Thanks, Krusty!

A commenter calling himself “Krusty” (among other assorted names) asked this morning how come we hadn’t posted anything about some lawsuit filed by some disgruntled investor who bought out Shawn Nelson’s stake in a Brea lounge.

And that reminded me that I did indeed want to post something about it. A story was posted by the Fullerton News Tribune replacement for Barbara Giasone on April 14th about this lawsuit. This intrepid newshound is called Adam Townsend.

I found it very odd that one of the Register’s do-nothing employees would suddenly become interested in Nelson’s personal business affairs, especially during an election campaign. After all, they have serially ignored real stories of political and management malfeasance like Tom Daly buying a 2.1 million dollar money pit or the fact that Harry Sidhu perjured himself twice on voter registration documents; or that Curt Pringle made a small fortune looking for a new graveyard site for the Cemetery District.  Nary a peep.

The other shoe dropped this morning (it took a couple of days), when Mauve County blogger Jubal Cunningham, the “conservative” hypocrite who makes his living sucking at the welfare state teat, put this two-day old post on the top of his “Today’s top stories in OC.” Well, okay. Cunningham is just a limp tool who takes his orders from John Lewis and Lewis works for Hide and Seek Sidhu. So I guess for him and Lewis it’s a “top story.”

But why would this Adam Townsend guy let himself get used by the Sidhu campaign to publicize a private business deal of Nelson’s during a campaign – especially when he seems unable to get his keyboard to tap out the words: Harry Sidhu carpetbagging perjuror? Can he really be that dumb? Sadly, it appears so.

Either that, or something fishy going on here. And I really wonder – can we ever expect this Townsend guy to start writing about real public issues in Fullerton?

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    1. Interesting point. I believe he has been moved to Fullerton to replace Giasone. But he must know Sidhu…

      Whatdya say, Adam? Care to comment?

  1. I agree, Joe. He has set himself an interesting standard. Will Townsend start writing about the business affairs and private dealings of all the councilmembers? Liens? Lawsuits?

    Will he look into the Jones/female cop story?

    Or now that he has done his job for Sidhu will he go back to writing about brewery tasting rooms.

  2. I corresponded with Adam a few weeks ago when he wrote something else. He seemed to understand the importance of reporting on more important events and stories rather than the lemonade stands and cats in the tree. I think someone fed him something and he ran with it. Notice the headline though? It says “Candidate calls suit over martini bar a shakedown” which is like handing off a loaded story to Nelson. It gives Nelson’s reaction to something that we know nothing about. Almost like he didn’t want to run it but was compelled to do so and tried to control the spin. Maybe I’m over thinking this but such stories can be expected in election cycles.

    At this point it really doesn’t matter. The deal was in 2008 and the guy waits until NOW to bring suit??? Come on, it was all crafted and timed just right.

    1. Greg I believe you are right. Someone handed him the story. Now I wonder who that could be.

      The headlines are generally made up by editors. But in this case although the headline sports Nelson’s explanation it also makes it look like this is an ongoing story – which it isn’t, except in the Sidhu campaign strategy. And notice that once the story goes on line Jerbal is free to link to it just like it was real news and not a hollow campaign trick and maintain his pretended credibility.

      We now know that this guy was the Giasone of Anaheim, no doubt writing the same sort of stuff Barbara did to please Anaheim’s city council. So the question is – how well does he know Sidhu?

    2. You nailed it, Joe. Now count the time it takes for that Dan clown over at Liberal OC blog to link to The Jerb!

  3. “Cunningham is just a limp tool who takes his orders from from John Lewis…”

    Man, you’ve got a way with words.

  4. Funny how Dan Chimelstick over at the LOC published this “breaking news” this morning,

    Which is odd because those guys are usually a few days behind any story.

    This leads me to believe that Jubal Cabal is alive and kicking.

    The new motto:

    “Red County and The Liberal OC: Working with Lewis to screw us”

  5. “Jubal Cunningham, the “conservative” hypocrite who makes his living sucking at the welfare state teat”

    You left out the part about Matt Cunningham outing sex abuse victims. Ah there we go.

  6. Nipsey,

    You have to admit, it’s pretty fucking two faced what Jubal does.

    If you can’t, let’s meet at the Nixon Library, I have some conservative investments for you to by!!!!!

  7. Anyone who thinks the Register is not controlled by pro-Pringle forces is kidding themselves. They reporton Nelson for a 2year old business deal, but not a peep about Sidhu’s apparent perjury, or the DA’s refusal to pursue it. This morning there is apiece in the Watchdog, which slams the Cemetery District for raising their own pay, without a word of Pringle’s contract to find them more space that a commerical Realtor could have scored for MUCH less. You are wasting your breath to expect them to report on anything that is not sanctioned by Curt and company. He may not directly control the paper, but they know what his agenda is, and they will aid it at all costs, with the occasional slap on the hand to Pringle every now and then to convince us they are being balanced. Y’all want info you will have to find it for yourselves, The OC Register is not going to do any actual reporting for us.

  8. I heard the Cemetary board voted last week to give Pringle a $25,000 bonus for finding a property in Brea for a new cemetery.

    1. If they did it was well-disguised. There is no public discussion mentioned on the agenda – just approval of a bunch of checks. It wouldn’t surprise me though.

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