Word From The Empress: “We Are Not Amused”

Do not you think it a matter worthy of lamentation, that, when there is such a vast multitude of worlds, we have not yet conquered one?

Apparently my ongoing exploration into the encroachment of County 1st District Supervisor Janet Nguyen into the management of the 4th District office has created some angst on the Hall of Admin 5th Floor. Apparently Her Highness is displeased with the revelation that she has hired 3 new people to occupy that office even though there is no supervisor there. She has been snooping around to find out where the “leak” is.

Leak? Why is Empress Nguyen concerned about news of her doings leaking out? Is she trying to hide something?

After all, the Imperial story has been that these additional people are needed to help inform all us poor, ignorant denizens of the 4th District learn all about the wonderful County programs available to make our lives ever so much better. Ferchrissakes you’d think she’d issue a press release, right? But no! Maybe she’s worried about being perceived as a manipulative, scheming empire builder.

She has reason to be worried about that.

20 Replies to “Word From The Empress: “We Are Not Amused””

  1. She’s just greasing the skids for Harry…wouldn’t want any malcontents in that office working against his carpetbagging campaign.

  2. I hear she has hired Darryl Nolta to work in the “New 4th Dist” which she plans to control with her adjunct staff–the leak has reported.

    Obviously gives Norby’s past staff zero credit. Can someone please submit all of this to the OCR/Times???

  3. how does watchdog john moorlach not step up to her about this?!?!

    he continues to says nothing. pretty disappointing as he usually has the balls to speak up about shit like this.

  4. It’s time to erase a few of those familliar faces…Sidhu, Galloway, Hutchens, Daly, Street…oh, he’s gone…, who else…?

  5. God forbid some straight up honest county employee rats out a waste of taxpayer money durning these trying times.

  6. “Scheming Empire Builder”…Ouch!

    Also, It makes many wonder why is Janet running for the 68th ADRCC?

    Is she that hungry for power at the OCGOP as well?

  7. Not a single word about this by the twerps at the FibOC. They sure are “Challenging Orange County’s Right Wing Noise Machine”, aren’t they?

    Dan C. and his dimwitted side-kick Prevatt are too busy stalking our friends to write about this.

  8. We can all laugh when Janet’s future campaign literature claims to transparency and accountablity. Janet is a tyrant. Thank you for shedding light on her expanding empire, spreading corruption in our county.

  9. Whoa… dear Empress (aka your imperial highn ass) Janet read up..you have been royally busted! good job FFFF

  10. A friend of mind invited me to the Republican meeting last night.

    I want someone to please explain to me why a Republican like Brett Barbrie and Matt Cunningham can show up at a OC GOP Republican meeting and than support a Democrat like TOM DALY.

    They are feeding TOM DALY information. I overheard Matt Cunnigham talking about trying to help Tom Daly.

    Scott Baugh should put a stop to this because it’s so wrong and unfair for a Republican candidate Hugh Nguyen .

    We should just endorse Tom Daly for the Republican party!

  11. What the hell is wrong with this woman? We all owe John Moorlach a big “I’m sorry” for not coming to his aid when he tried to warn us of this wicked witch.

    It may all seem fair to elevate each person to board chair but Janet has just proven why Norby and the rest (other than Moorlach) made a big mistake giving this idiot a job she was ill prepared for.

  12. It is not her place to hire employees for another supervisor’s district. She has packed her own office with cronies, stay out of the 4th District.

  13. I really hope Moorlach confronts her on this one. Can’t believe she hasn’t been called out on this.

    Power hungry ego…

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