Marty Burbank Once Caught a 300 Pound Fish

Check out this video from Marty Burbank’s Fullerton City Council campaign and be sure to let us know what you think about it.

24 Replies to “Marty Burbank Once Caught a 300 Pound Fish”

  1. It’s actually pretty engaging – until Marty starts talking. Then it’s like getting hit in face with a dumb brick.

  2. Sad how he says nothing of substance – just repeats the typical Harry Sidhu-type bullshit.

    Why can’t these idiots control spending instead of promising that which they can’t deliver – economic recovery.

  3. It’s nice that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Unfortunately, nobody else takes him seriously either.

  4. Fullerton needs to get serious about the economy. We need to get serious about protecting the jobs that are here by empowering local business and attracting new businesses into Fullerton.

    “We” don’t need to empower businesses. Business is empowered by the mutually beneficial exchange of goods and services. What “We” need to do is keep local government from trying to control, subsidize and subvert economic activity.

    1. Yep, Travis. He’s reciting the lame old Redevelopment chant. Government interference and subsidies. You just need to know the special code words.

  5. This guy looks like he is coming up with the stuff as the camera rolls. I agree Travis! We need to find 3 real conservatives to fill the open seats.

  6. Sound like an empty headed stooge. I am not voting for anyone who doesn’t have anything concrete to say about why they are running.

  7. I hope he didn’t pay good money for that video unless he wants to be a laughingstock. He strikes me as someone who has nothing at all to say because won’t take a stance on anything. If he is going for style over substance he had better get some slicker ads than that one. This is an example of exactly the kind of candidate who would put me to sleep.

  8. does he know anything else. And he already showed me what he is all about, spending money on pricey not needed videos as well as being uneducated about OUR Fullerton. All I can say is that this race will go down in history right next to Ackerman’s and Galloway’s in SPENDING WAY TOO MUCH AND NOT WINNING OR EVEN BECOMING RUNNER UP.

  9. I have heard Marty speak. He has idea’s to improve and develope more business in our city. He strongly supports for ending wasteful spending by the city. He donates time to major projects to help the elderly, he has served our country ib tne Navy, he evens gives a scholorship to Fulerton High Seniors.

  10. Our family moved to Fullerton in 1961. We have seen Fullerton when it was known as the tree city. We had air service at the Fullerton Airport, downtown Fullerton was a downtown you would go to for shopping not to go to a bar. Fullerton is changing but not for the better. We need new blood with new ideas. Learn his ideas and then vote for Marty Burbank for Fullerton City Council. He has our support

  11. Learn his ideas how, Bill? If you visit his website’s “On the Issues” page this is what you will find:

    “Build and sustain a strong business community to ensure long-term growth.
    Assure government accountability and eliminate wasteful spending.
    Necessitate the protection of our city’s resources.
    Keep a strong focus on improving the quality of life for all Fullerton citizens.”

    This is just boilerplate campaign language anyone could spew. How is he going to improve our quality of life? What is an example of wasteful spending? What will he do to stop it? How do we protect our city’s resources? Which ones does he think are worth protecting?

    If he comes to my front door he had better have some answers to these questions. Until then, he’s just another empty suit who seems to think he
    deserves our vote because his website looks like the flag.

  12. Marty is a nice guy but we don’t need nice on the council.
    If the city council didn’t do a damn thing for the next 4 years, we would be better off.
    Marty and Chafee aren’t the answer, neither are the dinosaurs. City council isn’t a chamber mixer; it’s where my tax dollars meet the public employees and I want to see where the hell the money goes!

  13. A lot of very strong opinions on this article.

    How many of you very intelligent and energetic people are doing something (more than commenting on a blog) about fixing some of the problems you list?

  14. ValueCritic, I have a feeling that almost all of the people who are commenting on this blog are doing more than you see here.

    But “doing something” to fix a problem is pointless if you can’t figure out what’s wrong in the first place. That’s what I think this blog is about.

  15. I happen to know Marty personally and can say that he is extrememly untrusworthy and unethical. It was a good thing for Fullerton that he didn’t win.

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