Did Dick Jones Bug Out of Vector Control?

Jones hates rats; loves carpetbaggers...

Every now and then word filters back to us about some zany corn pone antics by our own beloved municipal treasure, Dick Jones, at the County Vector Control District meetings. See, Jones is supposed to be representing us in this agency whose mission to do battle with the evil forces of rats, ants, and mosquitoes.

Our sources inform us that at the last meeting’s closed session that was addressing the future of the arrogant General Manger, Gerard Goedhart, Jones just lost it, stood up, declared that he was quitting, and left the room. Fellow boardmembers were nonplussed, to say the least.

Good grief. Just last year this same nincompoop popped his cork at a meeting.

Now, apparently, he just quit. He’s still got 21 months to go in his “term” on the Board.

Maybe it’s all for the best. And maybe Jones is actually onto something. If he can’t handle the annoyance without petulant outbursts, he should go. And he really ought to think about resigning from the City Council while he’s at it.

8 Replies to “Did Dick Jones Bug Out of Vector Control?”

  1. Damn, another Harry Sidhu supporter! These guys all ought to get together and put on some sort of show.

  2. This is hilarious. You guys need to start a Sidhu “all star” supporters team. You know, Janet, Street, Barbre, Dick Jones, John Lewis, Jerbal, The Goon (Tomas Gordon), Pringle, Annie whatchamajiggie, Billy Turner etc.

    1. He might be in jail for assaulting a female police officer before Coyote Hills ever makes it to the councils agenda.

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