Galloway Puff

Apparently the Precious Princess has sent out a campaign mailer, and boy is it hollow. Almost as empty as her noggin. Here’s one side:

I wonder how many of these people are going to end up suing me...

Ah, the Shining Path to a brighter future runs right through Galloway and her fortune cookie. Pedicures for everybody!

Here’s the other side:

Jobs, jobs, jobs!

Oh oh! Hide and Seek Sidhu has already staked out that territory. And come on, Lorraine, you’re taking credit for the All Star game and the Kaiser expansion? Hell, Kaiser already has a medical center in Anaheim only a mile away. What’s going to happen to that? The only thing Galloway can really take credit for is the massive ARTIC boondoggle that is siphoning off $140,000,000 Measure M tax revenue into Curt Pringle’s white elephant.

I wonder if Disney is going to like the Precious Princess taking credit for their expansion. Hmm.

11 Replies to “Galloway Puff”

  1. Everybody holding hands celebrating Galloway? Oh Sweet Jesus, you’ve got to be kiddding.

  2. why don’t you post Nelson’s flier? The one with photogaphic evidence he broke the law?

    1. Major, is that law a misdemeanor or felony like perjury? Or maybe is that “law” an administrative code that is not even related to the criminal statutes? Just checking because of course we all prioritize actual penal code violations like perjury to be much more important and as a friend of public safety surely you do to.

  3. Come on Lorri, stop taking credit for that expansion. That was approved years before you got on the City Council.

    What a scam artist.

  4. Good paying jobs? WTF?

    Motel housekeeper, hopsital orderly, fast food flipper, stadium janitor, peanut vendor – Lorri you go girl!

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