Fabulous Festivities Fall Flat On Face

The other day one of the Friends got an e-mail from our favorite punching carpetbag – Hide and Seek Sidhu – announcing the “grand kick-off” opening of his Scampaign HQ for the 4th Supervisorial District election – a district in which he has already cooked up two separate addresses.

The e-mail  announced that the site would be Ground Zero for the hordes of Sidhu’s faithful volunteers who would be fanning out across the district to spread the Good News about ol’ Hide and Seek. Here’s the typical scampaign bloviation:

The headquarters, located at 1105 S. Euclid St., Suite H, in Fullerton, will serve as the staging ground for hundreds of Sidhu volunteers as the campaign initiates its grassroots effort over the coming weeks.

“The Sidhu volunteer effort will be broad and effective,” said Sidhu spokesman Tim Clark. “Under the watchful eye of veteran consultant Scott Taylor, Harry Sidhu’s campaign is on track to exceed our goal of recruiting and fielding over three hundred grassroots volunteers.”

Of course we couldn’t resist the opportunity to do a little photo reconnaissance just to see what all the hubbub was about. So we sent a couple of Friends over to check it out. Here’s what they saw:

Good grief. No swarm of ecstatic volunteers. Just Billy Turner a few of his friends standing around. We even thought we caught a few glimpses of Hide and Seek himself who perhaps had surfaced for air, at least temporarily.

Another Friend drove by later in the day and said the place looked closed, although the bike was still there.

By the way, somebody better explain to Sidhu that “volunteers” are not people you put on your payroll. Volunteers support you because they believe what you stand for, and believe that you reside in the district where you are running for office. And “recruiting” volunteers doesn’t mean putting college kids and the unemployed on your payroll.

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    1. He’s brown-bagging while he’s carpetbagging! Interesting taste in decor. I wonder how his neighbors like it. Isn’t there a city ordinance against having the windows covered like that? Oh, I forgot that he’s probably the landlord so they won’t say anything and he’s on the council so code enforcement won’t say anything either. “It’s good to be king!”

  1. Wow, as an avid follower of Orange County Politics for over two decades, this press statement (well unintelligible blog) has got to top the charts as one of the most embarrassing/funny I’ve ever seen. So, FFF, your criticism of the Sidhu campaign is that they have volunteers?? I’m going to show this one to the guys at the office for sure. Looks like amateur night again at the Nelson campaign yet again… hiring FFF again to make laughable attacks (probably because they’ve seen the polls and know they’re inevitable behind for the remainder of the race) ….atleast Harry was able to rally volunteers, and from what I gathered there were upwards of 25 at the Sidhu precinct walk today.

    1. Maybe the post is unintelligible to you because your reading comprehension skills are so poor.

      The whole point of the post is that Sidhu HAS NO VOLUNTEERS. Little Billy Turner his dad and girlfriend don’t count since Billy is on the payroll. Five people standing around at a “grand kick-off”? Hoo boy what a PR disaster. Can’t wait to read the press release about this event.

      And I’ll bet my last nickel anybody walking a precinct for assclown is on the payroll.

      P.S. I hope to Jesus you aren’t a real doctor.

    2. If you knew the maniacal Bushala, No One, and I mean No One can buy that guy. He would roast you for trying.

      FFFF’s ability to sniff out a waffling politician before the politician knows he’s going to waffle is without equal. And their response is precise as an Arc Light raid with the same affect, politically speaking.

      Norby, Bushala’s friend, has been on the receiving end of one of these, as have others that step onto Repuglican turf.

      However, your responses to this post and your subsequent ability to pass off the MagicCarpetBagger Siduh moniker under the guise of Democracy by letting the people decide, is vacuous. THE PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW ABOUT SIDUH’s LACK OF INTEGRITY BY BEING A CARPET BAGGER!

      When I have spoken to voters about the different candidates, I always speak highly of all the candidates. Only at the end do I let them know that Siduh and Galloway recently rented apartments/condos or homes so they can run in the 4th District. Upon hearing this, THEY ALL SAY THEY WILL NOT VOTE FOR EITHER OF THOSE TWO.

      If you are really interested in Democracy, Dr. Cargil, you would not be so enthralled with Siduh and most importantly you would require he and Galloway fully disclose there recent move into the District for the sole purpose to qualify to run.

      This type of transparency from you Siduh fucktards is, I know, a pipe dream. But then again, when you only care about winning, the end justifies the means. In simple terms you and Billy boy can understand, you are capable of anything and that makes you dangerous to the political process.

  2. Dr. Cargil,

    Is Sidhu paying you guys to shill over here? What a joke!

    Did you work on Sidhu’s other failed campaigns?

    He has no business running for the 4th District. He is a carpetbagger. He is going to lose and guess what? When Bill Campbell’s seat opens up Sidhu will find that his pals will be putting someone else up for that seat.

    Sidhu will be most bitter when he realizes he has been played…

  3. Last time I checked there were 25 volunteers, not 5, apparently your picture taking skills do not capture the entire reality of the event…………..and great job trying to scare off the Sidhu campaign manager……..looks like he’s here to stay at the end of the day, despite your numerous efforts in vain to do the contrary. And as for the allegations of Carpetbagging, let’s let the people of the 4th decide the order of importance on the real issues…..

    1. Heh heh. The picture doesn’t lie; however Sidhu does – about living at the Calabria Apartments, for one thing.

      “Allegations” of carpetbagging? Nope, it’s an honest to goodness fact. 14 weeks ago Hide and Seek was registered to vote in the 3rd District!

      BTW, why won’t his handlers let us hear and see your boy? Why is he hiding? Is he ashamed of something?

      Little Billy is that you posing as a grown up. Next time try Dr. Pepper.

  4. And why wont Harrish Sidhu do any debates?

    How will he answer the question, “How long have you lived in the District?”

    1. Those guys came by our house, my wife thought it was the guys who come and leave the Tree Trimming cards and flyers. Spoke no English.

  5. “Dr. C” uses phrasing and words consistent with those of “Mr. C” at Mauve County. Regardless, he must spend way too much time over there trying to find justification for his lack of ethics. At some point he will come to the realization that you can’t calibrate a broken moral compass; it must be repaired. Open your eyes and your mind. Allow FFFF to make the necessary repairs!

  6. Nice of the kind “doctor” to be so officious and educate us as to his credentials and worldliness. To bad his grammar sucks as bad as mine. So it probably is the shill “c”. Either that or it is the person who wrote the email thus setting “Harry” up.

  7. How’s this for a headline:

    “25 Volunteer Day Laborers Picked Up From in Front of the Home Depot Fan Out Across Fullerton”

  8. How come the name HARRY is so big on those signs? That’s normally a kind of a girl thing isn’t it?

  9. These photographs were taken just as the Sidhu office opened.

    It does NOTHING to help Shawn Nelson when you deliberately distort the truth. It does NOTHING but disgrace the name of your candidate and given decent, hardworking Republicans a bad name.

    I’m begging you, for the sake of our party AND Shawn Nelson, stop behaving like children and grow up.

    1. Hardworking Republicans? What a hoot. I assure you, those 25 guys from Home Depot are not Republicans!

      Nobody showed up.

      Why not? Hide and Seek Sidhu blast e-mailed thousands of people with his invitation. Nobody gives a damn about Harry except Harry. Even the people like little Billy Turner are just cashing Sidhu’s check.

      Don’t drag Nelson into this. I’ve never even met the man. This is about keeping the self-serving clown Sidhu out of our district.

    2. Pam, Who ever said this was about anything other than exposing BS when we see it. Nothing more, nothing less. Whether the effort helps a candidate or a political party is irrelevant.

      Second, no decent hardworking republican would back Sidhu for the 4th district knowing he has moved twice in the last 60 days to try to run. Nelson was the local elected official of the year for the republican party last year so Sidhu cant say there was no one to carry the banner in the race.

      This is all about Sidhu and his insatiable appetite to run for office. He has discussed running for three different assembly seats in the last few years. Decent hard working people stand up and put a stop to the mockery Sidhu is making of the process called elections.

  10. Let’s see, Bushala and company are bagging on Sidhu grand opening for lack of people…saying it falls flat…

    …but when a whopping TWELVE people show up at the Ackerman “protest” at the Summit House, it was lauded as a success.

    How about some consistency here. You can shoot around the CARPETBAGGER label all you want…hoping it will stick, but how about ACTUALLY comparing the contestants on, er…I don’t know…maybe the ISSUES?

    Once again, all this is really about is propping up Nelson. I’m still waiting for the insightful political analysis of the “Friends” to show itself, when they can no longer just shout names at candidates…

    1. #30, after your cranio-rectal removal consider this:

      Sidhu is hiding! He dodged the NUFF event and other forums, too. His handlers won’t let him open his mouth in public (for good reason). He won’t let us compare him. That’s how he got the nickname Hide and Seek, btw.

      Comparing the contestants? Okay. Nelson, Brown, and Espinosa live in the District and have done so for years. Galloway and Sudhu have each had three different addresses in the past 10 weeks. SIDHU’S ADDRESS AT THE CALABRIA APARTMENTS WAS AN OUT AND OUT FRAUD. A LIE. A CHEAT.

      And really, why would I give a rat’s ass about anything that clown has to say?

    2. Just a FullertonAguy something or other Siduh hack:

      We can’t have a comparison of the Candidates (they are not contestants ina game show) because Siduh won’t debate ANYONE let alone Nelson, who would torch MagicCarpetBagger Siduh’s magic carpet in a debate.

      FFFF doesn’t need to provide insighful political analysis of Nelson, he goes to debates, he speaks in public on all kinds of issues. Siduh’ butchers the English language not because he isn’t fluent in it; he can’t analyze and articulate two sentences to save his life. Which explains why he won’t debate Nelson.

      And this is the guy YOU want to defend and promote?

  11. Art – I really don’t understand why everyone gets their knickers in a knot about someone moving areas. I just don’t.

    Sidhu has been very good for Anaheim. He’s a long-time, extremely savvy businessman. The Job’s Fair was completely his initiative, and because of his vision 505 people have a job today. This is what we need to help people in the community. If you’re unemployed today, you’ll want someone like Harry Sidu doing his best to foster established businesses, and to also encourage new start-up businesses into your area.

    Joe – Wise up, man. Every stupid, hurtful comment, every lie, every misrepresentation, each gutter comment and manufactured situation reflects on the candidate you’re ‘trying’ to help. Shawn Nelson should completely divorce himself from this stuff.

    Besides which, it does NOTHING for the real problems people are facing today.

    1. “Gutter comment”


      The problem I’m facing today is a weasel with zero morals or ethics faking residences to represent me in a political office that he is not qualified for by ability or by residence. And that weasel is an ASSCLOWN called harry. SIDHU.

    2. Pam, in the words of Saturday night Live Rosanna Dana, “Jane, you ignorant Slut.”

      Your lame ass premises are so lame that most don’t even deny it first. So I will. Nelson is not a part of FFFF and your psuedo claims of such are pure hyperbolic bullshit and unadulterated, I might add.

      You continue down this road of boring rhetoric because you are another shameful sellout bag of shit for the same morons that have damn near destroyed our state; Repuglicans.

      The Real Problems for people today are douchbags like you that keep promulgating lies against great candidates like Shawn Nelson.

      You must have started out this type of behavior by cheating at jacks in grade school.

      Nobody stood up to you, so now you’re an adult with situational ethics; whatever the situation requires, your ethics change.

        1. Sorry Joe, my coffee tasted like crap this morning, the paper was not delivered and I’ve been working on my taxes. I’m in no mood for liars, whores and thieves (i’m sorry thats a John and Ken chant they use at the tea parties, etc.). Next time I’ll think of my happy place ten times before posting.

          However, you may want to be consistent, I’ve seen worse here.

  12. Pam,

    What Sidhu is doing is fraud. It isn’t right.

    As such he is running for the wrong reasons.

    This blog helped take out another fraud – Linda Ackerwoman. Now they are going to take out Harry too…

  13. Billy Turner is just a pawn in this campaign. I overheard a conversation at an event that proved to me beyond a reasonable doubt that Turner is simply a volunteer coordinator. The real guys running the campaign ground game would absolutely shock everybody.

    1. Wrong! No one here would be shocked to learn who is running the ground game for Sidhu. In fact, if we had to guess we would likely get it right.

      Sidhu has money and has been known to spend it unwisely in campaigns. Most consultant types are hurting for money so it is assumed anyone who can get a spot at the trough will.

  14. i think its convenient that no one has brought up the fact the Shawn Nelsons defense firm used to advertise legal help for child pornography, stauetory rape, and a whole host of other sexual crimes, im sure jon and ken would love to find out about that.

    1. It’s hilarious that this is all the Sidhu goons can cough up on Nelson.

      Actually the world is full of people who need defense lawyers – like Matt Cunningham and John Lewis, just to name two.

      Sidhu signature gatherer and shill Thomas Gordon may even have availed himself of defense lawyer upon ocassion.

      Ooooooh scary!

      P.S. It didn’t seem to bother John and Ken at last year’s tax revolt rally in Fullerton, did it? BTW, where was Sidhu at this year’s event. Oh, yeah that’s right he sent little Billy Turner who threw that rat on his own boss.

      My only regret is that this party may be over too soon!

  15. Anyone who actually reads beyond the headlines here knows that it isn’t exactly an uncritical Nelson fansite. I suspect that many people here who may vote for Nelson, which I would do if I still lived in the district, feel that it is the lesser of many possible evils, much like voting for Norby over the crackpot Coads (plural intentional) in ’02.

  16. maybe he did, i wouldnt vote for that lawyer either if he was running, and jon and ken probably didnt know since the nelson crew has gone to great lengths to “cleanse” their website.

    1. Another Sidhu wallet sucking leech!

      Why are you trolling for 7th grade girls on myspace? That’s pretty sick. Liars, thieves, and perverts.

  17. Poor Joe, no faith in his own campaign. I hope he feels better mudslinging his opponents.

    “This is about keeping the self-serving clown Sidhu out of our district.”
    -How nobel of you Joe! I’m sure everyone will give you the credit you’re due.

    “And I’ll bet my last nickel anybody walking a precinct for assclown is on the payroll.”
    -You owe me your last nickel smart guy.

    “Don’t drag Nelson into this. I’ve never even met the man. ”
    -Ya….right. You’re just an honest guy with no agenda. That’s believable.

    1. #52, as you yourself said in a previous comment:

      “If Harry lies, let it be known. I’m not here to defend him endlessly.”

      Yes. Harry lies. In fact everything thing about his crooked scampaign is fraudulent – from his fake address to the slimy endorsers whom he is now hiding from – Street and Barbre.

      BTW, I don’t have a campaign I have an anti-campaign – and that is to keep assclown in the Anaheim Hills so he can run for the 3rd District seat in a couple years.

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