Steve Greenhut Touts Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson

Steve says...

Former OC Register editorialist and current part-time op-ed writer Steve Greenhut penned this piece about the 4th District County Supervisor race that is supposedly being printed in the paper’s Sunday edition.

Greenhut praises Shawn Nelson’s willingness to stand up the incessant demands of the public employee unions – especially the powerful unions at the County that have already started to attack his candidacy. He also correctly points out that Sidhu and Galloway would both be supportive of the horrendous anti-taxpayer labor decisions made by past county supervisors.

In passing, Greenhut notes that both Galloway and Sidhu are recent arrivals in the 4th District from Anaheim Hills, which is in the 3rd. Steve is too kind to use the term “carpetbagger” to describe the behavior of these too miscreants, but I’m not. They both established fake and unlawful  “residences” in their quest to favor us with their own weird ego-driven candidacies.

But back to Nelson. This endorsement is important. The Register still has tens of thousands of subscribers in the 4th District and absentee ballots will start arriving – and being returned – this week.

8 Replies to “Steve Greenhut Touts Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson”

  1. Good question. I read someplace that he wasted $800,000+ to get his ass kicked by Mimi Walters a couple of years ago.

  2. faithful reader of Greenhut’s column, I know his lone voice in the wilderness will cut in half pompous government and its snivel servants who force the private sector to pay exorbitent retirements, benefits and bloated salaries.
    I remember President Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers aftee their union said their services were invaluable and the public should gratefully pay them more money.
    I hope Greenhut takes on bloated municipal government with its plethora of nebulous agencies, commissions and collaboratives. This form of useless, low profile government nickel and dimes us into bankruptcy.

  3. addendum: thanks shawn nelson for having the decency to gain greenhut’s support.

  4. Steve Greenhut when are you going to go after TOM DALY. He is wasting taxpayers money and everyone is afraid to go after him.

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