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Dan C-somethingorother, the pompous Priapus who runs the The Liberal OC blog as a front for hapless, incompetent, or crooked Democrat politicians likes to pretend he’s a real reporter. Who can forget his hushed “this is Dan C-somethingorother reporting” sign-off on that ridiculous “exclusive” about how Precious Princess had received “a series” (actually it was one) ” harassing” phone calls (actually the guy just told Galloway what he thought of her). We told that story, plus how this bozo tried to blame us, here.

Yesterday he offered up a polished scat about eagerly awaiting an impending “hit piece” against Shawn Nelson by Hairball Sidhu. Everything’s legit, see, he has his “sources,” but of course we see through that bullshit right away. John Lewis told Matthew J. Cunningham and Cunningham told Dan C. Way to wear out the reportorial shoe leather, Dan!

A large hairball was passed.

Now for the really inaccurate part:

“while Nelson enjoys the advantage of IEs from the Fullerton Friends blog…”

FYI, Intrepid Boy Reporter #1: FFFF is not an IE, has not and will not be one in this election. Get it? Please to be removing cranium from lower colonic cavity. Didn’t they teach you anything in journalism school about facts?

By the way, Dan, since you are a reporter, when are you going to report to your readers Lorraine Galloway’s adventures in Monterey, her multiple bankruptcies, her tax liens, and all those embarrassing judgments that make her patently unfit to run a dog walking business, let alone a county? Don’t worry. We can be your “source.”

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  1. I stopped visiting the Liberal OC blog last week.

    1. Their site was attempting to install a virus/spyware on visitor’s computers for several days.

    2. They brag about calling people’s bosses and trying to get them fired for visiting the LiberalOC from work.

  2. It is true. They installed malware to track who is reading their site. Backfired and now their readership is tanking.

    And they harassed the company where my co-blogger Sean Mill works so much that their company lawyer had to send Dan a cease and desist letter.

    What kind of PR pro stalks people at work? If you know anyone that uses Dan’s company, Madison Alexander, be sure to warn them!

  3. I suppose the “hit piece” will be a quote from a disgruntled ex-partner on a bad investment. Not that Sidhu hasn’t had a few “issues” with partners… Or the old defense lawyer angle. Not that Sidhu hasn’t hired a few of those to get out of a jam or two… But Harry has already tried those with no real success.

    The Fox mailer was pretty funny when you think about it. There are a lot of Fullerton residents who would like the city to spend MORE money on the old theater. Most people don’t care one way or the other because they aren’t involved with civic responsibility. It’s the same reason why Fullerton and a lot of other cities are in a fiscal jam. Look at voter turn out if you have any doubts.

    The other problem with a hit piece on Nelson is this: If Nelson looks like a big mean attorney, Fullerton residents just might vote him onto the Supes just to get him off the City Council otherwise they keep him for another two years. Or Fullerton voters may see Sidhu for the desperate carpetbagging job hopper that he is.

    I think Nelson has Fullerton. I also think Sidhu has Anaheim. The difference besides population alone is the voter turnout. I think Fullerton has a higher turnout than that portion of Anaheim that is in the 4th District. Also, Sidhu has irritated a lot of Anaheim residents with his condescending “You people” remarks and arrogance. Placentia is a conservative working city with a high Caucasian voter turnout. They don’t like shysters, carpetbaggers, or career politicians who cannot explain their position on public employee pensions. La Habra, all 20 of the frequent voters, will likely vote for their own Rose Espinoza while longtime working-class residents of Buena Park will likely choose their own Art Brown. Faher will get a few family and friends to vote for him.

    Oh, Harry. When will you learn…

    1. You obviously haven’t been reading The Liberal OC!

      Our independent analysis shows that the Fourth District’s population is 99.49% composed of union members and the poors (I haven’t been to North County myself — too far away from Irvine — but a correspondent has, and he assures me that it’s scary and lower-class, pretty much like Beirut or Iraq). These two groups will march to the polls on Election Day, carrying Lorri Galloway to the Hall of Administration on a cresting wave of VICTORY!

  4. Harry may not carry Anaheim, and if he does it’ll be a squeaker plurality. galloway will get some vote and so will Nelson.

    Look for Hide and Seek Sidhu to come in third or fourth. Then the sad, comical career of old assclown will be over once and for all. Millions of dollars that could have gone to feed hungry kids Burger King will have been totally wasted – except in for the joy it brought to assclown’s campaign consultants.

    Little Billy turner better ask for a raise while he can.

  5. Maybe Dan can type a short article about protecting privacy now that he’s pulled an Alberto Gonzolez.

    What exactly was he looking for on readers computers? Information he could turn around and use against dissidents?

    I thought Chip was bad censoring views, Dan clearly wants to track down his readers and harass them. Nothing Liberal about that!

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  7. Anyone connected to the despicable derelict Matt Cunningham is an equally despicable deviant.

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