Anti-Democratic Idea Being Considered By City Council

When council members attack...

As reported earlier by Christian, the Fullerton City Council at its meeting tomorrow will discuss moving “Public Comments” to the end of meetings rather than at the beginning – where they are scheduled now. It’s item #6 on the agenda.

Apparently agendizing this concept was the brainchild of the brainless Dick Jones, author of a million malaprops and febrile, southern-fried bozoisms.

Up until about fifteen years ago the Public Comments were indeed held at the end of the meetings – right where the old guard wanted them – at 11:00 pm, or so, by which time all the malcontents and troublemakers had gone home. You see, they really liked the idea of all that wasted time up front handing out their parchments, gold stars and blue ribbons to happy citizens, but didn’t care to have any negativity go on the record.

Not coincidentally, these were the same folks that fought for years to keep the meetings from being televised.

The system finally was reversed ’round about the mid-nineties in an effort to appear more transparent and actually do something that would be convenient for the citizens and taxpayers. It was a good decision.

So now a decade and a half later there is evidently a move to go back to the old method of silencing public input. Why? Is Jones just tired of staying up so late? If so, maybe he ought to just start keeping his big bazoo shut. That alone will get him home 45 minutes earlier.

Let’s remind Jones and the rest of the Council that sometimes democracy is a bit messy, and that they and their staff work for us – not the other way around.

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  1. Mr. Rat,

    Can you enlighten me concerning current council practice regarding agenda item Public Comments.

    Are public comments on agenda items before the consent calendar – or during discussion of each agenda item?

    1. Gladly.

      “Public Comments” are entertained before the Council begins it’s normal business.

      The public’s input on individual agendized items is entertained during the meeting when those items are being addressed by the Council – and specifically when the Chair opens the legal “public hearing,” or otherwise invites the public to participate in the matter.

  2. It’s true that Jones wastes more council time than any of his constituents.

    Maybe they should move all of those awards to the end of the session instead. That would free up loads of time for legitimate business.

    1. Gold Star, I am really of two minds about Jones shutting his yapper. It would make it easier on everybody else, but FFFF would lose all those wonderful youtube clips.

      Since retiring to 29 Palms I can say that I don’t miss listening to that idiot. For loud, annoying sounds I listen to the artillery at the Marine base.

  3. They do spend a buttload of time giving themselves awards every week. It’s like third grade all over again. Does any of it mean anything? Stop the insanity.

  4. Thank you for that clarification Mr. Rat.

    The clerk’s letter is about as clear as mud.

    Just know that the Brown Act requires that agendized Public comments (whether public hearing or not) MUST come before or during the discussion of any agenda items.

  5. Maybe fullerton’s city council is perturbed by fullertonians insisting on representative government.

  6. I noticed that this (anti-democratic) item was pulled from the agenda at the council meeting by the council person who had made the original recommendation.

    I also noticed cheers for this non-action from the audience.

    Where are the cheers from this blog for the upholding of the peoples right to address their government?

  7. Gee #8, it’s pretty early in the morning. You really are impatient. I didn’t even know what had happened.

    But come to think of it, why should we cheer? Because some fat-headed dolt managed to retract his cranium from his rectum? If he thought he had the votes you can bet your last buck he would have gone for it.

    That’s the sort of thing peasants and servants might hip-hip-hooray for, but not me.

  8. Gee “#9”, You are right about one thing – I am inpatient for the right thing to be done – whether by accident or on purpose.

    I think this blog caused said fat-headed dolt to retract his cranium from his rectum.

    And I think that is reason enough to cheer.

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