The Return of Hairball Sidhu

Well, it’s true. Ol’ Hairball really is cruisin’ for another ass whuppin’ courtesy of Supervisor Shawn Nelson. Our sources in Anaheim have received Hide and Seek mailings. His recycled signs from the June election have popped up, too – all faded and worn.

So here’s a re-post in honor of out favorite carpetbagging assclown. Enjoy the youtube clip and see if you can figure out what this idiot is talking about.

– Joe Sipowicz

We’ve been hearing some rumblings from the interior of late – from union controlled websites, mostly – that serial perjurer and carpetbagger Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu is actually contemplating yet another political drubbing this fall in the 4th District Supervisor’s race, his third electoral humiliation in two years.

But humiliation is not a concept that Sidhu easily grasps. He appears oblivious to his manifest assclowneries, obvious as they are to the rest of us. Here’s a reminder of the caliber of public servant that we’re dealing with.

Yes, sadly, the lame, ignorant and incomprehensible bozo must be deaf to the entreaties of his friends who tell him to retire to private life. Oh, that’s right. He has no friends. Just hangers on and political retainers eager to strip his wallet bare.

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  1. Jo-Jo, I’ve been gone for a couple of days and I decide to check and see what, if anythng, new was posted. As I expected, the same old song and dance from you guys. The dozen or so people that you’re trying to convince that Harish is a piece of shit, are already convinced. The rest of the of websites hits are repeat customers that read this blog for its comedic value. Do you have anything new to report? This reposting is getting old.

  2. Word is Sidhu is now endorsed by Richard Faher of Placentia. Seriously, Sidhu sent out an announcement telling people this. Is he trying to hurt himself just to get it over with sooner or what?

  3. word is Harry is also endorsed by Art Brown, with enough votes (if he can pull them) to make this an interesting election.

    If Shawn Nelson would actually conform his actions with his principles (to the extent that he has same) it might be a different game

  4. Joe: don’t ever stop running that clip. It never gets old.

    You’ll never see anything so pathetic again.

    This was the performance that that Cunningham guy said was “comparatively poor.” Compared to what?

  5. Well, I’m glad Sidhu is running, lying about your residence is not nearly as important as lying about your major position on OC employees pensions. I will vote for Sidhu this time and NOT campaign for Nelson, the slimy lawyer who stabbed his supporters in the back.

  6. Nelson is a scumbag lawyer and a hypocrite who stabbed all his supporters in the back by opting for the enhanced pension. He seems to think we’ll all forget about this come November. I’d rather vote for Sidhu.

    Shawn Nelson is a liar and a typical Republican hypocrite.

    1. “He seems to think we’ll all forget about this come November”

      The scumbag may be right, after all you seem to have forgotten about Sidhu’s lies and hypocrisy.

    2. Nice try. Nelson does not get a county pension per the OC Register. I’m sure that fact could get in the way of Sidhu’s last gasp but it is a fact.










  8. I’m a registered Republican and have received nothing from Hairy Bellz. He must be going after the Dem vote to get his oily hide into office. Giving up on high-propensity Republicans ain’t gonna help this creep win.

  9. I’ll take a carpetbagging huckster over a hypocrite, ambulance-chasing lawyer any day of the week. Ol’ Shawnny boy bit off more than he could chew this week as his fellow supervisors let him spin his wheels over “pension reform” for supervisors. Sorry, tubby, that old gag won’t work for me. You get caught with your hand in the cookie jar and now you want to deflect. What a first-class douche.

    1. Well you’ve found your man: an inept incomprehensible perjuring assclown.

      We’ll see how that works out for you on November 3.

  10. His mail went to permanent absentee voters, which is why not all got it. He also just did a push-poll, with the last “question” asking if the voter knew Shawn took the pension would they still vote for him? Sadly it will do him no good, his “supporters” have fled, and many have asked to have their names and images removed from this website. Harry will be termed out, without an higher office. Done for.

      1. Gilligan, aside from the distraction of whoever else on earth may be a complete idiot, why is it so hard for you to watch the video and admit what you see?

  11. Harry you already made a name for yourself as Loco Sidhu so stop trying to buy a title. Besides you will be a more honest individual if you stick to selling Pollo Loco and it is more profitable.

  12. Assclown or unprincipled, lying, opportunistic, untrustworthy, dishonest double-talking politician of the worst kind. Oh wait, he’s the (former) neighbor of the mighty admin.

    Hey Tony Bukkake, I mean Bushala, could Nelson do anything that would turn you on him?

    Do you guys let Norby bring his wife to your little election clubhouse on Harbor?

    1. BTW, were you encouraging Hairball by tossing nickels at him while he was dancing in front of the monkey house at the SA zoo?

      Just wondering.

    2. “Patriot” aka RealJohnAdams, why can’t you stick to one name. Using a single stupid alias won’t make us respect you any less.

  13. Joey here is the real truth. Nelson is not who you think he is, Norby is nutty and the Fullerton city council will have Jones,quirk,bankhead,McKinley and Chi.

    1. You’re behind the times. We already predicted that. It’s Fullerton – where only the mediocre (and worse) rise to the top of the tank.

  14. Joe Sapowicz, your political commentary has about as much insight as a race for Junior High School class president.

    And to make light of domestic violence shows how willing you (and the rest) to excuse any behavior as long as it’s your guy.

    I’ve seen posts by others calling into question the credibility of this site and it’s posters. I would have to agree after reading the replies.

    You’re as bad as the liberals you disdain in your ability to excuse and justify away the shortcomings of these politicians.

    How fast would admin have a story up if Sidhu’s house had been the one police reponded to for alleged domestic violence? Ethics and doing the right thing knows no political affiliation.

    1. If you’re talking about the Voice of OCEA hit piece you remind me that some one of our honorable boys in blue mailed in his report to the union blog. Ethical, failure, much? And why on earth are we are to trust the report of a zit like that?

      BTW Patriot aka TheRealJohnAdams, etc. you have just fingered yourself as a member of Fullerton’s police crew – not that we needed any more evidence. You sir, are a real dumb fuck.

  15. Hey Harpoon, I am who I am, don’t try to justify away my comments just because they make you uncomfortable. As usual, don’t answer tne charges, just call names. You couldn’t debate your way out of a paper bag.

    And, both the Register and the Times have published the Norby story, so your little* gotcha* that you worked so hard to come up with amounts to nothing. As usual.

    You are an intellectual midget who wouldn’t know a fact or integrity if it bit you in the ass.

    1. And you are a lazy GED cop with too much time on his hands. Somebody leaked that story to the union Voice, and that somebody came from the FPOA.

      You and your crew are busted for the slimy scum sucks that you are.

      This post was about Hairball Sidhu, another moral bankrupt advanced by a police union to further line their wallets. How did that one work out for your ‘brothers.”

    2. “I am who I am,”

      A pampered, overpaid flatfoot who has only drawn his gun at the shooting range, and who will fall out of a chair writing illiterate reports just in time to retire on disability.

      Did I miss anything?

  16. A GED would be a step up for you, harpoon.

    Once again, not addressing the issues. You are a toothless tool who hates everything, without an original idea in your head.

    Never said I was a cop, just like we have no idea what any of you do. For all we know you’re former mortgage brokers who created this mess to begin with.

    I’ll tell you what I am not. I’m not a windbag, lying attorney.

    But again, you guys can’t address anything, lobbing bombs, avoiding the truth. Do you have a poster of Robert Gibbs above the bed in your room, harpoon? I’ll bet you do. Avoid, deflect, redirect. He’s your hero. I’m sure of it. And Sapowicz too.

    1. Yes you are a cop. I recognize the profile. A guy who couldn’t get past a few JC credits after all those years of family members telling him what a smart guy he was. Sad. Really sad.

  17. Apparently, 6 JC units is more than you can cope with, I understand. It can be daunting having to answer logic and principle. But I understand.

    Maybe you could call me a doo doo head.

  18. Wow, I go away for a little while, and come back to JoJo’s rants and accusations.

    I mean, I don’t have the ultra-cool admin access to the IP logs that you do, but I think that +all+ the posters here (harpoontang, jojo, and countless others) are all Bushala.

    No credibility here, as always. Why don’t you answer the questions asked by posters?

    1. Aw, Hell, you never went away.

      And the fact that you keep posting under various aliases suggests:

      1) you have no credibility, and

      2) you believe the site has lots of influence; or

      3) you are a sad and lonely flatfoot.

      But don’t feel bad. You are hero and deserve.

  19. Adams asks “Why dont you answer the questions asked by posters?”.

    Good point Adams, but if its not too much trouble could we at least direct the questions in this post to figuring out what the guy in the video is talking about?

    I know domestic violence and the police department are favorites of yours but there are posts more germaine to thoses issues elsewhere on this blog. Its just kind of odd to suggest someone essentially stick to the subject when the questions are not about the subject.

    Just my two cents but I am not hero and do not deserve.

  20. Hollis, I think the point is that admin won’t do a story on Norby because Norby is his guy. So where is a poster supposed to comment?

    1. There is no story on Norby.

      The only story is why a GED Fullerton cop leaked a report to a pro-union blog. Now that’s something the DA should look into.

      FPOA is racing to the bottom. When they get there they will encounter Hide and Seek Hairball Sidhu.

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