John Moorlach Endorses Shawn Nelson

2nd District County Supervisor and former County Treasure, John Moorlach, has endorsed Shawn Nelson’s campaign for 4th District Supervisor. Here’s the press release:

March 18, 2010 (916) 626-6804

Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach
Endorses Shawn Nelson for Supervisor

FULERTON, CA — The Shawn Nelson for Supervisor campaign announced today that Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach has endorsed Shawn Nelson in the 4th district.

“Shawn Nelson is a proven watchdog for taxpayers in Fullerton. I am confident he will be a tremendous asset to the Board of Supervisors as we continue to lead the state in our fiscal pursuits, including downsizing, balanced budgets and public employee pension reform. Shawn will bring the financial acumen needed to deal with the annually increasing pension costs that Orange County is facing,” said Supervisor Moorlach.

Nelson now enjoys the support of two prominent Supervisors, Pat Bates and John Moorlach, as well as former Supervisor and current Assemblyman Chris Norby.  In addition, Nelson is endorsed by U.S. Representative Ed Royce and the Lincoln Club of Orange County.

Shawn Nelson is a Fullerton City Councilman and  the leading candidate for Supervisor in the 4th district, which is currently open due to the election of Chris Norby to the Assembly.

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Nelson for Supervisor 2010 • FPPC ID# 1316599

10 Replies to “John Moorlach Endorses Shawn Nelson”

  1. Given Moorlach’s support of Hutchins and Chriss Street, I wouldn’t be leading with this.

    If he’s invited to a fundraiser, make him pay or bring his own beer.

  2. #1, actually I posted that on behalf of admin.

    I tend to agree with you since I find little comfort in these bozos endorsing each other left and right. Still, Moorlach is a well-know politico and all things being equal it trumps Nguyen’s endorsement of the carpetbagger Sidhu.

  3. No, this is HUGE!

    It means I won’t be getting 20 blast e-mails from Sidhu reminding me that HE got Moorlach’s endorsement.

  4. I see it as a defensive block too. It removes Moorlach from endorsing Harrish and evens the playing field at two-two.

    Moorlach is also the most WELL-KNOWN Supervisor county wide with his “sky is falling” rants back in the bankruptcy days. Janet, Bill and Pat don’t bring the same clout outside of the district that John Moorlach does.

    This and the Lincoln Club are very good things!

  5. I have to agree with all! It isn’t that Nelson needs Moorlach but rather Sidhu didn’t get Moorlach’s nod. That is a very good thing. Moorlach has his baggage but the public remembers the rants as Thor said. Moorlach is also considered to be the most conservative member, sometimes to his own detriment.

  6. Good points all.

    As Nguyen and Campbell are on Sidhu’s side, no way Moorlach would’ve supported him too since he’s got issues with both of them (incompetence, pensions), so it’s sort of a zero sum gain — but better to have him than not.

    Having Royce in his camp is far more important given his popularity.

    1. I totally agree. Out of the four, John and Pat are the two I would want in my court. It is also nice to see they didn’t jump the gun, but took the time to research and then decide.

      The combination of Norby, Royce, Moorlach, Lincoln Club et al. is just more weight then the phony likes of Pringle, Nguyen….

  7. Right. Pringle’s a turd that needs flushing.

    Plus there was speculation on OJ today that Solario would go after Nguyen’s seat. She’d likely lose that.

  8. Nelson has all the right endorsements and Sidhu has all the wrong ones. Nelson beats Harry by a 3 – 1 margin.

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