City Clerk Under Fire: Anaheim Covers for the Sidhu Campaign

Today the city of Anaheim is taking heavy criticism for its failure to providing open public records. Today’s story from the Voice of OC reinforces my own experience in the lack of transparency, accountability and compliance with state public records laws within Anaheim city hall.

A little while back the city of Anaheim was asked for copies of six months of telephone logs for Harry Sidhu’s campaign manager, Annie Mezzacappa, who also happens to be a city employee. There was reason to believe that Mezzacappa was doing campaign work for Sidhu while on the clock for the city. That’s a big no-no.

After 24 days of stalling by City Clerk Linda Andal, the city sent back a list of three phone calls made on the same day back in January.

That doesn't seem right...

Three phone calls in 6 months. We can either conclude that either Annie Mezzacappa doesn’t know how to use her telephone or the city of Anaheim is covering for her by violating the public records act. So which is it?

Nothing to see here, move along please.

When questioned about the missing records, Deputy City Attorney Bryn Morley did not seem to think there was anything unusual about an employee who only makes three phone calls in six months. The city attorney had no excuse for the missing records and declined to give any further explanation.

Delaying, denying and obstructing public records requests is a hallmark of a government with something to hide. Apparently that’s the way it goes in Anaheim.

7 Replies to “City Clerk Under Fire: Anaheim Covers for the Sidhu Campaign”

  1. This is the Anaheim political machine that gave us:
    Curt Pringle
    Tom Daly
    Harry Sidhu
    Lorri Galloway
    Craig Hunter

    Need I go on?

  2. I’ve made three calls since this was posted!

    What is her job?

    Certainly this could be easily proved as false. Unfortunately, the shills at the OCR would never run with this out of fear for offending the masters.

  3. I would like to see those emails, Blackberry records, text messages, instant messages, and ALL of the phone records.

    Government MUST be transparent.

  4. She is using a cellphone/blackberry. With unlimited plans she can use a cell as her exclusive phone with no additional cost, and if it is her personal phone she does not have to disclose calls.

  5. Actually, the phone record is complete.

    We all know that government employees sleep 99% of the time.

  6. The disgusting part is that they kicked you around for 24 days for what ended up being a single page. That is an obvious attempt to delay.

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