Pam Keller’s Sad Clown Party

Friends, we just received this e-mail from one of our readers who calls him/herself “Disillusioned Ex-hippy.” We publish it verbatim, although the images are our contribution.

I have it on excellent authority that Pam Keller and her posse threw a going away party for themselves the other evening in which pity pots on which to sit were handed out at the door. I was invited but chose not to attend.

Well, I’m not sad. Good riddance. Keller accomplished next to nothing in her four year term. That’s why a lot of us are¬† celebrating her departure – even many of us who supported her in 2006. In fact she turned her back on her promises to Fullerton about developers and their undue influence. That’s was just a big lie.

The sun did not shine, it was too wet to play...

And BTW, Pam the meanie blogs aren’t the the cause of divisiveness in Fullerton. What is the cause of divisiveness is a city council that just ratifies the decisions put in front of it by the staff; a city council too lazy, too stupid, or too supine to think and act for itself – unless a weird, erratic outburst is called for.

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  1. maybe pity pot keller and her fellow commiserates can get a job with the obama adm. because prez obama likes to sit on the pity pot about the GOP holding him “hostage”, “sabotaging” and so forth ad nauseum

  2. So long Stooge in the Middle. Fear not, Pat McKinley has arrived to continue your mission to approve the worst developments conceivable downtown. We won’t need you to feign concern for any opposition before snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and casting your lot (and ours) with the shortsighted, corrupted visions of your true allies, Moe Bankhead and Curly Jones. In just one short meeting McKinley demonstrated his swift and ruthless fealty to Moe and Curly by kneecapping your supposed compatriot Sharon Quirk-Silva out of the Mayor Pro-Tem title. We may have to shuffle the names a little in our minds, but there’s a new Stooge in the Middle now, so you can retire without regrets, knowing that you did your best to ruin what’s left of our downtown for decades to come.

    1. Cold. And yet oh, so true. And ya know what? My mistress and Molly McButter would (and did) do exactly the same thing. Fullerton Boohoo forever!

  3. Are you people suggesting that Pam Keller has the intellectual perspicacity to grasp Dr. Seuss?

    Think again.

  4. Miss Pam loves to put things into kindergarten terms. There are meanie blogs, and then there are pink puff fairy blogs where everyone gets to go to Long Beach and stay in hotels at the expense of others.
    From the beginning when she was running, Miss Pam was very clear in saying she would accept bribes –whoops, donations, from developers through The Collaborative. It was this blog, however, that made the tie between the donations and her votes. Clearly, Miss Pam not only screwed over the people of Fullerton, but also compromised the Collaborative. Fortunately, for her, its members are as ignorant as she.
    But Miss Pam is not done. She’s done enough campaigning for Dems in OC. No doubt, she’ll show up in some other office. Return to teaching? Unlikely. That would mean she would have to eat humble pie.

  5. Every party Keller ever e-mailed me about had an entry fee of $100 and up. I wonder how much it cost to boo hoo with her?

    1. I’ve met this woman at free events. She’s far from rocket scientist status. Why anyone in their right mind would even pay a cent to see this moron….excuse me…woman in person defies all logic!!

  6. don’t cry, pammypoo keller. licebilly/editor/artist sharon kennedy’s fullerton observer still backs you and your collaborative. and this is why you got booted off fullerton’s city council.

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