Mayor Jones Names New Sister City

Thass some mighty purty brickwork!

Well, that didn’t take long. In office as Mayor for a few scant days, Doc Jones issued his first diktat: a new sister city for Fullerton to join the ranks of Fukui and Morelia and Yongin.

The Sister City Welcoming Committee

The new destination for Fullerton international gladhanders is none other than Pilgur, principal metropolis of Kharakhastan. Of course Friends will recall that Jones’s ties to Kharakhastan run deep, and remember his reference in a diatribe against a former Congressman:

Then there was our subsequent research into this exotic corner of Central Asia.

When reached for comment on his unusual decision, Jones minced no words: “As a Airman Basic in the Air Force I oncet had to bail out over that place. And man, I’m telling ya, them gals was friendly! ‘Sides I ain’t partial to no squids and raw tuna ‘n suchlike, ‘n that cabbage slaw done give me some baaaad gas.”

And so for those of you who believed that Good Ol’ Boy Jones was jes’ gonna run out the clock, well, Hell y’all can guess again.

9 Replies to “Mayor Jones Names New Sister City”

  1. Has Quirk scheduled her Sister Cities visit yet? I wonder what she will take to appease the Kharakh warlords?

  2. He only likes Kharackastan because tattooing is illegal there — the country’s top doctor discovered that tattoos cause syphyllis.

  3. like his past co-conspirator Pam (goofy) Keller, jones antics would be entertaining if not for the fact that our municipality is deep in the global economic crisis and our town needs superior leadership to guide us through these unprecedented difficult times not a buffoon.

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