Hide-And-Seek Sidhu Ships Jobs Overseas

My operation is world-wide!

We keep hearing from his supporter that Harry Sidhu is all about jobs. Fast food jobs, we reckon, but hell, a job is a job.

So weren’t we shocked to learn that Sidhu is shipping work right out of the county! How so, you ask? Well we received a blast-spam e-mail attacking Shawn Nelson for having three traffic tickets in seven years (the horror!). The English in the e-mail was mangled and the time stamp indicated that it was sent from India!

Time Zone GMT +0530

Bad boy, Harry! Bad Boy! Outsourcing your opponent research and hit pieces to India?

How about keeping jobs right here in Orange County, Harry?

14 Replies to “Hide-And-Seek Sidhu Ships Jobs Overseas”

  1. U kno those people in India work harder 4 the money than americans. This shows u that Harry is a fiscal conservative with ur money.

  2. Harry will be hiring an all Indian staff as well. People that work on shifting jobs off to India. He is very interested in outsourcing everything to India as he knows they work for next to nothing.

    Go turn over the rocks at his company and see.

  3. God damn it FFFF. I was eating a couple of raisins for an afternoon snack when I logged on and almost needed CPR. You guys can be liable for this stuff its so funny. Just think, loyal reader dead from laughing his ass off.

    Why would Sidhu try to hide this stuff by going through India? What a pussy. He probably is breaking the law by sending political stuff and not claiming it as an expense too.

    Sidhu, sack up and take Nelson on straight up. I noticed when Nelson lit you up the other day for running for 20 different offices is 36 months he put his name right on the front of it. You dont have the guts do you?

    This is going to be a fun 90 days folks!

  4. Did not know we were allowed to contract campaign work to 3rd world countries. I have some friends in Nigeria who can spam like hell!

  5. This is a sign of how Harry will be working–

    He will be shifting all the jobs to the 3rd District where he is really from…sound familiar?

    What a phony.

  6. I cant wait for the next lunacy filled email from team Sidhu.

    “This just in: Nelson found to be twelfth hijacker”‘.

  7. Geez, India.

    Damn and Harry is carpetbagging into the 4th District and carpetbagging jobs OUT of the 4th District.

    I just don’t get politicians like Harry!

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