Sidhu Admits Perjury At Candidate Forum!

He didn’t mean to. It just came out. Asked about how long he had lived in the 4th District Harry Sidhu admitted “two-and-a-half months.” That’s ten weeks, folks, and takes us back to February 1st when Sidhu cooked up his second 4th District address. The one on Lucky Way.

Seems Hide and Seek Sidhu has conveniently chosen to forget his alleged residence at the beautiful Calabria Apartments in the month of January – the one he swore to twice under penalty of perjury. Well, he may pretend to have forgotten have, but we wont!

Be it ever so humble...

And of course we will be sending this video to the District Attorney to further support our case that Mr. Sidhu is a perjurer.

Y'all come back now, hear?

6 Replies to “Sidhu Admits Perjury At Candidate Forum!”

  1. T-Rak won’t do shit. Call Dave Lopez and quit wasting your F%$# time with a guy who only piled on Toyota to make himself look good to the voters in time for the upcoming election.

    Or file the case incourt yourself, and watch T-Rak shit himself.

    Its time to drive a stake through chest of this vampire and quit dicking around, unlessof course, you are sadistic and then I get it.

    1. “Or file the case incourt yourself, and watch T-Rak shit himself.”

      I just had to repeat that! Well said!!!

  2. Hate to burst your bubble but Dave Lopez is a personal friend and hack of Mike Schroeder – whose wife is the right-hand gal of T-Rack.

    This makes Lopez anything but an objective reporter as he only come out from under his rock to “dig up” something when Schroeder bids him to.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

    Take this one straight to the Secretary of State’s Office.

  3. When is the question going to require an answer? The Register just ignores this? LA Times where are you? This guy never lived at a place he signed under oath claiming to live at.

    He cant avoid this forever.

  4. Soothsayer:

    1) You really give Shroeder way to much credit

    2) If you wait for the AG, well, you’ll be watching your own pretty bubble for a very long time.

    3) Reporters like Lopez live on stories, the more sensational the better for them. They could give a rats ass about anybody other than breaking the next story. Hacks, like Muir and Wiscol get their noses pushed out of joint by blogs that scoop them and they see that as a threat to their existence; thats why they ignore the Siduh story.

    4) AG won’t touch it until the DA issues a statement of prosecuting or refusing to prosecute.

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