4 Replies to “The Public Safety Employee Life Expectancy: I Call Bullshit!”

  1. Don’t worry they will produce a union sponsored study that you are supposed to believe. How on earth are we expected to believe CALPERS. I mean they only have an extensive database of information about people’s ages at retirement and their death, that they use to project future liabilities. Clearly the biased study from the union is much more accurate.

  2. The “new” journalism, including blogs, is now well established, but basic lessons are evidently still out there to be learned-overcome.

    This story is seemingly a blockbuster and just raw red meat to the FFFF audience (in my perception).

    Yet it only drew three comments?

    I think the combination of the “headline” (my recollection is that initially it was just three words: “I call Bullshit!” and only now, a couple or few days later, expanded with the more enlightening headline link to the actual story line content).

    Additionally, the underlying “story” was merely a link to the CALPERS news release. There wasn’t enough “text” developed on the FFFF blog to entice your FFFF audience to click on the CALPERS URL link.

    I don’t know how many hits this story received-generated, but, in my opinion, it should have burned up the phone lines.

    You are doing a terrific job of informing me about many important stories, particularly Fullerton focused (of course), which I missed or would have missed without your efforts.

    But, I almost didn’t bother to open this story and then once I clicked on it, I again almost didn’t click onto the underlying “blockbuster” story.

    Your work is excellent. Your content fresh, new and seemingly “exclusive.” I want your “newspaper” to thrive.

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