Waste And Deception. So What’s New? They’re Unions.

So far the Orange County public employee unions have spend over a million dollars in this year’s 4th District Supervisor’s election.

Doing what? Calling Shawn Nelson a pedophile supporter; claiming what a virtuous and honorable man Harry Sidhu is. A million bucks.

Lest anybody thinks these goons are going to give up their death grip on the taxpayers without a struggle had better think again. A million times.

Forget issues. They only care about their own selfish interests and Heaven forfend anybody suggests that a County paper shuffler shouldn’t be able to retire at 55 and enjoy most of his pay for rest of his life. Naturally these people are going to do everything they can to distract attention from the main issue of this campaign: unfunded liabilities on the taxpayers caused by public employee union greed and spineless politicians.

And so Hide and Seek Sidhu, carpetbagger and perjurer, the man who doesn’t even know what a defined benefit is suddenly a paragon of virtue; Nelson is an unspeakable monster.

There you have it. Fear and Loathing, and enough to go around.

6 Replies to “Waste And Deception. So What’s New? They’re Unions.”

  1. I heard that the Yorba Linda Women’s Federation held a debate last Thursday that was attended by Nelson and Faher but not Sidhu. Apparently Sidhu sent one of his intern lackeys because he figured someone who knows nothing but sounds good is better than some one who knows nothing and sounds like a bumbling idiot. And YL isn’t even in the 4th District!

    1. Sidhu sent Billy, who told the attendees that Sidhu could not attend because his daughter was graduating that night! Sidhu is forever bragging that his kids go to public school, and the Graduation schedule for her school is publicly posted on the internet-she will graduate mid-June. he cannot even tell a good lie, much less an accurate truth.

  2. But don’t the public employee unions get to decide what the issues are? I mean, if they have to sit and debate the issues that actually affect the county it seems so unfair.

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