Well, You Go With What You Know

I was describing the Sidhu for Supervisor campaign to my neighbor yesterday and she asked me why anybody with any self-respect would be associated with a carpetbagging campaign that started out with a completely phony address behind a bowling alley.

We found neither hide nor Harry...

I explained that there really is no lower class of organism than the professional political campaign parasite –  a rather shocking combination of character traits that most of us can’t even begin to fathom. And I felt constrained to point out that sadly, many politicians are in the same class of humanoid.

No crowding, please. There is plenty to go around, I assure you.

In the case of Sidhu I pointed out that although his own campaign people laugh at his carpetbagging and evident buffooneries they are there because Sidhu has a lot of cash he is willing to waste  in order to satisfy his desperate hunger for political recognition, and they will be there until it is all gone – no matter how many offices he runs for.

Fill 'er up!

2 Replies to “Well, You Go With What You Know”

  1. Volunteers I understand — they are lemmings seeing hallow promises out there. But Elected’s like Curt Pringle, Janet Nguyen, Bill Campbell? They have clearly made a deal with him.

    They have all been to his real Anaheim Hills house, I have seen them there for Harry’s Indian Holiday he has every year. They are hoping you won’t notice that they KNOW he is carpetbagging.

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