Gerald L Klein for Judge

A Friend and devoted mother sent us this personal note regarding attorney Gerald Klein who is running for OC Superior Court Judge in June.

I hired Gerald Klein to handle my child custody battle six years ago because I believed that he would be the best choice to protect me and my daughter’s rights through representation. Through the years since, I have only known Mr. Klein to be tough, fair, and objective in the court room.  What stands out most about Gerald Klein is his impartiality.  I remember expressing ill feelings towards my ex-husband to him one day.  He stopped me mid sentence and told me that my attitude was not going to benefit my daughter at all.  It was then that I realized how much he truly cared, not just for my case, but for my child’s best interest as well.  When I found out that Gerald Klein is running for judge in June, I felt compelled to share how deserving of this position he is.

Among his accomplishments, he founded Kid’s First in 1996. It is a program for separated or divorced parents and their children.  Both parents attend this 8 week course together with their children to help the kids cope with changes in the family.

Klein has been practicing law for 33 years and has sat as a temporary volunteer judge in Orange and Los Angeles counties since 1981.  He is active in the community and he also teaches Family Law and Community Property as a part-time professor at a local law school.  Although I only witnessed his expertise in family law, he is familiar with many types of law as he had a general practice in his early years.

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4 Replies to “Gerald L Klein for Judge”

  1. If we as private citizens stand any chance of retaining the few rights that we still hang onto– that the government worker brotherhood hasn’t already taken– we need to get private practice attorneys seated as judges. People don’t realize how important it is to keep insider government lifers from usurping the judicial powers. Keep the District Attorneys and their crony personnel from totally controlling the legal system. My vote is for Klein.

  2. Gerald Kleinis best suited fot judge because if his many years od experience in family law and his working wekends st kids first ti which he is dedicted,
    He is a just man
    Kathy Hope

  3. He is not the right choice and a down right horrible lawyer. He drug my husbands divorce out for years!! We payed him thousands and thousands of dollars and he got my husband less custody, paying more money and not divorced. He is crook and I will not support anything to do with him!

  4. Gerald Klein has represented a few of my friends (after my recommendation) and I know that they had the best representation during an extremely difficult time.

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