Monday: NUFF Blog Forum

Neighbors United for Fullerton is bringing together some of OC’s most popular bloggers to talk about how blogs influence our city. Join FFFF, the Orange Juice Blog and a few others at the Fullerton Public Library on Monday at 6:45 pm for an event that promises to be at least interesting, and quite possibly explosive.

RSVP on Facebook if you can.

10 Replies to “Monday: NUFF Blog Forum”

  1. I look forward to asking Jerbal and Chmielewski if they are working from the same talking points. Their articles promoting Tom Daly and attacking Hugh Nguyen are starting to sound exactly the same!

    Could John Lewis be ghost writing for both the Liberal OC and Red County?

    1. Aw c’mon Lingo, don’t get all snarky ‘n stuff.

      Write up a Fullerton post and send it in. I’ll hand walk it over to our presses.

  2. Explosive only if they eat beans prior to.
    If so, it will also be stinky.
    Really, though, good on NUFF for bringing you all together.
    Keep yer pipes down though or the librarians will kick you out.

    1. That’s a good question.

      As I understand it they originally were going to exclude the oldest blog of all – OJ.

      If Bushala’s blog wasn’t about Fullerton he wouldn’t have been invited either.

      Then it could have been a real cozy Cunningham, Wisckol, C-somethingorother circle jerk and the tools and puppets could have bragged about their relevance.

  3. Gustavo probably wasn’t invited because he gave up blogging on Fullerton when FFFF took over. Seriously, when was the last time you read something about our city on Naval Gazing?

  4. Joe Sipowicz :If Bushala’s blog wasn’t about Fullerton he wouldn’t have been invited either.

    If Bushala’s blog wasn’t about Fullerton, I wonder what it would be about?

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