Maybe the Register Should Just Put Us on the Payroll

The Chairwoman Dances

Yesterday we related how Board of Supervisor Chair, Janet Nguyen, Supervisor for the 1st District, has taken into her noodle to employ two new folks in Chris Norby’s former 4th District office – even though there is no supervisor there.

Now we are informed that the OC Register’s Jennifer Muir was calling around the Hall of Admin later in the day and asking about the new staffing arrangements.

Geez, pretty soon the Register may just have to give FFFF its own column.

8 Replies to “Maybe the Register Should Just Put Us on the Payroll”

  1. FFFF has broken some pretty good stories. OCR should at least give credit to FFFF for bringing issues to light.

  2. she did call around and talked to a lot of people behind closed doors. expose is coming soon.

    i wonder what janet says when asked about harry sidhu and his carpetbagging?

    1. Bet ya she wont address it at all. She’ll give some diversion answer like all the Ackerman flunkies. Try ‘He already represents Anaheim so…..”.

      Get this guy to a youtube recorded forum where his lackeys cant write all his answers and it is all over.

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