31 Replies to “Game On! Nelson Hits Office-Hungry Truth-Challenged Carpetbagger Sidhu”

  1. Oooof. Right in the gut.

    No ethics, no honesty; fake address, will run for anything and everything. That’s our boy. Hide and Seek Sidhu.

    1. By the force, real leaders can’t be held up by things like districts, laws, and regulations, Sippy.
      If Lords Gallows and Sidhuous have taught us anything, it’s that No one from the 4th can possibly be trusted to lead the 4th!
      You will suffer for your lack of vision with an elected that actually lives in your district!

  2. The Serial Candidate is finally getting what he deserves. This phony will be exposed yet. Where’s our SIDHU CARPETBAGGER sign?!

  3. Nice job Shawn. Her come the “he’s a criminal defense attorney” pieces. Whatever. I’ll take an honest criminal defense attorney who kicks ass on big government any day of the week.

  4. I don’t understand why Janet Nguyen and Bill Campbell would endorsed a carpetbagger Harry Sidhu. What bunch of losers!

    I take my hat off to John Moorlach and Pat Bates for not endorsing Harry Sidhu.

    1. Campbell wants to anoint his own successor to run for the 3rd Dist. when he terms out. Endorsing Harry, Campbell shows what kind of pragmatic bureaucrat he really is. Harry looses his bid for the 4th Dist. he is becomes persona non-grata in the 3rd.

      1. Good point. And Janet’s going to endorse anyone that Moorlach won’t. And she’ll need the help when she runs in ’12 as her opposition is already lining up.

  5. I think John and Pat recognize the fact that he has run for everything and doesn’t live in the district. Oh, and none of their friends are dumb enough to contribute to this guy as he is a liar. Did you see his next fundraiser is 500 per person? What!?

  6. Funny flyer!

    Yes, I remember very well back in 2007 when Harry was shopping around for a run in my 60th AD.

    Why in the world is Campbell and Nguyen supporting Harry is beyond me!

  7. To answer the question on the flyer: Sidhu for Congress 2012? That’s right Ed Royce. Dont think for a second this serial candidate is stopping at Supervisor.

    If anyone has proven he will not sit still if elected its this guy. Thankfully someone is taking this guy on and exposing him.

  8. People are curious as to why Nguyen and Campbell are backing Sidhu. I would like to see a post looking at what Pringle gets from backing this guy.

    1. Sidhu is an Anaheim CRA/GOP insider and there are those who will support THEIR inside guy/gal before considering anyone else. And dare I say Sidhu is a small step up from Galloway…?

      1. Actually Greg, Sidhu is not an insider of any kind. The CRA thing was bought and paid for. Remember how they went after him just two years ago? And the GOP insiders (pugs) can’t stand him. But they too smell the money over the lathered on deodorant and that is all they care about.

        Campbell wants him 1) out of the way, 2) discredited. Nguyen just sees a dollar sign and a way to finance her growing empire.

        But the common denominator is this: nobody respects Sidhu as anything but a money pot to dip into.

        1. I believe it. Money seems to be the only way anyone can get into the CRA and GOP. My guess is that he didn’t give enough money to the right people two years ago.

          Too much ambition in one person to seek an office, any office.

    2. Pringle needs Harry’s vote, either as Supervisor or on back on Anaheim Council, for all of his high speed train boondoggle clients who will be hiring him for consulting on anything ARTIC.

      You see, Pringle needs Harry’s vote as he lost his majority on the Council. Once Tom Tait and Kris Murry (she’s a Manager at the OCTA), who are both hand picked by Pringle, get on council this year, Pringle will make MILLIONS and Harry will be running his new majority. That’s the deal!

      1. Thor, I believe what you say, but that really requires Shidu to lose! Will Pringle be supporting Sidhu up front but working to screw him behind the scenes?

        What a collection of crooks and thieves! And notice who is also on Shidue’s teeam now: the ever-creepy John Lewis and that Barbre guy who basically made off with $50k of public money thanks to Tom Daly.

        1. Curt Pringle will use Harry in either spot really.

          If Harry wins the 4th, he has a seat on OCTA with newly elected Anaheim Mayor Tait and his new puppet and council person, OCTA Manager Kris Murry, will be behind the scenes moving staff recommendations and scoring.

          If Harry looses and stays on council, same as above but any single vote Pringle wants to sway at the council level, he will have his “new majority” for life as Harry made a deal and helped Harry with the run.

          Either way Pringle WINS. Millions and Millions of dollars for Pringle.

          1. Murray’s a pawn of the OC Business Council (RINO and Pringle pawn Lucy Dunn’s do-nothing chamber of commerce) as well. If she’s elected, she’s conflicted with her OCTA job and needs to leave it.

    3. Hollis, according to Gustavo Arellano, Campbell is endorsing Miguel Pulido in Santa Ana. What does that tell you?

  9. thanks shawn, FFFF would you give info on how to support shawn nelson’s bid for supervisor. I want him to win

  10. Damn, I never get the good pieces. I need to register someone in my house as a rep, just for that.
    On second thought… the brush with the dark side isn’t worth it. Who has one they can send my way?

  11. I do some work with / for OCPAA (OC Public Affairs Association) who is trying to get a 4th Dist Debate Luncheon next month.

    Nelson and Galloway are both in, Harry Sidhu has said “NO.” They have offered to move the date if it was a time/date issue and he still says “NO.” This is getting peculiar and shifty.

    Anyone know what the deal is?! This has happened with him the past as well. Fishy!

    I know his English is not great, but if he is really in this shouldn’t he be addressing a few issues?

  12. Harry will not appear anywhere that he has to answer questions. He only says what he has written for him in advance by his handlers. He is a fraud.

    No way is he going to open his mouth when a camera is rolling. It would be the kiss of death.

    1. I guess the makes sense. There are two separate debates setup, he will have to show to one of them sooner or later.

  13. I have now heard through the mill that Lorri Galloway, Shawn Nelson and Rose Espinoza have all agreed to be at the 4th Dist Debate approx four weeks from now.

    Harry’s people have said “NO, his schedule is just too busy…”


  14. I think FFFF is on to something. Could it be that that Hide and Seek Sidhu’s campaign strategy is to have as few people actually see him as possible? I’ve seen this idiot speak and I cant argue with the strategy because Sidhu is the reason people will not vote for Sidhu.

    This should warrant a post. Hide and Seek Sidhu’s secret weapon. Not showing up.

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