Another Day Another Dump on Pringle’s Main Chance Choo Choo

You are growing very sleepy...

This time it’s a story by the LA Times featuring former OCTA boss Art Leahy and others questioning the dedicated tracks, the impacts, and of course some of the basic operating assumptions of the California HSR.

Meantime we’re not holding our collective breath for the release of Curt Pringle’s “business plan” that seems to be at least 5 years late.

5 Replies to “Another Day Another Dump on Pringle’s Main Chance Choo Choo”

  1. That’s a hell of a thing for a sitting Mayor to do, risk the loss of hundreds of homes and displacement of his own citizens to this boondoggle. The next ridiculous plan will be to put it underground in an earthquake zone, but that only cost the MTA in Los Angeles $0.5 Billion/mile in 1990’s money.

    1. The tunnel option is just eyewash thrown up for CEQA purposes. The geology there is Santa Ana River alluvium – lots of sand – not good for boring. Plus that option would probably preclude building underpasses later. Then there could be issues with ground water and hydrostatic issues.

      Get the bulldozers ready!

    1. Yer kiddin, right? The OC Register?

      No, them not do a story?

      For example, like a candidate was lying about where they lived just so they could run for Supervisor and a investigaton by a blogger with evidence submitted to the DA with a complaint and the OC Register won’t do a story about it?

      No way. The Register is there for us, looking out for us with crack cub reporters.

  2. Not to mention the $300-500 million monorail that Pringle wants to build to connect his unnecessary and overbuilt new train station that no private firms will invest in despite his dog and pony show a few years ago. Neither will Disney invest in it, and it’s meant to bring their own guests to the park entrance! It’s all on the city website at

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