Is Pringle’s Runaway Gravy Train Coming To A Halt?

After months of wondering how Anaheim’s Mayor-for-Hire, Curt Pringle, could get away with pushing through his high speed choo-choo on the folks of Buena Park, Fullerton, Anaheim, Orange County and all of California, I discovered a legal opinion from Legislative Counsel addressed to the Secretary of the State Senate that unequivocally opines that Pringle holds incompatible offices as Chairman of the California High Speed rail Authority, while simultaneously representing the City of Anaheim and the Orange County Transit Authority. He is breaking the law.

"A" is for...

Pringle has already directed the better part of $200,000,000 of Orange County transportation funds to Anaheim’s idiotic “ARTIC” facility, and that doesn’t even include more that will be necessary to accommodate his high speed boondoggle. Is it a coincidence that the first leg of the CHSR will be built in the least necessary or useful stretch of this concept – LA to Anaheim? Is it just as coincidental as Pringle’s lobbying firm being there to “consult” after hizzoner is out of office?

Mr. Curt? He up in the Big House.

Of course, Pringle is the heart and soul of Orange County repuglicanism: he runs the plantation and we all are just his cheap labor.

Yesterday I sent a letter by overnight delivery to our Attorney General requesting a quo warranto opinion from the AG, to wit: if the AG believes that the finding of the State Legislative Counsel is correct then the AG must take action to have the Pringle, and his LA Metropolitan Transit Authority counterflack Richard Katz, removed from their prior public offices to protect us regular folk from the sharks. Eric Carpenter of the register has written about my letter the AG, here.

It matters to Pringle. With a month left in office the influence he can still peddle at our expense is significant.

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  1. ….and I know a lot of people all over the state who are grateful to you today. Including me. Thanks for having the stones to do it.

  2. From Burlingame, I and many others thank you. This cuts to the core of our democracy, and anyone who has a problem with your bringing this to the forefront, probably has something to hide.

  3. ARTIC’s a joke, but the real jokes on us, Anahiem clowncil just voted to spend $200 million on it. The voters are asleep again, and again 4Fr’s are taking the bull by the horns.

  4. Nice article in todays OC Register citing Tony. Some want to vote Pringle out; this is ridiculous since he is termed out in Nov! It is a waste to try to get Pringle out within the 30 days before the Nov election — it cant happen. BTW, his term on the OCTA ends then too. The problem with Pringle is moot. The OCTA is made up of politicians, so how do you eliminate conflict of interest? That is the long term issue and perhaps the Pringle case will raise this issue.. How else can you correct the conflict of interest situation?

  5. One of the commenters on the Register article notes that Tony Bushala is Fullerton’s “unsung hero” for investigating – reporting and carrying this issue forward (to the Attorney General).

    This is entirely true.

    Tony you are doing a terrific job with this news information and political action resource!

  6. Tony may never run for office but he has pushed those he supports to some high offices. This year he might even get a guy on school board and two on city council and I’m sure he is mentoring young Travis and others to run in two years.

  7. the register article mentioned he was a buisnessman, since tony is so interested in other peoples background, im curious about his, you know, just to make sure there isn’t any hypocracy going on around here

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