Attendance Ain’t Mandatory

What do you call missing one third of your work days?  Grounds for dismissal.  Since January 4th there have been twelve meetings of the City Council/Redevelopment Agency, including a special or emergency meeting here or there.  Our dear Mayor F. Richard “Dick” Jones has missed four of them.  That’s a 66.6% attendance rate.

Ain't got no time fer mayorin' 'n suchlike.

Little wonder that the Three Aging Amigos felt the need to install Don Bankhead as Mayor Pro Tem instead of letting the position go to Sharon Quirk-Silva, who was next in line for it.  They knew their good buddy was going to miss a few in the coming months, and didn’t want Quirk-Silva taking the helm while the Col. was skipping his watch.

But don’t yah’ll worry!  The next city council meeting will reconsider the Coyote Hills development proposal, and you can bet yer boots Dick Jones will be there to ram it home!

17 Replies to “Attendance Ain’t Mandatory”

  1. Because it will eventually come up…
    Norby didn’t vote on 1/3 of the votes before him. Unlike Jones, however, Norby was present for the vast majority of the issues so that he could vote. Jones just cant get out of his Lazy-Boy.

    What’s up Doc? After the meeting, staff were amazed how quick the meeting went with out the “In Texas we gotta sayin…” BS. Staff also commented that public comments are much more amicable without Jones barking at the public and demeaning them.

    Time for Jones to retire.

  2. Watching the tape from last night’s meeting it looks like Jones isn’t the only one in need of a rest. Bankhead seemed to have trouble understanding a simple agenda adjustment in the beginning, but it still went faster without the Bard of BS at the mic.

    1. Speaking of Bankhead, how about his comments regarding beautiful school teachers and crossing gaurds….sick.

  3. Why y’all pickin’ on me? Ah’m the one who talks! Y’all jus’ listen! Unless Ah’m not there…………well, then y’all listen to Don. Pat don’t say much, so Ah guess that ain’t gonna hep much……..Uh, well…Ah wad in the tropics and they had syphillis an’ Hitler was there an’ he let the I-talians run the town… an’ I guess Ah might need a break or suchlike….urp…

  4. Hey man, that is almost 220 years of experience between the three amigos up there. What else are they supposed to do with their retirement, fish?!

    Every city should have three old guys asleep at the wheel on their council!

  5. Ah’ like some fish, ‘ceptin’ the ones that don’t look like me! Ain’t gonna go catchin’ ’em mahself tho! Now, where’s the buffet deck on this boat?

  6. Well, Ah’m back in town! Got a little tan too! Dadbustit though!, now Ah hear we gotta wait again on Coyote Hills on account of some city hall screw up! How’Ah’m gonna retire now?!?

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