Who Is Mimi Walters and How Did We Get Stuck With Her?

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Mimi is the senator representing most of Fullerton in the 33rd State Senate District – so bequeathed by Dick Ackerman who made sure that some (but not all) of Fullerton was kept in his 33rd when redistricting occurred in 2001. Walters lives somewhere down near the beach but is our representative! Ah! Ackermanism, the gift that keeps giving.

In the fun photo above, Mimi Walters is the slender woman in pink, getting crushed by her good pal Mike Duvall’s tub of guts.

Why are we picking on Walters? Because to put it simply, her political presence in Fullerton is a pure expression of the repuglicanism propagated by the Ackermans and their cronies. Walters is a long-time buddy of Ackerman, Inc. and, like Mike Duvall, owes her political success to that gang. Naturally she would endorse a carpetbagging, no-ability zero like Linda Ackerman to represent us. Hell, that’s just par for the course.

But her latest episode is just as bad. Apparently she is the Campaign Co-chair for some creature named Sue Perez who wants to unseat State Senator Lou Correa for the 34th Senate job. Orange Juice blog has done a post on the subject, here. The 34th District includes a good-sized chunk of south-central Fullerton. And that makes it our business.

Well, guess what? Sue Perez doesn’t live in the 34th District! Quel surprise!She also has no political history, no record, no nothing, except that she seems to have some connection to the nut-jobs at the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and is pals with Lorri Galloway – another carpetbagger. Perez has hired Mimi Walter’s campaign consultant as an indication of her seriousness.

We would like to think that Mimi W. would have taken some time to soberly reflect upon the humiliation visited upon Linda Ackerwoman before embarking on another voyage into the same turbulent waters, but apparently such was not the case. Could the Gang find no one with even a shred of plausibility? Guess not. In the end it won’t matter much because Correa will win comfortably. Still, it would be nice to have a real opponent for Lou in the election.

So soon someone may have to festoon central Fullerton with a whole new round of “carpetbagger” signs. There’s just no rest for the weary!

In Puccini’s opera La Boheme, an undernourished Mimi finally succumbs to “consumption” in Act IV. Our Mimi may be a little harder to be rid of. But can we really afford any more of this sort of thing?

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  1. Mimi Walters is worse than useless.

    During her primary campaign she “debated” her (dubious) primary opponent, Harry Sidhu, at a meeting of the Aliso Viejo Women Republicans.

    She promised the nice old ladies that she “had been meeting with the Republican Senate leadership” and that they had “a secret plan to take back California”. (The nice old ladies cooed w/ delight.) Their secret plan must have been the 2009 tax hikes, and the Republican Senate leader’sforced resignation.

    Mimi is nowhere to be found. And her AD 73 heiress is the deplorable Diane Harkey.

    1. Right Minard. Maybe we resent a Laguna Niguel political socialite representing us as much as we did the idea of an Irvine one. You rememebr the irvine one, doncha, Minard? The one who faked her residency, lied on her ballot designation, and then slimed Chris Norby for the sheer fun of it.

      Maybe you have forgotten but we haven’t: YOU ENDORSED HER STRING OF LIES.

      1. I do care about whether a person is conservative or liberal…very much. Conservative…not Republican. However, Admin’s comment about a person being accountable and responsible to the people is a condition of my support.

        1. Right. And endorsing someone who is incompetent, dishonest, etc. to further your own career seems to be an act of pure, selfish abdication of accountability.

  2. Admin, why would ask Maynard anything, he only knows whats in front of his nose, he has the brain of a sea cucumber, remember Maynard endorsed the carpetbagger. Oh his endorsement (and the rest of the FSD Board) meant a lot.

  3. Minard, what was it that really appealed to you about Linda Ackerman?

    Was it thefact she lives in Irvine?

    Was it the fact that she pretended to be a businesswoman?

    Was it her fake “send the Ackermans to Hawaii” charity?

    Was it her vote on the MWD to jack up water rates by 20%?

    Can you shed some light, please?

  4. Lay off Minard. He already told you it was his experience with Linda when she was in PTA back in the 70’s and early 80’s that made her uniquely qualified, remember?

  5. I’m sure I’m going to get crucified for this, but it just IS a bummer that Minard has to get crucified for his comments. It’s not unreasonable, it’s just a bummer. After having done my best to blast him into political oblivion with Admin’s generous help and getting waxed, I have come to realize just what a nice guy he is. I am so grateful that I am hearing that he is not running for re-election. He belongs in community service, not as an elected official. I have told him as much several times. I just want him to know, that as much as his political wiring (or absence of it) just causes me to shake my head, I know him to be just a great guy. I wish I knew of a nicer way to get the voters to see that School Board is not like being elected PTA President. The responsibilities are grave and serious people with iron leadership skills are needed for those positions. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  6. Funny, first thing I think of when I hear Mimi Walters is racist immigrant-basher.

    Second thing is generic useless Republican who does nothing in Sacramento but obstruct progress.

    The stuff you guys mention here is irritating but tertiary.

    I’m still studying the differences, and similarities, between us progressives and you “fringers.” We certainly have a lot of the same enemies sometimes!

    1. If by fringer you mean people who care about honest and limited government…and by progressive you mean elitists who know what’s best for all of us… then I think the difference is that fringers understand the constitution and progressives do not.

      1. Chris, what was it that Vern wrote that made you write that “progressives” don’t understand the constitution?

        And, who appointed you fringe spokesman, I’m a finger and I’m progressive?

        Dennis O’Malarkey

  7. Ouch! I’m still using “fringer” in a friendly way because I know the folks here like to embrace that name. And no, I can say that by progressive I do not mean “elitists who know what’s best for all of us.” And we sure take that living document as seriously as anyone around here, thank you.

    Just tossing around ideas for a future post…

  8. I think you guys are confusing unrelated terms. “Fringism” is a state of mind – not a political persuasion. The fringer has been identified as such by those in the gelatinous “center” who have an inherest trust and fondness for, or a personal stake in power structures.

    The fringer embraces the supposed insult knowing as he does that independence from entrenched interests brings clarity and objectivity. The true fringer is (or should be) a fairly rigorous empiricist (a fringer with a theological or Idealist bent is likely just to be just plain scary); if he has an acerbic personality and is unafraid to deploy perfectly good Anglo Saxon words then the fringer has the weapons to puncture the hot air-filled balloon the aeronauts in the middle like to waft around in. Hopefully now the picture of the fringer starts to come into sharper focus.

    The fringer is an iconoclast by nature or experience, refusing to recognize the graven images idolized by the marshmallowy middle.

    The dead center (inertial resistance) is responsible for most of the lack of accountability in local government; the “conservatives” (they’re not) and the “progressives” (they’re not) are actually pretty happy just to share their five little thrones with each other while the real shot-callers keep the apparatus working behind the scenes.

    Other definitions are welcome, as usual. Fringers are not dogmatic.

  9. Progressive? Nice try guys. Although I understand your desire to give yourself a name that actually sounds like it is complimentary, we sane folks here at FFFF have not had enough to drink (yet) to fall for that one.

    There is nothing “progressive” about wanting the government to have more control of peoples lives, punishing those that work hard and risk in the name of the underpriviledged, and allowing unions members to enslave the taxpayers.

    No, I appreciate the effort and I understand why you dont like the real name but communist is still what you call it.

  10. I too find it difficult to understand the mind of the progressive fringer.

    It’s hard to imagine how one could complain about corruption, cronyism, waste and fraud in governments past, present and future, while at the same time attempting to give them MORE power over us. The perpetual dream that “this time it will be different” has never vindicated big government, and logic follows that it never will.

    But more importantly, fringers can disagree on political ideology and still work together on the more immediate goal of shining light onto the wrongs perpetrated by the current players.

  11. Excellent points, Travis. The very self-assignment of the word “progressive” has been problematic to me. It’s just another label for liberal. And I do agree that the liberal mindset is keyed to permitting government overreach and lack of accountability.

    If you give somebody a gun and they use it on you, who are you going to blame?

    Still, as you rightly point out, there can be points of congruency where basic issues of competency and accountability trump ideology. The “sale” of the fair may very well be one of those issues.

    But also let’s not forget the psychological reassurance we can get from time to time enjoying the company of fellow bomb-throwers!

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