How Hard is it to get a Green Card in Arkansas?

Time to come clean…..

About a week and a half ago FFFF linked to a story in the venerable Orange Juice Blog, documenting how our Fullerton D5 Councilmember, Ahmad Zahra, a visiting tourist from Syria, headed to Little Rock, Arkansas and got married to a woman.

Those facts alone would be enough to warrant a sideways glance toward a man who says he gave up a career as medical doctor to live in his car in Hollywood while pursuing his dream: a film-making career.

Zahra’s narrative quagmire gets stickier because of his own origin tale in which (according to his own bio) he always knew he was gay.

So why would a gay man, aware of his gayness, marry an Arkansas woman whom he says he “liked?”

The obvious answer, bolstered by subsequent events, is that our young visitor was looking for a foothold for permanent residency in the United States.

In case you think getting this marriage to do the residency trick might be a real hurdle, a frightful bureaucratic undertaking, a rigorous examination conferring validity, consider the following tale told by a young woman named “Amanda” to the Arkansas Traveler about her Arkansan marital experience with a Middle Eastern immigrant. After their marriage, the immigrant needed to get his status as a permanent resident established:

The couple sits in front of a USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Service) agent and answers a series of intimate questions.

“I heard horror stories about the interviews where people are dragged away from each other,” Amanda said. The penalty for getting caught is five years in prison with a $10,000 fine for the American and permanent deportation for the foreigner.

“I had never been so scared before in my life,” Amanda said. They sat there in a large pale waiting room surrounded by other couples with a pile of paperwork and photo albums on her lap – their entire marriage legitimized.

But instead of the expected – “What are his favorite colored socks? What kind of toothpaste does he use?” – their interview took only five minutes. “OK, you’re both Jewish, good. Are these your names? Good. Your address? OK, thanks.”

Five minutes. Rubber stamp.

41 Replies to “How Hard is it to get a Green Card in Arkansas?”

  1. Long, unexplained gaps in this gentleman’s biography.

    But it’s the Arkansas Story that would make the most interesting biopic.

  2. Wait, Hoogerbooger says he’s a citizen and that arduous process proves Zahra’s validity.

    1. Glad you referenced this hooger person. He claimed that the mere end result of citizenship validated how it was obtained.

      That’s like absolving a tax cheat because the IRS didn’t audit him.

      1. And the citizenship issue was a diversion. Offering irrelevant information to substantiate something. It’s an old bureaucratic trick called the “Rosen Rosen.”

      2. Johnny was never the sharpest kid. He rode the short bus to remedial classes his entire life.

      3. “He claimed that the mere end result of citizenship validated how it was obtained”

        Never said any such thing.

          1. No. I’d say you’re misremembering but I doubt you understood what I said when I said it.

            1. “Imagine if there was a system for vetting immigrants to become citizens, with lots of hoops and the decision at the end of it being final. Oh wait, there is, and he was granted citizenship.”

        1. Yes, you did, you insufferable twat.

          “Imagine if there was a system for vetting immigrants to become citizens, with lots of hoops and the decision at the end of it being final. Oh wait, there is, and he was granted citizenship.”

          1. Sigh. I did say that among other things. But it’s not the same as was paraphrased above.

            1. Thank you for admitting what you denied saying. You are now officially a DISHONEST, insufferable twat.

            2. Yes, it is precisely the same. Only in your sick mind is there a different interpretation. Narcissists and pathological liars try to manipulate and control situations even when they are clearly in the wrong. Normal people can see the truth someone with your condition cannot accept. Get help, please!

              1. He’s just trying to act like a defense lawyer for Zero cooking up plausible alternatives or just dismiss facts altogether. He’s just making things worse.

  3. There’s a reason it’s illegal but it looks like some places frown on it more than others.

  4. Where’s the love?

    “I met Michelle, and we liked each other. . .”

    Odd but revealing phrasing. That’s all he could come up with off the cuff when asked about the marriage? He needed to marry SOMEONE (woman) after all. At least they liked each other.

  5. I wonder how much it costs to buy a marriage here in Arkansas. I hear it’s a going concern.

    I know the Salmon family.

    Poor Michele had a kid to raise and dad was in jail.

    I think she needed the guy’s money more than she “liked” him.

  6. I just don’t get it. If it’s true that doctors don’t not get payed much in Arkansas, why didn’t Dr. Zahra take up plastic surgery in Hollywood?

  7. Apart from Tyson chicken, marriage fraud for foreigners is Arkansas’ biggest industry.

    A lot of foreigners seem to have fathers with friends in Little Rock.

  8. Same shit different day. I can understand throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. But usually it’s different shit.

    1. So, if Zahra got in line illegally, it’s okay because he succeeded? That’s your position?

      Good to know your moral compass. We knew you were an idiot before, but this “shit” is just wrong.

      1. “So, if Zahra got in line illegally, it’s okay because he succeeded? That’s your position?”

        No. My position is you don’t have evidence of impropriety. You have theories.

        My point is because he is a citizen and these are things the government checks, he should get the benefit of the doubt barring actual proof.

        Which you clearly do not have. Further because you don’t have proof I believe what you’re doing is itself improper.

        1. “What you’re doing is itself improper?” Okay Emily Post. Grow up and make a valid point.

        2. Haha. I can’t “prove” the hammer is going to hit the ground when I drop it, either.

          Zahra said he knew he was gay. Zahra got married to a woman. Zahra got Green Card.

          Follow the stale crumbs. I guess your day job doesn’t require logic.

      2. He’s said various versions of pretty much that. Then, backtracks and denies what he said. He put his foot in his mouth on this one. He knows it.

  9. Hey Hogerhuis, please give us a plausible reason why a man who always knew he was gay would marry a woman.

    1. Too bad it didn’t “work out.” They would have made a real power couple in Zahra’s Yugo on the streets of West Hollywood.

  10. Let’s see if I have this tale right.

    For some reason young Dr. Zahra comes to America. But, darn it, he doesn’t know a soul. Well, shucks, dad knows a guy down in Little Rock, Arkansas. It’s not on the top of anyone’s sightseeing itineraries, but hey, a couch and three squares, right?

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