The Pam Keller Legacy of Political Whatevers

One of our Friends observed this banner near the intersection of Harbor and Brea today giving thanks to mercifully soon-to-be former council member, Pam Keller.

How touching. A “job well done.”

But, really? Since we can’t count on the Yellowing Observers and Pam’s Dingbat Posse to give an accurate look back on Keller’s four years in office, I will oblige by helping out a little.

First we’ll give credit where credit is due, and acknowledge her support of Prop 215 and the law of the State while the other four cowards on the council showed their true colors.

And now I’m done reciting Keller’s accomplishments – the wrong end of one 4-1 vote.

And lest you forget, I’ll remind you about some of her dubious activities on the council. How about the lobbyist boat ride and dinner care of slimeball Steve Sheldon and her subsequent support of the completely indefensible “Jeferson Commons” monstrosity? And let’s not forget her support of the equally god-awful Amerige Court, brought to us by contributors to her Colloborative. Both these votes were a total sellout to her supporters and her 2006 campaign promises as she came to realize the challenges of “governing.”

Speaking of the Collaborative, is there really any need to rehash the manifest conflicts of interest, the mobilizing of Collaborative grantees for political purposes, of gad-abouting taking credit for other people’s efforts? There, I just did it.

My favorite Keller self-besoiling was the twelve hundred bucks of public money she wasted going to the 2008 League of Cities meeting in far-off Long Beach, as cavalier a waste of taxpayer dollars as you will ever see.

And only this year Keller crowned her career by supporting the fraudulent, carpetbagging campaign of Harry Sidhu for 4th District Supervisor.

Not much to show for four years work, but of course commenters are welcome to augment the list of any real accomplishment on Keller’s part. Now don’t get me wrong. Keller’s lack of any really achievement is in no way different than any other councilpersons anybody can remember, so at least she’s got that going for her, legacy-wise.

Well, now she can assume her idiotic grin and bat her eyes for the benefit of the Fullerton School District trustees – as they consider renewing her contract and her, ahem, peculiar role as Philanthropist on Our Dime.

16 Replies to “The Pam Keller Legacy of Political Whatevers”

  1. I would like to add her vote for the Six Million Dollar Burger to her list of failures.

    On the plus side, she retains her status as a certified helmet fitter and she’s still got the best gig in the entire Fullerton School District.

    1. Yeah but she voted against it in the end. But only because she saw which way the wind was blowing. She was the big champion of McSpanish McDonalds.

      Will she disappear?

  2. The absolute personal dignity and self-respect of women is vital to our culture, our Judeo-Christian western civilization.

    The pathetic phony transparent non-stop “Feminist” cutesy crap of Pam Keller on the City Council was a constant set back for anything adult-normal as a female voice in our city.

    Fortunately, Sharon Quirk-Silva, provided the needed personal style counterpoint to Ms. Keller, if not necessarily the oppossing council votes.

      1. Good thinkin’ Joe! If only G.W. Bush had been a muslim like the Obama-Communist, then he would not have fomented the illegal Mexican alien invasion (“…doin’ jaabs ‘merkuns woon do, ya’ll”) or pissed his pants on TV for two weeks running in order to pass the totally destructive TARP “bailouts” of the phony mortgage loan speculators.

        1. Sorry Rain,

          Phony liberal Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim. He’s a socialist all right, but only for bankers. The rest of of us get to enjoy the ups and downs of the free market. Barack Obama, the worst of both worlds. And before you say that I am encouraging an irrelevant thread, just remember this image from Page 8 of your favorite local newspaper:

  3. “they consider renewing her contract”, “they” now includes Chris Thompson. This should be interesting to say (or in this case write) the least.

  4. These boohoos never look backwards to survey the damage that they have done.

    Come to think of it, neither do the repuglicans.

  5. You alluded indirectly to her support of the idiotic Redevelopment expansion.

    Make it direct. She also went big for the Olson project in the Communidad. Every other boondoggle, too.

    Good riddance.

  6. OK, let’s sum it up:

    Jefferson Commons
    Amerige Court
    Richman Commons
    The (illegal) Redevelopment Expansion
    Fullerton Transportration Center Specific Plan

    That’s a pretty horrible legacy for her hometown, assuming that any of this junk ever gets built.

  7. Keller and her collaborative and her fullerton observer political whatevers posse have entered the hallowed hall of the nearly sorta kinda maybe close to being a footnote in our town’s local history, but not. like the cheshire cat in Alice’s wonderland of if plagiarized by the editor/artist sharon kennedy ” A Lice’s Wonderland”, keller’s legacy will not be her good works but her goofy persona

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