher, too!!! Maybe he ate at slidebarf. If that MF Fatass EFF DICK gets JONES gets up one more time, he should just keep on walking. Arrogant fuck.

  21. Who IS the squelching fart guy?

    I’m figuring a local dead tree reporter, but you guys know all of them.

    Who is he?

  22. I’m bailing. I can only take so much disjointed and incoherent ranting. I know people are pissed and want to vent, but I wish more people would ask questions so we get to hear the council actually speak on anything and see if any of them are worth keeping. Maybe bring up the employment agreement?

  23. Is Mr. Bushala there? WHOA..these a old lady bitchy up there now chastising FFFT!!!! She must be Jones wife!!!!

    1. Many people have no problem with the status quo, until the status quo intimidates, beats, and steals from them.

  24. Hello from New Jersey! I’m watching this council meeting and you folks are doing a great job keeping the pressure on your city officials! Recall these bums if they won’t step down.

    What I can’t understand…where is your state Attorney General in all of this? What would it take to get the FPD disbanded and have the County or State take over law enforcement duties?

    1. Welcome, New Jersey!

      The recall is up and running; so far, so good.

      But, hey man, you live in NJ. You know how hard this shit can be.

      Stay with us.

      1. Yeah, NJ wrote the book on corruption and crooked cops.

        The mayor of Fullerton is such a joke. I really hope he isn’t practicing medicine anymore.

    2. The State Atty. General wont touch this. I think she received a lot of support from law enforcment during the last election. Can someone research this and post the results.

    3. hello new jersey,
      the boss bruce springsteen should write a song about whats happening here in fullerton and sing it to us all……just like 41 shots

  25. Here is the employment agreement for the acting City Manager:

    Most people in a private sector position would be in a fantasy
    dream to get the salary and benefits offered in this agreement. Read it carefully. Talk about gall to propose such a meteoric boost in pay and benefits to a candidate lacking in background and practical experience tenure.
    Especially given the outright absence of leadership during the recent FPD issues.

  26. I read the entire thing. It even breaks down the cities that they used for comparison.

    If he doesn’t get the raise, he’d be making less than a lot of the positions under him. I’m not defending it and can’t really say I agree with the salary, but it is a City Manager position. I think if someone in that position was doing the right things for the citizens of Fullerton it might be worth that Salary. Although, it doesn’t seem like these kinds of salaries are attracting the best and brightest candidates.

    I also read somewhere that this guy didn’t have to compete for this position? If thats the case the city may have beeen better off opening that position to the outside and letting him apply for it like anyone else.

    1. RE: #100 — That’s the way its supposed to work! Unfortunately, going back to the days when Mark Flannery was head of HR, the city has become more and more in-bred.

  27. ” If thats the case the city may have been better off opening that position to the outside and letting him apply for it like anyone else.”
    (Just like the private sector)
    From what I have understood, you are correct. Keep in mind the nepotistic behavior here: the man can’t even begin to compete against City Manager candidates available with ten times his experience, at the same compensation. This is what boggles the mind.

    1. I watched that part. The smart councilwomen had it right that his raise should be tabled for an undetermined amount of time.

      I thought the vote was to table the vote to approve the contract until next meeting, but I might have misunderstood.

  28. oh you mean feltz? sorry misunderstood you thought you wanted to know if the contract for the private investigator was approved that was yes 4/5 – I dont know about the raise issue sorry

  29. That older man some of you are picking on, understandably so, had the best speech in my opinion. I was there tonight, lot of great points made by some of the more composed speakers, but even angry folks made some good points.

  30. Not only should these 3 be recalled, they should be ziptied to one-another and placed ever so gingerly (they are elderly after all) into an empty pool. Why the empty pool? I am glad you asked.

    The empty pool is for all three of them to be urinated on without mercy by the citizens of Fullerton who do not feel that they’re being represented properly. It’s a karma thing because all 3 of them wear a “Piss on them” kind of look whenever they’re in front of the citizens…who they are supposed to be working for.

    My guess is that pool fills up quicker than it takes a Fullerton Police Officer to overreact to something.

    1. …there’s a “temporarily closed” (since March 2010) skateboard park that would be perfect! It’s located across the railroad tracks from City Hall and since it isn’t being used by our children as it was originally designed for, maybe it’s time to let the adults see what we can use it for? I hate to see it go to waste ; )

  31. This is the first time I hear about this case. It makes me sick, to see that the State Attorney’s Office is doing nothing to solve this murder executed by the FPD. May God help you all in the struggle against injustice.

    Continue the fight for Kelly Thomas and never quit!

  32. gd j9b


    yanonbmb , slw tik tok lvya do it right the first time cuz there aint gunna be a second time around.

    or maybe there will ,,

    no justice ,, eventually there will be no peace

    no justice
    no peace


    fuckin slobs

  33. Executive director Orange County Human Relations Commission, Rusty Kennedy, believes the Fullerton city council’s decision to hire Gennaco is a good thing because he has experience with hate crimes, law enforcement and he would be a good person to investigate the Kelly Thomas beating to peacefully resolve and restore positive relationship between community and FPD; predictable Rusty Kennedy pablum. In fact, the council’s move to hire Gennaco is not to introduce an objective eye into this investigation (the FBI is doing this) but to perform as a refuter to the FBI’s conclusions, Ron Thomas’ attorney’s findings and conclusion that Kelly Thomas civil rights were violated and in fact this is the first lethal hate crime in Fullerton in decades. The proud and the powerful, our civil servants on fullerton’s city council again treat us as cattle and brand us their cash cows when this council tells us they will use $70,000 of our tax dollars to hire Gennaco to use his persuasion to obfuscate the truth about the Kelly Thomas beating death by FPD. An aside, why did Mayor Jones force Ron Thomas to beg for one more minute to speak about the death of his son, and yet when Rusty Kennedy ran over his time, Mayor Jones graciously allowed him more time to speak?

    1. #126 by van get it da artiste on August 17, 2011

      In a Civil Rights dispute, don’t the FEDs hold the trump cards?

      That would make Gennaco worse than moot. It makes him a worthless money pit. Taxpayers in Fullerton should rebel vocally at EVERY City Council meeting. I sure would if it was MY tax dollars circling the bowl

      1. I bet the legal system will value more the FBI’s conclusions than city o fullerton’s well-paid shill, Gennaco.

  34. the following speaker, the neighbor of Don Bankhead, described another incident of FPD brutality;this is a pattern and it became a pattern because our civic leaders have ignored their police department’s abuse of authority and brutality

  35. oh and that , fucking douche , genaco ,, ya ,, he’s one of the good old boys, and he himself , is also a shit bag,

  36. was it the city council that voted to hire this guy? What a waste of taxpayer $…was this brought up at the council meeting? did the citizens have anything to say about this? there was such a big fuss made over him like he was going to be the independent reviewer & really get to the bottom of specifically Kelly Thomas’ beating. I’m just shocked that this is just more of the same b.s.

  37. Well, here goes the nonsense. Mr. Gennaco oversaw prosecutions of officers from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the Adelanto Police Department.. Mr. Gennaco prosecuted an LAPD officer for using excessive force and false arrest and was involved in prosecuting numerous other hate crimes and police misconduct cases.

    This is a very general statement, and you have to look through the smoke and “Words of Art”. Question? How many Police Officers has he put behind bars in the years he had to do so? It’s embarrassing. Police Officers he prosecuted were very few and those he did prosecute received little or nothing in the way of punishment.

    Michael J. Gennaco has seven employees, Cynthia Hernandez , Bita Shasty, Diana Teran, Walter Katz, Robert Miller, Angelica Arias and Julie Ruhlin. Mike Gennaco was and is Chief Attorney at the Office of Independent Review of the L.A. Sheriff’s Office. In other words, he works for the Sheriff’s Department. Ask him about the deaths that this S.O has been involved in, inside and outside the jail. Ask him about the woman who last seen in the Malibu Station and then found dead. How many Deputies have ever been prosecute and spent time in jail. He is a Public Employee DEFENSE ATTORNEY. He has experience and can use the law to Exonerate per State and Federal Law and current case decisions. His job was created by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. You know, the ones who fight brutality and wrongful death cases and sign the settlement checks.


    A homeless person who is well known in the area and who is known to be mentally ill. No record of violent behavior toward Police. He is approached by up to six well trained, well armed Police Officers. When they are done with their contact with him, his skull is crushed, he has lost his sight in one eye and his larynx is crushed. The Police Officers tried to say they had broken bones from him, but withdrew that statement and refuse to produce evidence of any injuries whatsoever. They claim they don’t have to under the Police Officers Bill of Rights. The City has reviewed video that they took that shows the Officer very preliminary contact with the murder victim through the extraordinary six man beating frenzy. They refuse to release the “Taxpayers” video. The reason is that in negates the “Lowest threshold required, under Federal Law, that protects Badged Killers.

    The Law

    “Police are justified in using lethal force when the circumstances reasonably create a fear of imminent death or injury to themselves or someone else. “

    Currently this means by example, in Northern California, the Narcotics task force entered an apartment using force. When the five narcotics officers in plain clothes entered, the young renter of the apartment came into the living room in shorts completely unarmed. They shot him to death. Wrong apartment, no dope, wrong unarmed person. The killer stated that the renter tried to take his gun away in front of the other officers and shoot him. The renter came from his bedroom where he left behind a loaded weapon in his nightstand drawer. The Court ruled the officer was in fear for his life and exonerated him. Sadly these thugs killed another alleged drug dealer with a shot to the back of his head claiming he shot at them but could not produce a gun. The Court said it had to rely on the established Integrity of the testifying officers. Shortly there after the Commander of the DOJ Narcotics Task Force and many of his men were arrested for Millions in narcotics deals of there own plus for running a prostitution ring. The Judge still stands by her ruling. There are 46 more examples of this Liberal “Murder Protection Rule”. The 9th Circuit is no kind of disgusted with all the flimsy murder exonerations.

    Officers need not articulate their fear for their lives and it need not be the standard utilized by Juries. They just have say, He spun around with hand in his waistband and I was behind my Police Car unexposed, or he had something shiny in his hand, or he was pulling a suicide by cop or we knew he was a dangerous Felon (found out after we killed him). Or better yet, he didn’t die from the wounds we didn’t inflict on him, he died from his life long use of drugs.

    In summation, Mr. Gennaco’s job is to place this case squarely in the “Police are justified in using lethal force when the circumstances reasonably create a fear of imminent death or injury to themselves or someone else. ” We’ll bet good money that his decision will be followed by Jeffrey ( The Exonerator) Rosen’s final statement.

    “In a democracy, citizens are entitled to know information about when an officer of the state kills someone,” Rosen said. “Not everybody has to agree with my decision not to file charges, but everyone is entitled to the information about which I made that decision.” His last Exoneration was the capper “Police had to kill the man in order to prevent him from killing himself”. The same shooter had just killed another man under the same circumstances a few months before and was exonerated.

    Let a jury decide what these Police Officers did, just like we would be required face.

    Jack Slade

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