Boohooing for Precious Princess

Over at the Liberal OC blog, best known for it’s silence when it comes to issues involving corruption and incompetence in Democrat-run organizations, a guy named Dan C-somethingorother is all het up because some guy from Placentia who is not connected with our blog is making mean phone calls to Lorri Galloway.

According to Dan C-somethingorother it is all our fault because we had the temerity to attack his Precious Little Princess for what she is – a carpetbagger. He even goes so far as to suggest we will defend some anonymous phone caller as being a “reporter.”

Funny how Dan C-somethingorother fails to mention that one of his soulmate Matthew J. Cunningham’s bloggers (Cynthia Ward) has been a lot more scathing of Precious than we have; or that one of his own bloggers – Steve Perez – was equally harsh. Oh no! Let’s pin it on FFFF!

Is it just a coincidence that this post occurred at the same time we’ve been going after Democrat Tom Daly’s incompetent misrule of the County Clerk’s department? Want odds?

Anyhow, while we’re talking about Precious, let’s  recap: Galloway is an airheaded, opportunistic carpetbagger from Anaheim Hills, whose videos are unintentional jokes, whose candidacy can only be described as an embarrassment, and who is a basically just a union lackey all dressed up for slumming.

Electing her anything at the County level would be a disaster.

And If Galloway is being harassed she should call the cops.

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  1. Geez. Pretty soon you will be responsible for all evil in the world.

    The lack of logic is mind boggling. Somebody “moves” into a District (twice) in which she doesn’t live just to run for office and because some crank starts leaving messages FFFF is somehow responsible?

    Good God these people are desperate.

  2. Well Anaheim PD is on the case. Whoever that nut is, he’s probably safe as long as he stays out of baton reach.

  3. Sippy,

    Why don’t you just ignore Dan? Everyone else does.

    In your recap you forgot to mention her taking pictures at the grave of a little girl for political purposes, getting sweetheart deals from her donor biggest donor (I see you Bill T!), moving into a house not zoned for residency, and who uses a women and childrens shelter for her and her family’s enrichment. Oh and my favorite, trying to recruit a lackey to run against her mortal enemy Lou Correa.

    Yep, that outta do it. You going to the Nuff said forum? Would be good to see you there.

    1. Steve – thanks for the recap. I forgot about the exploitation of poor baby Samantha – undoubtedly the most singularly disgusting thing I have ever seen a politician do.

      Nope, not going to NUFF. Tony Bushala is supposed to go, although I have no idea how he got snookered into that fiasco. I doubt if he will have a friend in the room.

      I, however, would probably lose my temper. And while the better half is out of state I am determined to avoid having to call to the bail bondsman.

  4. Why is everybody just so mean and nasty and awful? Just stop it!

    1. I agree Chris. The un-ethical elected officials and candidates, those who you refer to as “mean and nasty” need to go away and get out of office, or as you say “stop it”.

  5. When will the Eli Home be exposed? There should be some a grand jury investigation or some jail time there.

    This CARPETBAGGER fake is down in the gutter of the election with Espinoza anyways, so who cares…

  6. Bad year for the Fib OC’s Dan Chmielewski. Daly pulled out. Krom is goingto get her butt kicked by John Campbell. And Galloway? She is going to lose too.

    Does Dan ever support any winners?

    1. Art, Dan never supported Daly, but why talk about him at all. I seriously try not too. Anyone who touts their $200 check for a carpetbagger can go to hell.

      1. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        Why would someone write a check to either of these 4th Dist carpetbaggers? Don’t they know they are being deceived!?

  7. Steve,

    True, but one of the reasons he and Prevatt are suing me is because I came up with the idea of buying up a URL with Daly’s name in it.

    So you see the Lib OC boys had a vested interest in Daly and we popped that balloon!

    I won’t be happy until we chase Daly out of politics altogether…

  8. Joe,

    I will be there at the NUFF event and will definitely have Tony’s back.

    I look forward to pounding the Lib OC and Red County hacks, and their pal Marty Wisckol…

    1. Art,
      Your mostly getting sued because you and some peeps at your blog, and DanC and some peeps on LibOC all act like CHILDREN. You ALL talked shit, then you got pwned by Williams, you retaliated, they couldn’t take it, so they sued.
      If you lambast DanC at NUFF please do so directly, cause when you criticize LibOC as a whole it also, unfortunately, reflects badly on me by association.

  9. Steven,

    LOL! Good recap.

    Seriously though, you don’t belong at the Fib OC. I told you that already. When you are ready to dump those bozos you will have a place waiting for you at the Orange Juice blog. And we get over twice the web traffic that Fib OC does…

  10. I bet it would’nt be so funny for Dan if some ultra White Conservative Jesus freak Manaiac, filed to run for council in his sheltered Irvine, that dude would be all over that.

    the same thing would be true, if we got a couple of Brownies from the Logan Barrio to run for Campbells seat. Matt Cunningham would be spitting up John Lewis toe nails.

    But, since FFFF and those who ACTUALLY live in the district dare to question thier representation they get bashed.

    Go figure.

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