Sordid Cop Tales: Former Police Chief McKinley Loves Sheriff; Climbs Into Bed

10:50 Update: TDR forgot to add this little gem from the Register’s Jennifer Muir about Hutchens sending a helicopter to an LA cop chili “cook-out.” Wonder what Pat thinks about that use of public resources! – Admin

A recent Fullerton Observer article reported on some sort of “Women in Leadership” event and started out describing how Fullerton’s former Chief of Police introduced “surprise guest, ” appointed OC Sheriff Sandra Hutchens in glowing terms and indicated his unreserved support for her election campaign.

Go ahead, punk. Make my day.

We’re not at all surprised by this enthusiasm since McKinley has been reported as having post-retirement political ambitions, and has already demonstrated his connection to the local Reguglican establishment by his endorsement of the fraudulent Ackerwoman campaign. 

Apart from political ambition, though, something more sinister flits through the shadows of the McKinley endorsement of Hutchens, and that is McKinley’s apparent ingrained approval of high-handed and unaccountable police behavior. Despite McKinley’s contention that Hutchens has “turned things around” after the departure of the deplorable Mike Carona, there is precious little evidence that any institutional attitudes have changed at all. In fact, quite the contrary. From examples of in-house secrecy and stonewalling, mistreatment of citizens, to even spying on elected County Supervisors, the Sheriff’s Department has shown itself to be the same old operation as ever. The only difference is that now Hutchens is running cover instead of Carona.

Ba da bing! (wacky graphic swiped from Orange Juice Blog)

The latest example is provided by the OC Weekly’s Scott Moxley, here. It seems a couple of deputies were caught fabricating testimony about threatening a suspect during a Disneyland area drug bust at a preliminary hearing. The DA later dropped most of the charges against the guy who had been arrested; correspondence from the DAs office to the Sheriff about the problem were simply ignored. The deputies involved not only seem to have escaped disciplinary action, but have been awarded medals for valor for a Costa Mesa drug bust that supposedly occurred on the same day as the other arrest! 

Here’s Moxley’s curt summaton:

The sheriff, who has promised to restore deputy accountability in the wake of the Mike Carona corruption scandals, refused to be interviewed for this story. Her command staff and media-affairs team repeatedly blocked my attempts to reach Catalano for comment.

Anyhow, in case we needed any other evidence, we now know exactly what kind of police management our former Chief admires, and we ought to remember that when and if he decides to run for office.

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  1. Tasteless – rude – misogynistic – belittling of all women – and those are my quick thoughts concerning your headline in this article.

    Disturbing – you are indeed a rat.

    1. Tasteless and rude? Perhaps. You might not think so if you had seen our former Chief getting it on with the local repuglican bandwagon, and now with Hutchens.

      Mysogynistic and belittling to all women? How do you figure that? Is your brain too tiny to wrap itself around the idea that a woman shouldn’t be considered successful just because she can be a big a jerk as a man? The post is belittling – to one woman, and she earned it.

      Please go back to Pedroza’a blog and see if you can get kicked off that again.

      Excuse me now. I have to go disturb other small, furry varmints.

      BTW, next time junior why not try reading the text, too, and keep your “quick thoughts” to yourself.

  2. “BTW, next time junior why not try reading the text, too, and keep your “quick thoughts” to yourself.”

    I did read the entire text you big jerk before I made my comment. And nothing in that justifies your boorish headline.

    And I got kicked off of the OJB for the same thing I am talking to you about.

    I called the idiot blog administrator out for the boor he is and he didn’t like it – just like I am doing to you.

    1. junior can please offer an alternative headline? I’m interested to see what you might think is appropriate.

  3. I wasn’t offended by this post at all. McKinley’s got a history of covering stuff up and so does Hutchins.

    The fact that the former supports the latter deserves the metaphor in the title!

    Lighten up junior, your Speedos are on too tight.

  4. ACLU Mom,

    If it was a Reep who made the same comment as “the rat” – you would raise holy hell.

    Oh, … “ACLU”, can I talk about hell?

    1. I have no idea if the Desert Rat is a “Reep” as you put it (and neither do you). And I don’t care.

      And he’s done some good posts in the short time he’s been blogging here.

      It’s funny how nitwits tend to lump people they don’t like into the opposite political party.

  5. Oh no another lunatic escapee commenter from the OJ blog. Who’s next, Stanley Fiala or the grate one?

    BTW, junior, you never explained why you thought the headline or the post if in fact you did read it) are “mysogynistic and belittling to all women.”

    I thought it was pretty good and I’m not a mysogynist. Just ask my wife.

  6. Pardon,

    THAT is another mysogynistic statement.

    And RV did not kick my ass – I proved her a liar on her own posted article – I still have the back-up to prove that episode.

    1. Good job junior. Gotta save all those crucial junior documents for the official junior archives – to be stored in the dumpster behind your mommy’s house.

  7. ACLU Mom,

    I was not lumping “the mysogynistic rat” into any party – I was lumping him out of the Repubican party.

  8. Junior you have gotten this thread derailed. The topic is McKinley and Hutchens. please stick to it.

    If you don’t like our content there is nothing keeping you here.

    1. Sorry, admin, you are right. I actually responded to Kid Gallahad. Won’t make that mistake again.

  9. It is quite unfortunate to see “junior” lurking around here now. Pay him no attention he is just an angry bitter man who is just looking for somewhere to spew his hate.

    I love his sanctimonious pontifications here considering he considers gay marriage akin to beastiality.

  10. Hey what’s wrong with taking the Sheriff’s helicopter to a chili cookoff? I take the big orange balloon down to Gulfstream all the time.

  11. Civil Serpent,

    I am not taking issue with legitimate criticism of the Sheriff. However, I do take issue with the mysoginistic character of this headline.

  12. “un-Civil” Serpent,

    ALL of my comments are referring to the mysogynistic character of the headline.

    What is so difficult to understand about that?

  13. “I love his sanctimonious pontifications here considering he considers gay marriage akin to beastiality.”

    Sean – How conveniently you forget that I apologized for the remark you are referring to – and you told me what a great stand up guy I am.

  14. junior :“I love his sanctimonious pontifications here considering he considers gay marriage akin to beastiality.”
    Sean – How conveniently you forget that I apologized for the remark you are referring to – and you told me what a great stand up guy I am.

    Junior (aka Mike Tardif),

    I have never thought of you as anything more than a rude, obnoxious blog troll. “Stand up guy”? Never!

  15. Mr. SMIZFE,

    I have the back-up to prove that is what you said. But I feel the readers and admin tire of this useless banter.


    I am sorry to have gotten your post with the mysogynistic headline off topic.

    Perhaps you could set up a SMIZFE vs. junior smack-down post? That could be fun.

  16. Mysogynistic? WTF over?

    How tiring is it when folks denegrade the debate into something other then the topic.

    I don’t know whats worse, it being the “year of the woman” every time when one of em runs or the shill, high-shrieking, banshees that come out of their hibernation phase to cackle and cluck about mysogeny, then go back into the wormwood from whence they came, just because someone, usually with an XY chromosome, quaetions them.

    Take Pam Keller. Just look at the group of kool-aid drinking status quo idiots that snorted and grunted when Pammy didn’t get her turn at Mayor.

    Can’t we all just get along……(saying this while donning my piss-pot)

  17. Piss-Pot is a term used by us old time military types to describe our helmets. Newer guys call it bucket, Kevlar, etc… Remember when Rodney King coined the phrase: “Can’t we all just get along?” and people went about continuing to burn L.A. Thus my play on the words.

  18. Hydrangea,

    Thank you for your service in our county’s military.

    This article started downhill and ended going off a cliff.

    From a former police chief bedding a sheriff to piss-pots.

  19. Wrong,

    You sound stressed man – take a chill pill dude.

    Yes, I understood the mysogynistic metaphor – no worries.

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