Botched Raid Now Under Internal Investigation

A few months ago we told you about a narcotics raid executed on the wrong home, resulting in a pastor and his family being held at gunpoint by the Fullerton police.

Today we bring you an important update from the family: Robyn Nordell says that their persistence has finally led to a formal internal investigation of the Fullerton Police Department.

Brother, I've got some questions.

That’s good news I suppose…if we forget for a moment that the cops get to investigate themselves. And it did take about six months of rigorous prodding and a public spectacle from the courageous victims just to get this far. Furthermore, the public has no idea what an internal investigation actually entails, or how well it will be executed. Nor is it likely that the public will ever be privy to the outcome. And finally, the whole process is guaranteed to be about as transparent as a brick wall.

But let’s look at the bright side: some cop somewhere is finally tasked with figuring out how it all went wrong, and why. If that’s the best Fullerton can hope for, I guess we’ll take it.

Meanwhile, we’ll do our best to find out what constitutes an internal investigation.

21 Replies to “Botched Raid Now Under Internal Investigation”

    1. That’s meant as a joke, right?

      BTW, “Internal Investigation” is code for white wash.

  1. Good to see this getting some scrutiny from the PD. The worst thing a police department can ever do from a p.r. standpoint is to try and justify an obvious wrong or act like it never happened at all. Someone needs to be held responsible for this. This whole situation could have easily ended badly. Hopefully some lessons are learned that will prevent this from happening again.

  2. So instead of being swept under the rug quietly, this will now be swept under the rug “officially.” Well done!

  3. Why do so many losers like you #5 post so much bs about the people who are running this site who are the only people with enough guts to call out the cops, fire, city staff and government bureaucrats? Oh I know, you are one of them and are afraid of losing your absurd fat government guaranteed pension.

  4. Or could it be that the site is run by boobs who see the boogyman behind every corner and wouldn’t know an actual fact if it bit them in the ass?

  5. Folks, based on my ESL you can sense that I have been around.

    From the East to the West to be exact.

    So, I must tell you that I have never seen so many moron mongoloids who are kissing up to COPs and bashing this blog on voluntary bases as I have seen in the USA.

    I have actually study this phenomenon and have concluded that it is so called “Jungle Syndrome” which is responsible for this paradoxial behavior.

    If you keep people in cages and than free them as did George Washington than the people will realize that there is a jungle out there and will voluntary return to their cages where they feel free and safe even if abused by the cage keepers.

    You can see these anonymous idiots here spiting from their shit filled cages on free people passing by their cages and feeling cool about themselves doing so.

    Luckily, it will all end this Saturday at 3:00 pm when the [rapture] will begin and the God will empty the cages and will take the earthly moron mongoloids with him.

  6. Stanislav has just proved once again that this site has no credibilty. Now everyone raise their tin foil hats and give a big Cheer to Fullertons Fucking Fucked Fuckers

    1. Another scintillating GED contribution to the conversation.

      Christ, how many students did Pam Keller screw up?

  7. FPD sucks and are a bunch of insecure men who stereo type and like to make up for the bullying they went through in high school.

    Don’t forget the FPD was investigated and busted by the FBI several years back for rascism.

    F U officer Cross and the dick that pulled me over to question the route I was taking home! Oh that actually happened several times, so it will be hard for you to pin point pigs.

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