Fullerton’s $100,000 Pension Club – Educrat Edition

With the CalSTRS retirement system circling the drain and preparing to ask taxpayers for a bailout, it’s probably a good time to remind you who will be reaping the generous rewards from these unsustainable commitments made by gullible school boards under union pressure. The OC Register recently released the CalSTRS database obtained through a public records request.

We couldn’t help but notice that FFFF favorite Cameron McCune topped the list with a pension amount that is more than double the rest. McCune was the administrator who strapped Fullerton with the unconstitutional school laptop program that forced parents buy $1,500 Apple laptops for their children and is still subjecting kids to unsafe Internet access.

Fullerton School District
Name Annual retirement benefit OC Register
CAMERON M MCCUNE $243,905.16 Details
ANTHONY H ANDERSON $141,939.60 Details
LINDA A CAILLET $122,659.68 Details
PATRICK BACKUS $117,350.76 Details
GLENDA L THOMPSON $111,865.80 Details
RONALD S COOPER $111,326.64 Details
OLGA B DENTON $109,938.48 Details
EDYS M MCINTOSH $108,843.12 Details
SUSAN A FENDELL $105,805.68 Details
KATHLEEN DAMERON $103,374.00 Details
JUDY M LIEB $100,611.36 Details
Fullerton Joint Union High School District
Name Annual retirement benefit OC Register
CHARLES F MARUCA $128,653.80 Details
RONALD M GROSS $125,631.48 Details
DONALD J MORRISON $123,493.80 Details
KARLA TAYLOR $122,561.76 Details
VERNON A STEWART $115,305.96 Details
LINELLA K SELWAY $110,569.56 Details
MERTON R CLARK $105,579.12 Details
JAMES E SUTTON $103,621.20 Details
RONALD N ANDERSON $102,524.64 Details
IRIS C CHOLEWA $101,569.20 Details
JOHN K PIRKLE $100,829.04 Details
GEORGE E WEST $100,393.20 Details
MARY G KLEIN $100,132.32 Details

It is unlikely that any of these retirees were strictly teachers. Most if not all of them were superintendents, principals and other administrators who were able to eke their way out of the classroom and on to even bigger bucks.

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  1. If you click on the details link you have to give the OC Register website a few seconds to load. Otherwise it just looks like a link to the story itself.

  2. Cameron’s wife, Lorri McCune, is also a career educational bureaucrat. Put those two pensions together and you could have a really nice retirement.

  3. but WTF is the matter with us, why in the world do we allow this sort of nonsense to happen? I’m pushin 58 and I’ll probably work till I die just to support McCune and Co.

    1. This happens because we elect idiots and don’t hold them accountable. Fortunately things are getting better: taxpayers are wising up to the BS and the bonehead governments are running out of money. Major reforms could be on the way.

  4. Must be a draw back to term limits, all the smart canidates left, leaving the tard’s owned by the the people who gamed the system for their own benefit.

    Spen off the pensions and cancel that benefit, if the current employee’s quit, hire from the many people looking for a job.

  5. decades ago, when fullerton had a viable tax base through big industry such as Hughes and Hunts, fullerton’s educational leaders did not get these hefty pensions when they retired. why do these mediocre persons get these spiked pensions that damages our tax supported infrastructure when revenue has dramatically dropped in the last twenty years? Our economic depression’s second punch is coming with the loss of tax revenue from our city’s unprecedented foreclosures and bankruptcies of fullerton’s businesses. Precious tax dollars that should have been saved for the predicted depressed economy was stolen to fund these pensions. Fullerton citizens need to take back their town and vote out those criminals who sit on our school boards and city council.

  6. fullerton lifer :Precious tax dollars that should have been saved for the predicted depressed economy was stolen to fund these pensions.

    Very true. Waste and mismanagement run rampant in each little branch of Fullerton government. The pension debacle will be the most costly manefestation of the whole scam.

  7. A complete dereliction by school boards over the years – most of them Republican (in name only) and supported by the likes of Dick Ackerman and Ed Royce.

    Thanks so much guys for your supposed conservatism. Just smoke blown you know where.

  8. Hey jack hole don’t over sensationalize your facts I paid $999 for the laptop and got three years of upgrades with it as well as two office suites to boot. While admittedly that was 220 more than I paid for my Dell with NO office suites. I did have to get Norton 360 and Malwarebytes for about 90 bucks to protect the thing. As well as Roxio Creator 2010 for $79 dollars to have the same functionality as the district base unit.

  9. These bullcrap pensions are one reason I support Prop 13 to continue, just imagine if they had no restrictions, maybe they would bet 300 thousand dollar pensions if the anti prop people ever succeeded.

    I was watching a documentary on PBS, you know the television program that gets federal funds and has boring fundraisers, they seem to have a anti-prop13 stance and a interviewer from PBS tried to imply that schools who fund raise to offset the budget cutbacks is immoral possibly illegal.
    The school in a middle class neighborhood and the school in the inner city school area get the same funding but the difference is that the parents in the middle class school are pro active in the fund raising.
    It was not a PTA organization it was strictly parents who worked hard.
    I feel that for that interviewer trying to imply and trying get the parents to see that fund raising immoral and illegal is ridiculous.
    What they need to do in those “pobre” schools is to train the parents that they too can be empowered to do fund raising. Another thing which is a disadvantage is many of these very same people who have children who attend these poor schools are living on “the underground economy” so the city gets no revenue, county gets no revenue and still has to pay for the social programs.
    So go ahead a pay your gardener, your housekeeper and babysitter cash, go ahead a rent the room above the garage for cash it is all the same underground economy just remember they may be triple dipping with welfare, HUD and all the fundraising on your back.

    The welfare mentality is also strong in the pensioners
    and the school administrators etc. they are not about to b*tch about anyone else who abuses the system. They will make cuts on staff so that they can keep plugging along till they get their retirement.

    So we get screwed from the higher ups and the “pobres” take the cue, no wonder the middle class is exausted.

  10. Dr. George West was one of the best teachers I ever had in all my years of school, including two bachelors and one masters degrees.

    It was the mid-1970s. Dr. West and his colleague, Dick Brislawn, taught the California Heritage course at the late, great Lowell High School… which the anti-tax crusaders had closed down in 1980. Shame on you then, too!

    After one summer as a student, I served as a teachers aid for another two summers. I learned more about California’s and, specifically, southern California’s history than in any other class. To this day, I recall clearly the instruction and experience.

    Dr. West and several other teachers at Lowell enthused me to continue on in the social sciences, and they have my undying gratitude for that.

    For anybody to say he doesn’t deserve a $100,000/year pension after forty years of service to the district is an idiot. He dedicated and gave his life to educating the district’s students. What ingrate would deny him a retirement after so much worthy public service!

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