Another “Grover Cleveland?”

Apparently some Sidhu-supporting John Lewis tool calling himself “Grover Cleveland” has misappropriated my name and is making anti-Nelson squawkings over at the Mauve County blog that seems to have become a haven for the semi-literate backers and hackers of Hide and Seek Sidhu.

This is an imposter, make no mistake about it. Grover Cleveland was tough, smart, and honest – three adjectives that will never be applied to either Harry Sidhu or his leech-like campaign handlers who are only in it ’til Mother’s Milk runs dry.

Better score some while you can...

Lying, carpetbagging, union stoogery? Guess again! Not Grover Cleveland. Plus, he would never support an assclown.

Geez, these dunces are too dumb and lazy to come up with their own blog handles.

5 Replies to “Another “Grover Cleveland?””

  1. That’s really pathetic, Grove.

    Still, laziness, sloppiness. indiofference are the hallmarks of the Sidhu campaign – from Little Billy turner on up.

    The only one who’s really in it for keeps is the slimer Lewis who has put everything on the line to get the assclown in office (or really anybody but Nelson – even a Democrat).

  2. Sidhu is trying desperately to keep up with Nelson but he just can’t seem to find his way. With no political platform, no ethics, and little support, Sidhu is sinking fast. He has gone so far has to try to copy Nelson on the issues and even his campaign strategy several days too late. But that is Sidhu; an empty suit lacking originality and motivated by blind ambition to serve his ego. Only in America!

  3. Seems as though the Sidhu jihad is all worked up over the Deputy Union interview not being attended by Nelson. Now they are trying to suggest that since Nelson scheduled an interview, the fact that he refused to attend it counts just as much. Meanwhile Mr. no union support Sidhu sure seems to be pretty tight with the Sheriff’s Union after his actual attendance at the interview.

  4. Given that I personally know the real Grover Cleveland, I can testify that THIS is the real Grover, and the one at the Sidhu site is an imposter, just as Sidhu is a carpetbagger.

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