Mauve County Mauve For Good?

What a nice color...

It seems that Matthew J. Cunningham, editor of the dismal Mauve County forgot the lesson he once learned when his wife left him in charge of the laundry and he threw his white bikini briefs in with the old lady’s red blouse.

For the past year Cunningham, has been studiously avoiding discussing the subject of why his mentor, boss Repuglican¬† John Lewis was supporting Democrat Tom Daly’s campaign for County Supervisor; and even, some said, running it through a surrogate.

Color me mauve.

Only recently Cunningham brought on a contributor named Cynthia Ward to post pro-Daly junk and attack the other candidates. That backfired last Friday afternoon when Daly quit, and now the blog is stuck with a sanctimonious NIMBY liberal – one of those types who are Republicans only because dear old dad was.

Cunningham claimed from the get go that Mrs. Ward, who calls herself Colony Rabble, was brought on board to give an “Anaheim perspective;” better still he also claimed that his blog was a big tent “right-of-center” operation, presumably big enough to include a person who is about as conservative as Eleanor Roosevelt. Nobody was buying that load of horse shit.

So Daly is gone, but Ward is still around. Will anyone even notice? Consider the transparently orchestrated attack on Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson by some semi-literate goon named Thomas Anthony Gordon that came out of left field last week in mauve land. What was that all about? Pretty bad for a self-purported conservative blog.

A regular Noel Coward.

Will the former “Red County” operators now do the right thing by getting behind the race’s only real conservative, Shawn Nelson, a man who actually lives in the 4th District? Don’t bet on it. The Mauve gang have already demonstrated their attachment to self-interest and revenue uber alles.

It looks like the mauve are mauve for good, and no bleach is gonna fix that load of laundry.

8 Replies to “Mauve County Mauve For Good?”

  1. You’re right. Ward or no Ward they’re blue. Cunningham ought to just join up with the LiberalOC and get it over with.

  2. I am absolutely amazed at just how deep of a hypocritical liberal hole Cunningham has dug for himself. He is just another lost soul blinded by greed, ambition, and the broken promises of power from RINO’s. It’s no small wonder why our nation is in such bad shape with voices like his “representing” conservatives.

  3. I see they are still deleting posts over there. My well worded, polite post of Tuesday, never appeared, nor did my entry today.

    Meg County can dish it out but cant take it.


  4. Colony Babbel is the Lib from Anaheim? It makes sense now. Harry the carpetbagger and Johnny come lately Hunter are both from Anaheim. Mauve County is definately RINO land. Their unfettered support of Daly and Meg is hardly something a conservative blog would do. Show me the money!

  5. Mr. Peabody, are you suggesting this guy wears pink bikini briefs?

    Now that’s a mental image that needs to be scrubbed.

  6. What would Matt Cunningham say if a mexican from ELA or say, Matt Gonsolez, the Green Party maverick from SF moved to a motel in Orange and ran against Tita Smith?

    This guy would be pissing lightning. But he feels like it’s totally acceptable to support a carpetbagger, in races, where he himself has no say.

    Thats a Hypocrite.

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