Nelson is a Defense Lawyer; Sidhu and Galloway Need One

Well, today today the first “Shawn Nelson is an Evil Defense Lawyer” hit mailboxes, just like we knew it would. This has been the anonymous refrain from the John Lewis & Co. hacks and flacks since day one. We even busted Tom Daly’s supposed “campaign manager” doing it on our blog. The mail piece came from Sidhu, the phony resident of the 4th District.

The funny thing about it is, so what? The obvious conclusion is that people don’t like lawyers, and defense lawyers defend creeps. Sure they do. They also defend innocent people who are being railroaded by ambitious and unscrupulous cops and DAs, and who are accused of all sorts of heinous things. I doubt if there’s a reasonable person who hasn’t contemplated what the police power of the government could do to them if they were falsely accused of something.

Come to think of it, defense attorneys even work for people who commit perjury by signing their name to official documents that they know aren’t true. Let’s see, can anybody think of someone who has recently hired a $400 an hour defense lawyer? Oh, that’s right! Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu just hired Paul Meyer of Costa Mesa to help him try to beat the perjury rap we tagged him with.

And then there’s the Precious Princess, Lorri Galloway whose entire adult life reads like a low-grade takeoff on The Grifters. Wonder how many lawyers the Galloways have employed over the years? It would probably fill up a law school graduating class!

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  1. The dirt on the crooked John Lewis needs to finally come out. From his Sen office days up to his Lobbying firm.

    You should see his client list–just as bad as him.

  2. I think it’s typical Harrish Sidhu, use a Lawyer to defend him self about the carpetbagging accusations, then turn on the profession and put out a REALLY lame hit piece on them. What an idiot! I wish the ABA would take notice.

    How many ILLEGAL’s does Harry Sidhu employ over at his El Polo Loco’s through out LA / OC??? I hear lots!

  3. an attorney has a code of ethics that they must adhere to or face disciplinary action. I am sure that Nelson adheres to the code of ethics. One should read that (see Cal Bar Association) and pay attention to those elements regarding representation of clients. I am certain that Nelson adheres to both the spirit and letter of the code

  4. Sippy — your panties are in a bunch over this. Sure hope Nelson doesn’t meet any of his pervy clients while he’s coaching pee wee football. You know Sippy…you need to ask yourself, if Nelson is so proud of his work defending sexual devients, why did he wipe his law firm’s website? What is he trying to hide? You’d have to pull your head from Nelson’s ass first to figure it all out

    1. What are you Sidhu leeches going to do after June 8th when Hairball wants his teats back? You’ll be unemployable (again) until Sidhu tries to run for yet another office!

  5. What are you going to do when Nelson doesn’t get a single vote in Anacrime?

    Anon. Code of Ethics? Let’s hold that statement up to the standard of this lame blog. Got any proof Nelson adheres to a code of ethics? You don’t! He must be unethical!!!

  6. I’ll bet Nelson gets at least a quarter of the “Anacrime” vote.

    But whether he gets a single vote or not, I’ll still have my job at the gun store. You’ll be out of work until Hairball runs for the 3rd District seat in a couple of years.

    After June 8th Hairball will discover that his “leasee” at the “Elegant Yorba Estate” has mysteriously disappeared and he can re-register to vote – for the third time in six months!

  7. Sippy —
    you work at the gun store? how special. one would think, with your sense of logic and intellect, that you’d be a mop boy at Spanky’s in Santa Ana.

    Keep making up whatever you want and believe whatever you want. You’re a sad excuse for a blogger. And believing you are the “new” journalism when your stories have all the spin of red clownty, fiboc and orange joke. give me a break!

    1. I am not a journalist. I sell ammo and guns. And I always tell the truth.

      You peddle bullshit fertilizer for an assclown named Harry Sidhu,

      But please keep coming back.

      P.S. please to be reporting on the next annual Indian Independence Day celebration from the elegant Yorba Estate. Hairball’s renter will have evaporated by then.

  8. MajorNelson–Nelson has a license to practice law in California. Issued by the state bar. Thier code is what controls his ability to practice law. You dipf**k. Nelson has to adhere to that code or lose his license to practice. Similiar to medical license to practice in California as issued by the California Medical Association.
    Nelson will carry Fullerton. He will carry Anaheim. He will get 53-55% of the vote and avoid a runoff. Sidhu is relegated to the depths of obscurity until another office opens up. Galloway is relegated to another bankruptcy filing and a wanted to be but ended political career. End of discussion.

  9. Major Nelson sounds like a disgruntled Matty “I learned to be a pig at the trough from my mentor John Lewis”Cunningham

  10. Sippy — You always tell the truth/ You sell ammo at a gu shop. I’m guesses you make about $48K a year and live in one of Tony’s dumpy properties in Fullerton. Let me tell you the truth. You’re a racist assclown who probably hangs his KKK hood and sheet at the gunshop while you tell the good customers to hate all brown people because Obama is going to take their guns and ammo away so they had better stock up. I’m surprisd you dont go after Espinoza, but they again she has no chance.

    What are you going to say to defend Nelson when he votes for Anaheim Hills-like development in Coyote Hills when residents of Fullerton who came to the meeting clearly want Coyote Hills t stay open space. You’ll cave in cause Shawny Nelson can do no wrong.

    Nelson won’t get out of the 30 percentiles boys. Its a three way race.

    Since Gerbil Jerbal is bound to show up, let s try his out out…if Matt Cunningham outed sex abuse victims, then Shawn Nelson defended a pedophile priest as his lawyer.

    1. Major, the winner of the June 8th race will only be in the 30 percentile range and unfortunately for you it will be Nelson followed by either Rose Espinoza (yes and when you think about it after the election it will actuallt make sense) or Galloway.

      All these hits on Nelson are not going to help Sidhu and the Sherriffs mail is not only poorly done but also promotes a different candidate “Sidhu” (Sidhu only markets “Harry”) than the one Sidhu’s actual campaign manager is marketing.

      You are talking about a six person race, 5 of which are council members. Elections are an art but also a science. You aren’t going to tell Fullerton that after 8 years they had no idea their guy is really the Lawyer, Save the Fox, Bar Lender dude they never knew. They are well aware of it. Add to that a certain portion of the people IN THE DISTRICT will actually vote for whomever the party/Royce/Norby endorse and start adding.

      Sidhu can fight Art Brown all he wants in Buena Park or Rose in La habra. It just isnt going to get it done.

    2. 48K a year? Jesus, I wish!

      I’m not sure where you get the “racist” thing although assclownery is a matter of opinion. What is a fact is that thousands of people share the opinion that Hairball Sidhu is an assclown. Sorry. You have to learn to deal with the truth.

      One thing I learned in Iraq is that under fire the best and the worst of human nature are revealed. Unfortunately, your boy Sidhu has exposed all his true qualities through his perjury and capetbaggery, to wit:

      grossly over-inflated ego

      desperation for public office – to the point of mania


      indifference to using his family as puppets on his ridiculous side show.

      And if these character traits weren’t bad enough, you can add ignorance of any issues, and the inability to formulate or articulate a simple sentence.

      Yep, Sidhu is an almost completely worthless individual – a real piece of work. I would look forward to ending his political career in less than a month; except that I know that after he loses he will immediately drop the pretense of living on Lucky Way and immediately start running for the 3rd District seat.

      And because I’m such an optimistic, happy guy, that eventuality will make me very pleased because it will really screw John Lewis and his talking dummy, Bill Campbell.

  11. You wish you made $48K..buhwwaaahahahaahahaha Now I know why you hate Harry so much. He’s rich. And you hate Cunningahm because he gets $200 an hour which probably what you make by Tuesday.

    Sippy- you are an angry, poor, dumb, dead-end job going nowhere fast hater and you have the gall to accuse a self made man of arrogance? You are a joke. Want to see an assclown? Look in the mirror.

    Defend Nelson’s illegal campaign photo with the cops. You can’t do that. Against the law and Nelson is a lawyer? WTF kind if lawyer is he? Oh right, one who defends perverts and then coaches pee wee football. No Johnny, I know your the center but it’s not OK for Coach Nelson to wiggle his fingers while he takes snaps from you.

    Wow, and to think Bushala is the only one who gets any sort of bank here.

    1. Gee Major you really are a sick piece of shit, but what else can we expect from a member of the Sidhu (Lewis) gang.

      Wonder what poor Little Billy Turner and his crew will do on June 9th. Say, they may have job openings for you guys down at the County Fair. Can you operate a tilt-o-wheel?

  12. I have an honest job. Not like you leeches who will drop off Harry’s oily hide as soon as you are done with him.

    I don’t hate Hide and Seek Sidhu, even though he is a perjurer and a dyed-in-the wool assclown . I do loathe the tools like you who are sucking at Harry’s teats and encouraging a bozo who can barely speak English to run for office so you can squeeze him dry.

    I don’t hate Cunningham, either. I hate a system that allows him to gouge the taxpayers and little kids that are supposedly hungry $200 an hour to monitor the blog ejaculations by idiots like you.

    You Lewis bung-lickers are all the same. But your day is coming. After June 8th you’ll all be whoring yourselves on some rancid street corner in Pedley. Good luck with that.

    1. Oh, Joe why waste your time with this jackass. he’s clearly a troll on Sidhu’s payroll. Seriously. These scum sucks aren’t even worth acknowledging.

  13. and mop boys at Spanky’s more more than you do. The DA cleared Harry, didn’t you hear. If he perjured himself, cite the case number. You can’t cause there isn’t one. He’s an assclown cause you say so? Yes Sippy you ARE an authority on assclowns since you are one.

    Can you type Sippy? I pay my admin more than you make…ROFLMAO

    1. Let’s see. Sidhu lies about living some place where he never does on a voter registration form. Perjury! Said so right on the form, remember?

      Get of off the floor, Major. I know you like rolling around on it because that’s where Sidhu’s teats are. But it’s not dignified. And don’t laugh your ass off. You’re going to need it in a few weeks.

      We also know you don’t have an “admin.” You are one, and Hide and Seek’s paying you $12 an hour. But only for the next 21 days.

  14. The DA didn’t agree with you Sippy. You’re obsession with this makes you sound like a 9/11 truther or an Obama birther. The DA said there’s nothing to go after Sidhu for here. But the Nelson mailer with the photo of cops…evidence as plain as your face.

    Hey Rudy, how much is Nelson paying you? How much is he paying Sippy? Sorry, I’m not on Sidhu’s payroll. But I think Nelson is an asshat and I’ll venture to guess that at least two thirds of the voters in the district agree with me. Does that mean all of them are on Sidhu’s payroll. Nope.

    And you guys criticize Meg County and FibOC for backing candidates you don’t like when you’re as guilty as shilling for Shawn Nelson as they are for Harry and Galloway

    1. Galloway and Sidhu don’t live in the district. Galloway started out claiming an illegal address in an OP zone. Sidhu lied about living at the Calabria Apartments even though the voter registration form warned of perjury – which is exactly what he did.

      Two ego-maniacs whose campaigns both started with an act of fraudulence.

    2. Hey Major, will you be at this year’s Annual India Independence Party at Sidu’s Elegant Yorba Estate? I’m sure by August he’ll be back in his real home raising money to run for the 3rd District in 2010.

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