Say What?

Could this be our man?

Over at the Red County blog some dude named Walter Myers has been downplaying the egregious e-mail by Fullerton’s Marilyn Davenport that has made so much news recently. Today he did a post outlining the party’s real problem; and it’s not racism, really, but poor educational outreach to Latinos (he calls them Hispanics) and Asians. Apart from some completely specious demographic reasoning, he indicates that the problem is evinced by the fact that no Latinos or Asians stood up to defend Mrs. Davenport. Huh?!

This guy also has gone out of his way to defend the watermelon patch on the White House lawn e-mail that got Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose into so much hot water a couple of years ago. Surprisingly, no Latinos or Asians stood up to defend that cretin.

Well, okay Walter, de gustibus non es disputandum.

And here’s some fun commentary at the end of today’s post , starting with an intro by Fullerton religious zealot and anti-Islamic crusader, Zonya Townsend:

Marilyn Davenport and the OC GOP

Submitted by Zonya Townsend (not verified) on Mon, 2011-05-02 05:37.

I can’t write too much right now because I must to get ready to leave for work but must say this much. Marilyn Davenport is the woman that reached out and encouraged me, Zonya Townsend to run for OC CC several years ago. Her activism and concern for our nation fueled my interest in leadership positions in various organizations, including but not limited to the California Republican Party and the Women’s Federated. This whole email situation is a tragedy and misunderstanding that did not need to happen.

To Zonya

Submitted by waltermy on Mon, 2011-05-02 14:22.
Thanks for sharing that, Zonya, which is excellent information and insight for those who don’t know Marilyn. I wasn’t aware of that myself. This is a very unfortunate situation, and as I have always maintained, we need to provide grace towards Marilyn, who made a mistake that she apologized for, and determine how to best move forward as a party. The question now that this has gotten out is how we will respond as a party because we know what the perception of the party is now. We clearly have some work to do. My hope is that this entire situation motivates the party leadership to take our brand seriously and does the outreach that we so need to do in order to grow the party and truly be the party of Lincoln and Douglass


Tragedy. Misunderstanding. Um, yeah, right, Zonya.

Walter’s wrong about the shape-shifting “apology,” but he is right that the GOP needs to be motivated and has work to do. But get this: he thinks the GOP is the party of Lincoln and Douglass. Forget the fact that Lincoln stood for almost NOTHING allegedly promoted by the modern GOP (except for neocon war and big government), Stephen Douglass was a freakin’ Democrat!

* As a reader points out, the Douglass referred to might have been the abolitionist Frederick Douglass! If so, my apologies to Mr. Myers for insulting his knowledge of American history, although I’m pretty sure FD would not recognize today’s GOP as “his” party.

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  1. Peabody,
    Stick to the gardens of the arboretum.

    It’s safe to say you don’t know Mrs. Townsend or Mrs. Davenport. For that matter it is clear you don’t know who Walter Myers is.

    The next time you want to unload on someone, try meeting them and set to know them. It works wonders on your temperament.

    Back to the subject at hand…
    Myers is trying to return the focus back to his committee which is, I think, the Latino outreach & membership drive for the OC GOP.

    The unwarranted attention given to Grose and Davenport (and Pauly as well) by Party leaders like Baugh and Schroeder detracts from the mission of the Party which is to get knew members.

    You don’t have to be high on weed to figure out that these “outings” have been engineered and played upon by the Baugh & Company. Surely even your feeble mind can grasp that.

    And so the more YOU turn AWAY from Fullerton, the less productive YOU will be along with the rest of the 4F in getting support for local reform.

    Get your shit together and stay focused!

    1. “The unwarranted attention given to Grose and Davenport (and Pauly as well) by Party leaders like Baugh and Schroeder detracts from the mission of the Party which is to get knew members.”

      Uh, trench Soldier, I thought the mission of the party was to stand for something. Right now your party stands for nothing (or anything) as evidenced by support for jackasses at every level icluding local zeroes like Bankhead, Jones and McPension. Even my feeble mind can grasp that.

      “Unwarranted attention.” Sez you. The fact that this sort of casual anti-African-American racism is seemingly so alive and well on the Central Committee is the real problem – not failure reach out to other minorities who haven’t been publicly offended – yet.

      Since both Townsend and Davenport are from Fullerton the post IS about Fullerton. I’m sure your feeble mind can grasp that.

      P.S. If Townsend doesn’t want to be known as a religious zealot and anti-Islamic crusader she’d better quit sending out idiotic flyers like the last one.

  2. Pauly embarrassed herself in front of all the local media at the last Central Committee meeting. She was pissed that Baugh hadn’t put her on the “ethic outreach” committee. Great Deb. Let’s put you in charge of Muslim outreach. Great idea.

  3. Douglass was more conservative than Lincoln. Maybe the GOP should become the Party of Douglass.

  4. Whenever I start to forget why I stopped supporting the ‘pugs and went independent years ago, they go and remind me. Keep it up.

  5. Do Republicans need to reach out to Latinos and Asians? Sure, if by “reach out” they mean explaining how policies of limited government would benefit everyone, regardless of race.

    But what does that have to do with one idiot’s racist email? Sorry Walter, I don’t get the tie in.

  6. Tuesday, June 8, 2010 3:25 AM From: “Zonya townsend”View contact details To: undisclosed-recipients

    We are aware of the immense voting fraud in the 2008 election. One patriot has set herself apart by putting her money, time & energy to exposing this corruption. It is my belief that Dr Orly Taitz is the best-qualified candidate for the CA Secretary of State office. The nation our founding fathers established is not what we live in today. If we are to survive as a nation, then it is imperative to return to the Rule of Law by upholding our United States Constitution. As a Constitutional attorney, Dr Orly Taitz will represent the voter’s best interest by duly exercising the sacred trust of a public servant. She has proven herself a patriot by her courage and tenacity of bringing to the forefront that all candidates must be fully vetted for Constitutional eligibility. Dr Taitz does not bow to political correctness, but stands with integrity against the tide of liberal media and uninformed bloggers. Don’t be mislead by deceitful ads, distorted information, blogs or organizations. I encourage you to be an independent thinker, look at all supportive information and analyze it. Dr Orly taitz’ number one goal is “to reestablish and secure the sanctity of, and the right to, a fair and honest vote for all American citizens.” I recommend VOTE FOR ORLY TAITZ FOR CA SECRETARY OF STATE.
    Thank you, Zonya Townsend Concerned citizen

    1. joe, obama’s refusal to produce his birth certificate until trump twisted his arm forces me to ask the question why did obama refuse for so long to reveal his birth certificate when the issue of whether he was born in the US could have been quickly resolved and attention given to more important matters. Logically, I would say obama dragged his feet because he wanted to hide the fact he was not born in the US. Yet, I highly doubt obama’s grandparents would allow their 18 year old naive pregnant only child to leave their their safe home and travel to a place where she only knew one person obama sr. in Kenya to give birth to her first child. Having only an acquaintance with politics, it would not shock me to believe obama dragged his feet on his birth certificate to shift the public’s attention away from his poorly thought out foreign and domestic policies and to discredit the GOP as racists for criticizing him for these same policies. It doesn’t matter which theory is right or wrong or both wrong or both right, the fact remains is when the public asked him for the truth, he twisted the public’s trust until it wore out

      1. Or maybe it’s because he thought the longer the Republicans indulged these whack job conspiracy theorists, the worse they looked. Can’t fathom why he bothered to di it now, Trump looks like a buffoon without any assistance.

        1. It seems like every election cycle the whack-os in the GOP go for some new savior, each one more idiotic than the one that came before. When I was a littke kid a lot of ’em went over to Ross Perot as some sort of cracker Messiah.

          Last time they really dug the lame-brain Sarah palin and her crew of (now well-paid) imbeciles.

  7. What happened over there???

    Since Cunningham retired and Chip Hanlon’s legal trouble emerged, they link to the OC Register, host Ed Royce’s reach for revalence and the occasional public service from Cynthia Ward.

    Sounds like the girls at LOC have done a good job at silencing the “Noise Machine” or as Grandpa Lay used to say: “Just let her talk herself to death”.

  8. Curious :
    Joe, so who’s their next “Savior” going to be, Newt Gingrich?

    Probably not. Gingrich is too much of an insider, although it would be fun to watch the moralists turn a blind eye to his infidelities. My guess is that after the Trump bozo burns out some other equally offensive buffoon will emerge to take his place – just as Nature abhors a vacuum.

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