The El Dorado Ranch – Is it Public or Private?

A few weeks ago I gave you a glimpse of the old Chapman property that houses CSUF President Milton Gordon on the public dime up in the hills of Fullerton. I decided to take a spin past the old ranch to see what it looks like.

Clearly this sign warns potential visitors to the El Dorado Ranch that it is “PRIVATE PROPERTY”. However, the sign lies! Or rather the person who placed the sign there is either a liar or is misinformed. The Grant Deed below makes it clear that the property has been granted to a public agency which places the property in the hands of California residents.

So, despite the very official albeit old and faded sign, you and I own the temporary residence of Milton A. Gordon, President of Cal State Fullerton whose salary exceeds $300,000 per year. With all that money he saves living rent free it’s no wonder he left the light on for us.

8 Replies to “The El Dorado Ranch – Is it Public or Private?”

  1. It is not CSUF President Gordon’s home. It is a trust that will house future presidents of CSUF. I suggest gordon enjoy it while he can because it is an ephemeral luxury he can’t take with him when he retires. He will take the money he saved from not having to pay a mortgage.

  2. We missed a picture in this post. It shows the lavish driveway with the “NO TRESPASSING” sign on the right and a light that was left turned on to the left. From the camera’s time/date stamp it was a bright and sunny 5:27PM. You would think with all of the energy conservation and environmentalism that the state advocates through the media and university system that they might try to practice what they preach. And by the looks of the landscaping they aren’t skimping on their water usage either.

  3. Let’s do it! Picknic baskets, blankets, and frisbies! If it’s warm enough, maybe some water ballons.

  4. Some of you… have a little too much time on your hands. What do you think you’re going to find from all your time digging? Watergate?
    I do appreciate your attention towards vital issues like whether Gordon’s house is private or public however. It impacts our community’s future tremendously.


  5. Robert,
    You sound indifferent to the use of our tax dollars. As a resident of Fullerton I try to watch where my money is spent by our elected officials. Unfortunately, the worst offenders tend to be political appointees, much like CSUF president, Milton Gordon. They answer to no one. Now our CSU system is in dire straights and no one wants to step up and take care of business. It’s SPEND, SPEND, SPEND at CSU Fullerton! I can hear our taxes being flushed down the drain as I type. Gordon, et al have their heads so far in the sand they can’t see the tsunami about to wash them away; and still they want bonds…

  6. I dont get it, rent free? So he saves a ton of money + 300k? every year?
    Why does someone need that much money? At all, for his job? Where does it all go? he probably uses his money to make more money right? and where will that money go? to nice things im guessing. but mostly all of it nowhere, sitting in a bank.
    Milton wins, thousands of students, lose. every year.

  7. So can we seriously have a picnic there?if It’s public property and if it’s completely legal to do so I feel it should be organized and done. It would make me feel a lot better because I feel that people like Milton Gordon would get off on knowing that a bunch of people are pissed off about the free ride he gets.

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