Saturday: Placentia Precinct Walk with Shawn Nelson

Please join 4th District OC Supervisor candidate Shawn Nelson in a Placentia precinct walk on Saturday.

6 Replies to “Saturday: Placentia Precinct Walk with Shawn Nelson”

  1. Off duty cops and fireman are welcome…no, wait, he does not seek nor want the endorsement of either… no wait, he has picture of him with police and fire taken in 2004 on his mailer… I’m confused ?

    1. Right Krusty because in the world of cop union thugs supporting public safety can only mean you want the union support. Had anyone ever supported public safety before 1977? I mean without a union you cant really support anyone can you?

      Is there a difference between Nelson supporting public safety for 8 years on the council and supporting unions? Can I donate to an effort to train police dogs without supporting the union too? I thought so but maybe in your world public safety cant get any support unless the union gets the support.

  2. He doesn’t want their support. No he does I’m also confused let’s check with the the residents who want the mural painted over on Lemon. Better yet let’s go to a downtown bar how about the Slide bar or Contental or how about the bankrupt Skylounge in Brea

  3. I will be walking and damn proud to fro Shawn.

    Politics is a strange game. Please some people while at the same time pissing off others.

    This race for the 4th District is as close to a no brainer I’ve ever seen.

    – Rose the village idiot.
    – Galloway a close second to Rose (village imbecile?)
    – Harish Siduh MagicCarbetBagger
    – Fahr whose ideas are unintelligible, just like Siduh as they both read from notes or newspaper articles.

    Shawn Nelson. Hearing him speak about his ideas for County Government and his political philosophies compared to the others, well, its not even close.

    Can anyone tell me how Siduh is going to create jobs as a Supervisor other then Govenrment jobs?

  4. I’ve met Shawn Nelson a bunch of times before and I found him to be an arrogant dickhead. It’s that-I-went-to-USC sense of scumbag entitlement about him that rubs me raw. Is there a none-of the above choice on the ballot? Do we really need a supervisor?

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