Pacific Strategies – Propagandist for Suffocating Statism

I would humbly like to thank the Academy for this recognition...

The other day Orange County’s Most Hypocritical Repuglican (yes, that is one Hell of an achievement) Matthew J. Cunningham coughed up this Red County hairball in criticism of Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez:

How very congressional. And also ironic to listen to Loretta Sanchez speaking to a crowd of immigrants who came here seeking the American Dream,, even as she has been voting to make American more suffocatingly statist like the countries they left.

Is he really that breathtakingly unaware of the irony of the mouthpiece for the OC Children and Families Commission dumping on “statism.” Or could it be that he figures that whoever reads his post won’t know about his real day job; and if they do any comments revealing that fact will be deleted.

Aw c’mon Mr. C from Suite C, ‘fess up. You really, really dig suffocating statism; you profit from it and you shill for it. In fact, it’s just about your only real source of income.

Own it.

P.S. Wordsmiths “at the top of their profession” proofread their copy for embarrassing typos.

10 Replies to “Pacific Strategies – Propagandist for Suffocating Statism”

  1. Cunningham should publicly apologize for his suffocating self-righteousness and hypocrisy. It sucks the oxygen right out of the atmosphere.

  2. So, I ask myself, why are you the first guy around here to take it to Cunningham??

    Fact is – no one (other than bloggers) want to take the charge against First 5 because it might be political suicide to “attack” childrens’ program.

    Fact is – we have a right to know what’s going on in any commission that runs without oversight – the list of articles posted in your first blog on this topic was very alarming to me – so I read them in detail and all I can say is that more needs to be done to turn those Commissions into county departments

    I also wanted to cast my vote for a statewide “First 5 Watch” blog. I’m too technically dumb to do it myself, but hey, someone around here might give enough of a crap to do it – and I for one would participate.

    Why? Because it matters to me that they have over $2 billion in reserves and clearly sat on it until there was a crisis and now a public outcry.

    Let’s take it to them gentlemen and gentlewomen (need I forget Mother’s Day twice? not)!

  3. As Cross posted on OJB, one of the most disturbing aspects of the post is RED COUNTY’s penchant for deleting opposing viewpoints.

    In the true spirit of RED china and the totalatarian USSR RED regime. they are most un American over there.

    I especially love how Chip refers to any viewpoint that does’nt support his customers as SPAM.

    But, soon Chip will implement a system wherein only those with a secret password will be able to respond.

    Chickenshit and weak.

  4. Keep in mind that Chip, et al, are commercial bloggers who get paid to blog for or against an individual or policy/law. With money & power being Red County’s only driving force, it is in Chip’s and Matt’s best interest to delete opposing views.

  5. Greg,

    Good point. Kinda like an infomercial on Cable TV. It’s amazing how those creams remove the wrinkles, the kitchen knove guts through solid steel……..

    In the old days they called it Snake Oil!

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