County Human Resources Disaster

You may have felt the impact...

Every government agency displays a tendency to circle its wagons, defend incompetent behavior and keep outside scrutiny….well, outside. A notable exception appears to be the County of Orange’s Performance Auditor, whose office just completed a scathing report on County executives gettting unjustified pay raises with the assent of the CEO, and just as bad, giving away the farm when it came to negotiating sweetheart deals with the other County “family,” er, union members.

And juxtaposed to this is the typical behavior County CEO Tom Mauk, who has presided over the disaster and who, rather than letting his HR director quit in disgrace, and fixing the catastrophe he helped create, has apparently talked the incompetent Carl Crown into staying on another year so he can “negotiate” another disastrous deal with Nick “Bullhorn” Berardino’s union. He’s circling the wagons, hard.

Here’s a good recap by the Register’s Kimberly Edds.

The real question is what are the County Supervisors going to do about this mess? In a Voice of OC(EA) post our Supervisor, Shawn Nelson seemed outraged. He should be. Let’s hope the Gang of Five will finally shoot straight – and get rid of their CEO, Tom Mauk.

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  1. Hire me as OC CEO: I am willing to do it for half the cost and wagons will stop circling IMMEDIATELY!

    I do not need an auto allowance 🙂

  2. And to think the Board fell over itself trying to keep Mauk from going to LA County and do to them what he’s doing to us (a Schwarzenegger). And they bumped his salary to keep him.

    Further, one of Mauk’s buddies from Brea was recently brought into run the Public Administrator and Public Guardian offices while John Williams sits on his ass and collects six figures. No HR problem or transparency issue there!

  3. This happens all the time at the Clerk Recorders office. Tom Daly promotes friends and people he likes and he does it illegally and HR looks the other way because he is an elected official.


    1. Renee Ramirez Assistant Clerk
    Recorder promoted her cousin Christina
    to Supervisor C and she is not even on
    the county list.

    2. Tom Daly hired Jordan school district board member and the guy has no experience and he is making over $60,000 a month.

    3. Tom Daly never does any recruitment for promotions because he hand picks who he wants. Just ask Martha Arteaga.

    4. Chris Hall was going to be fired and Renee Ramirez save his ass and she puts him in document examining dept. He has been working out of class making more money than any document examiners.

    I never get a chance to apply for
    promotional opportunity and I have
    been working here for over 5 years.

    HR didnt do there job. They should all be fired.

    1. Dear Clerk-Recorder Employee,

      While I know nothing of Tom Daly’s hiring practices, I can tell you with absolute certainty that no way in Hell does Jordan Brandman make “over $60,000 a month”!!! So in addition to not being able to spell or construct a proper sentence, you also clearly lack research skills or the ability to do basic math. I suspect it is those shortcomings that keep you from advancement in the office. Frankly I would not have hired you in the first place given your 3rd grade communications skills. Quit posting rumors and get your ass back to work, you are on the taxpayers’ payroll, and we are not paying you to blog.

  4. Mauk is the master of mind control, he learned how easy it was to control nincompoops while he was the city manager in La Habra. He learned very quickly that city council members are much like sheep and he was the herder. He took his skill to the county. Please cut him loose Supervisor Nelson!

  5. Dear bullshit or Jordan or Tom

    I didn’t know I was in school. Stop reading the blog and please come to work once in awhile and stop wasting
    taxpayers money.

    Jordan is not qualified for the job! Tom Daly is the worst boss an the truth will come out soon. Bullshit (Jordan) get a real job.

  6. Dear bullshit

    I forgot how to spell the wird and so my teacher can correct my spelling!

  7. When the Board of Supervisors created the Performance Audit Department two possible outcomes were predictable: (1) the Supervisors would use that Department to go after the CEO some day, and/or (2) it would be just a matter of time before the CEO and Performance Auditor Steve Danley butted heads over just who is the expert administrator in the County Hall of Administration. Stay tuned to see which of these outcomes is in play – or possibly both.

  8. the only reason tommy boy daly gets away with this crap is because he dips into his 12d fund to reward the county general fund for looking the other way. tommy is always over budget and fills the gaps with this obscure fund which danley should audit. difference between tommy boy and john williams is tommy has a fund to bribe the county with and williams didn’t. im telling you people, audit the 12d fund and tommy boy will be singing a different tune. also look into his disastrous secure project and you will see how incompetent this moron is along with his assistant clerk recorder.

  9. Some one please tell Tom Daly that the mini coop is a car for “young” people and that he looks rediculous in it. He should actually donate it to Little Jordan Brandman. He looks like a man going through a post midlife crisis. Either Tom has lost it or he is screwing a young chick that told him he looks cool in that car!! Not cool Tom not cool. Tom you are so cool in that car that we are goint to have to start calling you coolo.

  10. Btw, whatever Jordan makes working for Tom Daly is $1 too much. Jordan should still be working for his mom and dadd. Make them pay for his salary, his pension and his health insurance. Wait a minute, probably daddy couldn’t afford jr on the family payroll so why not charge him to the tax payers??? I’m sure a call to Uncle Tom and a check took care of that.

  11. Dear Bullshit,

    No one is paying you to blog neither and what is this we crap?? You using your money to pay your employees at the Clerk-Recorder, I believe you are on the tax payer pay roll too so stfu and get back to kissing Tom’s ass.

  12. You disgruntled Clerk-Recorder employees lashed out at Mr. Daly before he was recently reelected to his post. Now you are posting the same stuff. He won the election handily, so button your lips, rest your fingers or go find a job somewhere else. The voters have spoken, like it or not.

    1. The voters may have spoken but neither the Performance Auditor or the Internal Auditor have looked into the Clerk’s office for almost ten years – just about the time Daly came on board.

      Here’s a big question: did Daly use Fund 12D money to buy that sink hole on Civic Center Drive? If so he broke the law.

  13. Dear fool me once

    The voters voted for John Williams too!

    The voters doesn’t know what is really going on behind the scene.

    The Clerk Recorders office should be an appointed position like so many others counties. The person would have to be qualified and would have to show up to work.

    Tom Daly is worst than Lee Branch. Tom
    is never at work and he is sleeping
    around with his staff just like Lee Branch did. They both like to waste taxpayers

    The only differents between Tom and Lee
    is no one wants to come after Tom Daly and exposed the truth.

    Just because he got elected doesn’t mean he is doing a good job. He just fool the voters because its hard to beat an incumbents.

  14. Debbie, you left out Gary Granville and his book throwing, screaming tyrades. There is something about that department that perpetuates the atmosphere of a hostile work environment. I say, get out!

    In the meantime, let’s see what the voters do with the proposal to make the Public Administrator position appointed, not elected. Are you making any bets on the outcome?

  15. The only thing I’m betting on is that sooner or later we will find out that Daly is as corrupt as Mike Carona and John Williams.

    Even though those two were re-elected it shows that the voters dont have a clue, but the truth always prevails. And I’m also willing to bet that you got a free job from Tommy Boy! Which is why you defend him so much. Ask anyone who Tom Daly is and they won’t even know.

    Tom Daly’s worst political move was becoming the Clerk-Recorder. It is a dead end job. Well he knows he couldn’t even beat Harry Sidhu much less Lorri Galloway.

  16. Fool me once you are right Gary Granville had anger issues but at least he was always at work. He was about saving money for the taxpayers and great customers service.

    I believe if Gary Granville was alive today he would be angry that he selected Tom
    Daly to run for his office.

    Gary Granville did not hire friends and supporters. Also He didn’t flirt around with the young hispanic girls that work
    for him like Tom Daly does.

    So defend say whatever you want to say about Tom Daly. But do me a favor and ask Ana why her boss Tom Daly took her shopping in LA during county time. Thats is so illegal and I see Tom Daly breaking county rules for sexual harassment.

  17. Not to be overlooked is that Granville was, and Daily is, a Democrat. That may explain why Granville favored Daily. The Dem’s covet that elected position from a “we ought to have at least one elected in county government” perspective and I believe it was the party that annointed Daily to run, Granville just fell in line as a partisan hack. And, for the record, I have no idea who this Ana person is, nor do I really care. Same with the person named Jordan mentioned by tdwatcher.

  18. Fool me once I’m sorry Gary Granville never listen to the republican party.

    I have knowing Gary for over 20 years and the last time the republican party told him to endorse Laura Cunningham he wad upset and he ran for re-election uncontested.

    Tom Daly is lazy and he has the best part time job.

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