La Fringe C’est Nous: Best Campaign Signs 2010

Holy Unadulterated Avatar of Octogenarian Jebus! Just check out these wonderful political signs! 2010 was a fun year for creative signage and if you don’t believe that, here are our nominees:

1. Bad Chi. Was there a better way to convey the sheer barfiness of food-poisoner Roland Chi? Nuh, uh. This sign symbolized the very essence de Chi. And in the international symbol that not even a non-English speaker could mistake.

2. Huh? This baby homemade sign with stick-on letters might have been engaging if anybody could read it and if they could figure out what in the hell it meant!

3. The Classic. Nothing succeeds like success, and the classic “NO “fill in the blank” Carpetbagger has become a standard – just like a Sinatra ballad. Doo-be-doo-be-doo.

4. The Riff. Union puppet. Effective but ultimately not even necessary.

5. Murder She Wrote! It might have been effective if not for the fact that the creator of these was the biggest job killer in Orange County!

6. The She Bear. Just play dead and maybe it will go away. The sign that launched a thousand thefts.

Well there you have it.

11 Replies to “La Fringe C’est Nous: Best Campaign Signs 2010”

  1. Ah…gotta love em! Makes one wonder what we will see in the next election period, it is less than two years away…

  2. The Sidhu/Carpetbagger sign carries on a strong tradition from last year’s Ackerwoman masterpiece, but there is just no contest here. Never in my life have I seen a candidate called a Food Poisoner, and the graphics just made it better. End of story and end of candidate!

  3. It certainly was the year of the negative campaign sign in Fullerton. Who got this party started, anyway? I like where it’s going.

  4. It seems like every election the brand of signs improve, my favorite hands down was the BAD CHI sign, it said a mouthful…

  5. Best campaign sign is NO McKINLEY…PENSION ABUSE. I loved it so much I have 11 in my white van. Now on sale for $5.00 ea. Money goes to McKinley pension fund.

  6. My first impression when I heard that a young Korean-descent guy, from a small business family, who had worked for Chuck DeVore, was running for Fullerton City Council, was complete-total enthusiasm and support.

    The details of food service cleanliness violations, political campaign mixing with a 501c3 tax-exempt organization money, opposition free-speech political campaign sign stealing, and (purchased) “support” from oun now totally politicized Fullerton Police and Fire Department employees, TOTALLY TURNED ME OFF !!!

    ALL of that considerable amount of fact finding and reporting came to me via this blog.

    The campaign signs then acted as a lance to “prick the boil” so that the broader voting public could get a sense of the problems underlying the “apparently” good candidate.

    You have all done a fine service for our city, and particularly since NO ONE can even pretend that the effort was anything like the typical “fact free” smearing which so frequently goes on, i.e. when we are left with merely the phony attacks from politicized THUGS of the Police and Fireman’s UNIONS and the Teachers Unions.

    Honestly, I used to greatly respect policemen, firemen and (government) school teachers. I no longer do at all. They have sold their souls for utterly ballooned up and undeserved and unjust “compensation” gained from selling their political “suport” rather than from value of their job performance.

    We should fire 100% of the government workers union members and then adjust the ridiculous costs and featherbedded operations down to legitimate reality (e.g. 50% of current levels).

  7. NO CHI! Damn those are the funniest. Tuesday night (after election) I stole one and hung it in my garage. Every time the guys are over tossing back some beer we all get a good laugh!!!

  8. The best is “bad chai” I like it. It’s funny. It’s like a teacher standing over you with a cane and saying that. Well poor guy.

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