Shawn Nelson for Supervisor

If you’ve been reading our blog, during the past few months, you will have encountered many posts detailing all sorts of misfeasance.

In the government of Orange County, we have shared stories about cronyism, waste and mismanagement at the County Clerk Recorder’s department; about Rob Reiner’s Children and Families Commission that diverts hundreds of thousands each year to dubious PR and lobbying services provided by well connected political operatives; about a Cemetery District that paid out $60,000 a year just to find a new graveyard site; and of course these tales of waste are accompanied by the day to day operations of various county agencies, including the sheriff’s department that are propelled along by their own inertia, year after dismal year; no matter how many times they change its name the County Planning Department remains a model of inefficiency, complacency and incompetence.

All this is just a prelude to the point of this post, which is that we need, finally a county supervisor who is able and willing to actually supervise something and that person is Shawn Nelson.

Nelson’s record on the Fullerton City Council, while not perfect, has demonstrated his recognition that elected office holders are there to represent the constituents, not the bureaucracy, and that governments must be held accountable for what they do and how they do it.

The county government is a contraption glued together by patronage and by its own dead weight. It’s a 19th century edifice in a 21st century reality. Nelson realizes this and he realizes the need for not only an overhaul but for a complete re-evaluation of the structure.

On June 8th, you have a chance to actually affect real change at the county; make the most of it because you won’t get too many chances.

Shawn Nelson for 4th District County Supervisor.

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  1. Not to mention the Public Administrator.

    And don’t get me started on the OCTA — all five Supervisors sit on this bloated, wasteful Board that is really purposed to run a bus company.

  2. Wow Tony; heck of a hummer for Shawn. And this kind of overt shilling by any other blog would draw your contempt.

    Care to disclose your business dealings with Mr. Nelson?

  3. Mr. Nelson had an opportunity to bring in some much needed revenue lto the city last night. He voted against the development while recognizing Chevron’s right to build.

    Nice attempt to have it both ways!

    I’ll be voting for Harry.

    1. If by “bringing in revenue” you mean generating more taxes and governement spending, than Harry is your man!

  4. “Building” brings in tax revenue and produces jobs. Government spending doesn’t have to be a necessary byproduct.

  5. To build or not to build, that is the question?

    It appears that Nelson has an ideology that is sound but created a “Solomon” conundrum.

    Do we let out of control bureaucratic staff load up the goodie list of extortion items and let the item go through or do we stop the process and make staff be fair and equitable in their treatment of zoning change applicants?

    The only other solution I could see, and this really is armchair quarterbacking, was to call Chevron back to the podium and see if they were all right with this.

    Give Chevron the choice of coming back after staff removes/reduces the goodies or take it in the shorts, if that’s what they wanted.

    With that said, at least Nelson was against the project for the right reasons.

    Under the microscope of a campaign it is dammed if you do or damned if you don’t.

    Even Nelson’s detractors have to admit that they could actually understand Nelson’s position as he articulated it very well, with Siduh he would have been unintelligible.

  6. someone must start somewhere to end the distortion over the decades of government’s roles in our lives. Our government’s original intent was to inspire courage and hope in Americans by protecting our rights. Today, government has morphed into a sharp tool that pokes and prods the private sector into submission with its increased bureaucracy,taxes, fines, laws and regulations.

  7. Oh oh…looks like Shawn Nelson is about to be exposed for ANOTHER lie, stay tuned to your local news source.

  8. I haven’t read this much misplaced sympathy(?) in a long time. Chevron and Fullerton government are like two evil giants, almost no point in taking sides because a victory for either, or both, is probably bad for everyone else. Whatever victory means.

    Fullerton bureaucracy is a completely self-serving, self interested fustercluck. The city council is essentially a bunch of short sighted idiots, and all either of these groups wants is more money with which to play their elaborate shell game. It’s not about balancing budgets, which will never be balanced, and it’s not about jobs – except city jobs.

    Chevron is a titan that wants property to be zoned for a new use on top of — not to replace, but on top of — its current and historical use. That this could be misrepresented as simple ‘property rights’, or elicit any sympathy from anyone who doesn’t have a horse in the race is difficult to fathom.

    Notice the one constituency that doesn’t seem to be well represented? Maybe constituency was too much of a hint.

  9. Vote for Nelson? We have our differences, but everyone else running, with the exception of Brown, is simply not prepared for the office. Sidhu is an idiot, and Galloway is a joke.

  10. Sorry Nipsey, there is almost no historical value in that property.

    If you look at photos going back to the twenties and 30’s you can see that the parcel is ravaged and pockmarked by oil wells. Excessive grading, drilling, etc has left it with no real historical value.

    Before that, I belive, the Bastanchury sheep were the only things on it.

    With that said, the lunatics on the North side of the hill, La Habra, found a indian burial site and nesting pairs of Knatchatchers, but they traded credits and lame “bird areas” on the golf course in order to ram-rod through the 1 to 1 slopes with homes.

    No matter what you think of Chevron, they still have the right to develop the land. If you or anyone else wants a park, then buy the land. Or require 1/2 acre parcels per domocile.

    1. By “historical” I meant prior use, oil extraction, not that it is untouched native soil. Nor does it matter. One could argue that the mere fact that a contiguous area this large hasn’t already been paved over makes it unique and historical, but I digress.

      I’m not the one who can require Chevron to do anything, tell your councilperson.

    1. So who’d you vote for? Carpetbagger #1, or #2? The gal from La Harbra who’s dumber than a sack of rivets? Old Art Brown who is a dyed in the wool staff stooge? Crazy Richard Faher?

      Let us know who you like!

      1. What does it matter who I voted for it wasn’t for your boy Nelson. I haven’t drank the kool aid like some of you have. I’m not blind about all the candidates and their flaws but this site turns a blind eye to all of his flaws, which are many, and tout him as the second coming. I don’t buy it.

        1. Flaws, who doesn’t have flaws you fucking stooge. Let’s stick to the issues here Gilligan, whether Nelson had a drink at a bar he owns or doesn’t own, or whether Nelson has a neighbor that has a 57 Chevy or a Mercedes has no bearing on the issue in this election that matters to the voters which is who will reform government Nelson, Sidhu, Galloway,…? The answer is obvious you tool.

          1. Thanks for letting me and all the other voters know that the only issue that matters to us voters in this election is government reform and that I have to vote for nelson even if he has flaws that are never addressed here. He must be a great honest man to have your loyalty and you must be really, really smart to be a professor. I don’t care if he drinks at a bar like the Slidebar, Continental or the defuncy Skylounge. I also don’t know or care if admin has a 57 Chevy.

  11. From what I’ve seen, that nice floor Tony put in the Skylounge for Shawn Nelson is getting much use.

  12. Is Nelson a partner in the Continental Lounge? if so, maybe he can take some of that money and put it into the Skylounge? Hmmmmm

  13. What is going on with the Sky Lounge? Does Nelson have any part of that? In the OC Register back in April, he is quoted as saying he hasn’t had any involvement with that money pit since December of 2008. Why do people keep saying he is still involved with the place? Is he? Can Nelson or anyone else from the Grover Cleveland Club enlighten us here. I’m sure that topic has come up during your cigar smoked fill card games. I could only hope that some day soon the truth would come out about what Nelson is or isn’t involved in because no one seems to know.

  14. Strange, a group who openly oppose Nelson on this blog as witnessed by regurgitating all the Harish lies, talking points, union thug spin, and then they spew some new tripe from their gastrointestinal tract and require Nelson or this blog to investigate and prove if its false or not.

    This is exactly the moronic, imbecilic strateeegery one would expect from the vacuous craniums within the Harish Siduh camp.

    How about this: you brain surgeons came up with it, how about your posts are taken down until you come up with proof.

    This is no better then a whisper campaign.

    Make an allegation, repeat the lie, get other’s to repeat the lie, tell it often enough, the lie becomes the truth.

    Now…. let me see…who in history did this before…?

  15. Les Biffel, so let me get this straight, you support silencing the anti-Nelson voice on this board? Isn’t that the very thing that Mr. Bushala has said would NEVER happen on this board? Can’t stand a little challenging discourse?

    Union thugs? Who are these mysterious thugs? These all powerful demons you speak of? You spew that phrase like it’s some sort of devilish talisman of evil that conjures up images of Lucifer himself? Like a union leader (or God forbid, a police officer or fireman) could never have a valid thought or authentic concern? You, my sadly disturbed “friend” are infected with the same disease of “my guy at all costs” disease that infects the liberals who think that their Messiah can do no wrong.

    You use Siduh’s name like it’s some sort of statement of his trustworthiness? If that’s the case, then Shawn Nelson (excuse me, ROBERT S. Nelson) is just as guilty. He also uses a name that is not his given first name. Does that make you, Les Biffel, an ass-clown??

    And your strategy for repeating lies seems to be the strategy of one-trick-pony Bushala, just repeat the “carpetbagger” mantra over and over again and the issues and lies of his proponent (ie: neighbor) be damned.

    Thank God you’re not in charge, Lies Biffel, I mean Les.

    Seems the real ass clowns here are readily apparent…

  16. Wow, I think the Real John Adams is for real? Can this website have two John Adams? Can it tolerate two ass-clowns, thanks to Les for stepping up to the plate

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