Painting Yourself Into A Corner. Goofball Sidhu’s Strange, Shrinking World

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Let’s set aside the whole trustworthiness, perjury, incarceration problems of Harry Sidhu for a moment. Well, not the trustworthy thing.

When I learned other day about Sidhu carpetbagging two different districts in the same election I was intrigued. See, he’s carpetbagging the 4th Supervisorial District as we all know. It turns out he is also carpetbagging the 69th Assembly District in order to try to get himself on the GOP Central Committee for that district.

The idea here seems to be to maximize Smilin’ Sidhu’s exposure to the electorate in the 4th District election, and hence get more votes for the universal Mayor Pro Tem.

My first thought was, gee, how much overlap is there between those two districts? How many Republican votes are there in that overlap, anyhow? Very many? But most importantly, if he gets elected to the Central Committee, what kind of living and lifestyle opportunities is that going to leave the rich dude and his family who really live in an “elegant estate” in the Anaheim Hills?

Swimmin' pools, movie stars...

The answer is not many. The only overlap is a strip of territory that extends north from where Sudhu is pretending to live now, through central Anaheim between Harbor Boulevard and East Street. It gets as far north as Sycamore. Much of this turf is commercial and industrial, and much of it, well, barrio. And all of it is pretty marginal for a guy who currently owns his own tennis court, swimming pool, aviary, and a boat called the The Taj Mahal. The shopping carts won’t impress visitors, that’s for sure.

Of course Sidhu could move into our friend Colony Rabble’s neighborhood and remodel a vintage home. But how likely is that? Harry better hope the pit bulls don’t get the peacocks.

A gift subscription?

If Sidhu wins a place on the GOP Central Committee, will he just stay put as a renter on Lucky Way (that so far hasn’t been very lucky for him)? Or, what seems a lot more likely, will he just immediately quit and head back to the hills?

Any way you slice it, it’s a pretty reasonable conclusion that his GOP Central Committee bid is just another Sidhu scam – a petty vote grubbing scheme in which the utterly arrogant Sidhu thumbs his nose at Republicans in the 69th Assembly District whom he has zero intention of representing.

If they really wanted to punish Sidhu, the Republicans in this District should elect him to the Central Committee – and roll out the welcome mat.

10 Replies to “Painting Yourself Into A Corner. Goofball Sidhu’s Strange, Shrinking World”

  1. Best bet is Sidhu is counting on power brokering a new redistricting that would loop the “elegant Yorba estate” into the 4th so he could rule from the Supe seat and still go “home”….

  2. I agree with this post about Siduh being a carpetbagger in the 69th as well. That being said, he will be number 2 on the ballot in a field of 10 candidates which is not a bad place to be. It will be very funny (and satisfying) if he doesn’t win one of the 6 seats; not because I necessarily think he’s a bad guy; he’s just way over-exposed and I don’t support carpetbagging. I don’t think he expected the backlash that is upon him from F4 doing a great job of detective and follow through work.

    1. “number 2 on the ballot in a field of 10 candidates which is not a bad place to be”

      #3. Good. I want him to be elected to the Central Committee. Win or lose the 4th he’s going to have to immediately quit the Central Committee or pretend that he’s going to live in the 69th – another lie, of course. There is no way assclown is going to actually live in the 69th AD.

  3. Joe, I concur. And the best part is he picked the wrong District to try to pull this off in. Tim Whitacre is the guy who keeps the OCGOP leadership in line with his knowledge of the bylaws and parliamentary procedure. He’s the go-to guy for the rest of the Committee. I know Whitacre doesn’t take kindly to carpetbaggers at all and will not hesitate to invoke the bylaws to have Siduh promptly removed should he actually win a seat. This is going to be too fun to watch unfold!

  4. You have no idea how Harry and his ast Annie strong arm folks into contributions. They call, and call, and call. When they get you, they remind you of any favor done way back when. The dick charges 500 per client to his empty fundraiser NOBODY wants to be at and expects you to pay up. This asshole needs to go away and take is ugly Annie with him.

  5. West Side, does that mangy Annie lady work for Sidhu on the city payroll? Hard to believe the city would allow this kind of abuse of company time.

    Sidhu is just plain stupid on this one. Clearly it never ocurred to this boob that he very well could get his ass kicked in the 4th and win the 69th central comittee slot. What then?

    Sidhu ran for this on the last day because he saw Nelson had pulled papers to run in the district he already sits on the central comittee for as Norby’s alternate. Norbys Assembly district however completely overlaps all of Fullerton and Placentia, half of La Habra and includes Nelson’s home that he has lived in since the 90’s.

    This is too funny and I agree with the other comment from Sipowicz. I hope Sidhu wins for the 69th. I cant wait to see what the republican party does when he moves home the day after the election and screws them.

  6. “Of course Sidhu could move into our friend Colony Rabble’s neighborhood and remodel a vintage home. ”
    Nope, it takes serious stones to live here and even more to take on an old house. He ain’t got what it takes.

    1. Right. So he’s SOL!

      His run for the GOP Central Commitee is just another sordid piece of scampaign strategy.

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