An Interview with Bill Hunt – Marijuana and States’ Rights

Last night, FFFF’s Travis Kiger, Fullerton businessman Larry Lazar and myself sat down with Bill Hunt, 2010 candidate for Orange County Sheriff.  The roundtable discussion was an opportunity to ask some important questions that we think are on the minds of voters.  No topic was off-limits.

We will share with you what Hunt had to say about Marijuana, concealed weapon permits (CCW), citizen oversight, DUI checkpoints, illegal immigration, Sandra Hutchens, Craig Hunter, emerging technology, OC political insiders, controversial endorsement by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, OC jail reform, and dealing with federal agencies.

The lengthy discussion yielded too much information for us to share with you all at once, so we will be breaking it down into topics of interest.  For that matter, we will not be spelling out every single word said only because this series of posts would soon turn into a full-length novel.

First Impressions

To my surprise, Bill Hunt arrived by himself with no handlers or henchmen.  As our discussion progressed, it was clear why he came alone.  Bill Hunt told us that he does not need anyone reminding him of where he stands on any issue.  In fact, he didn’t lay out his talking points or any of the shenanigans that you might expect a typical politician to do.  Hunt is an energetic man who has spent a tremendous amount of time and thought on the development of his platform and studying what lays ahead for his political race and the Sheriff’s Department.  He is well-read and seems to possess new perspectives and insight on old problems.  Bill Hunt clearly has an in‑depth knowledge of the crisis that faces the Sheriff’s Department and jail system.  He presented some out-of-the-box innovations, leaving us with the hope that he would serve the People well.

Bill Hunt on Marijuana

No, the South County candidate for sheriff isn’t ON marijuana but we did ask him about the subject.  Bill made it clear that he isn’t in favor of legalizing pot but that he respects the will of the people.

FFFF: “If you are elected sheriff and the DEA came into OC and asked OCSD to help shut down medical marijuana dispensaries, would you oblige them with support?”

Bill Hunt: “No.  I would prevent them, it’s unconstitutional!  I’m not an advocate for legalizing marijuana but on the other hand the sheriff is elected to enforce state laws. So, if I’m elected sheriff to this county enforcing state law and I’m using federal law to circumvent state law, then I’m not really being true to my office and my oath of office. The sheriff can prevent the feds from coming in and doing that.”

Hunt goes on to say, “Medical marijuana is legal within certain parameters, just like alcohol is.  If a kid is drinking alcohol or if you’re drunk driving, it’s a violation of law and we’ll enforce it.  The same thing with people who extend beyond the legal limits of medical marijuana, we’ll enforce that. But we [law enforcement] can’t be taking a vendetta just because the general consensus in law enforcement is they [law enforcement officers] don’t like it.  The public has already ruled.  Now, I think it’s a zoning problem, a business problem, not a law enforcement problem.  The cities need to get together and regulate it just like they tattoo shops and bars just like their CUP’s [conditional use permits] provide. It’s a regulatory issue, I think, right now more than law enforcement.”

11 Replies to “An Interview with Bill Hunt – Marijuana and States’ Rights”

  1. Sounds like Bill Hunt is a hell-of-a lot more intelligent than any other candidate that has run for sheriff in a real long while. I can’t wait to hear more about Bill. I can’t wait to read your next post Greg, I’d like to thank you, Travis and Larry for taking the time to interview Bill.

  2. This guy, Hunt, is the real deal. No doubt about it. I went to one of his rallies and I came away feeling good about voting for him. I have not felt that way since Ronald Reagan. Bill Hunt is not R.R. however; he has many of the same qualities. The first of these was being Genuine. With Hunt I felt that this guy is whom you see. You don’t find that very often in those who are seeking to win an election.

    I also found this same quality in Shawn Nelson. Both of these guys do not seem to need to fulfill some narcissistic urge for validation (think Harry carpetbagger Siduh and Tom Daly), rather only wanting to serve.

    Sounds altruistic to me, so they are both getting my vote.

  3. LL, I agree but there are many who would not. I’ve heard we shouldn’t vote for Nelson because his firm offers criminal defense services. I’ve heard we shouldn’t vote for Hunt because of the Haidl case. Both arguments are pretty flimsy.
    If those are the best reasons the opposition can come up with, we found the right candidates to get the job done!

  4. Yes, Greg, I too have heard demeaning things about both men. Things like they both have to breath oxygen like the rest of us. My point is we are hearing all the cryptic mumbo-jumbo from people who’re trying to “poison the well” of public debate regarding both candidates.

    I have heard Hunt speak about the Haidl incident with the son of Corona’s assmonkey And in my opinion, it was nothing. Admin along with his crack cub reporters, probably asked Hunt about it. However, that incident pale’s in comparison to candidate Hunter’s involvement with the beat down and cover up of a handcuffed Hispanic man.

    Both Nelson and Hunt are men no different than the rest of us. Perfect, no but neither are they showing a pathological need to run, say like Harry MagicCarpetBagger Siduh does.

    None of us are infallible and if we looked long enough at one another, subtle vulnerabilities begin to emerge. In most instances they would mean nothing. In the hands of political operatives from the Siduh and Hunter camps they become exploitative.

  5. Sweet. No precrafted written and rambling questions and answers being passed of as an “interveiw” like we see from the Hunter/Schroeder camp. I am just a little disappointed that this first article was so short.

    1. I would love to write it all up as one story but it would be extremely lengthy and many would loose interest before reading it in its entirety.

  6. A sheriff that enforces existing laws while respecting the Constitution? What is the world coming to?

  7. Bill Hunt is the only individual running for election that will take a stand on the medical marijuana issue. He is obviously not a politician. It appears that he will base his decision-making as Sheriff based upon the law and common sense. You may not always agree with Bill Hunt, but you will always know where he stands. Others could learn a lesson.

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