Pam Keller’s Election as Mayor Clearly Equates to Discrimination

Like any good American, I am a staunch advocate for “TURNS”. And as Fullerton’s #1 Freedom Fighter, Sharon Kennedy points out; Pam Keller may not get hers as Mayor. Being moved nearly to tears by this development, I went straight to work statistically verifying this horrible state of affairs. Specifically, that women are not as likely to be given their TURN as Mayor as the men! What salacious form of woman-hating is this? So in support of Sharon and Pam, I ran the numbers…

Pam Keller Awarding Chris Norby for bringing the notion of TURNS to Fullerton Mayoral politics.
Pam Keller Awarding Chris Norby for bringing the notion of TURNS to Fullerton Mayoral politics.

Dating back to Mayor Charles Chapman in 1902, 44% of Fullerton’s Male City Council Members have had their turn as Mayor. And, only 75% of our Female Council Members have had their turn. So, clearly, discrimination is rampa….what? Let me double check these figures:

35 male mayors/80 male council members = 44%.

6 female mayors/ 8 female council members = 75%

Ummm….well, let me check the numbers just since the first female council member Frances Wood (pause to bow head) was elected in 1970:

13 male mayors/17male council members = 77%

6 female mayors/ 8 female council members = 75%

I KNEW IT!!! Discrimination IS rampant in Fullerton!

But wait… dialing the Observer…

“Sharon, CT here. We have a problem. If the Fullerton School District’s Collaborative Director gets elected Mayor that will mean that 88% of Fullerton’s female council members will have been elected as Mayor and only 77% of men…

…what’s that?….NO, that’s only since 1970 when there HAVE been women on the council.

What? Bury it??? Yeah…yeah….that’s what we should do. People will just forget that we ever brought it up. God you’re brilliant Sharon!”

13 Replies to “Pam Keller’s Election as Mayor Clearly Equates to Discrimination”

  1. I was wondering about that. True, more men than women have served, but statistically the women have also served as mayor.
    There are many equality issues I can get upset about that involve women and girls. Slave trade in Burma, prostitution rings in Thailand, a lack of education access world wide for girls in many countries.

    This isn’t one of them.

  2. sharon kennedy as fullerton’s 1 freedom fighter. From my past experiences with the kennedy’s of fullerton, it is my opinion that sharon Kennedy is fullerton’s #1 freeloader.

  3. The politics of victimization, here cynically manipulated.

    Nobody “deserves” anything who hasn’t earned it. When Keller assembles 3 votes she will have earned it.

    I did love the bit about “freedom fighter.” Sharon Kennedy’s head is jammed so deep into the hole she doesn’t even know if it’s day or night. She just feels it.

  4. Just for the fun of it lets look at another statistic. There have been 88 council members and 8 have been women. That makes the score 91% for males and 9% for females. Males win! I can’t wait to see the responses to this blog. I know they will be good as well as entertaining.

    1. Ah, the voice of qutoas. Well of course, a undereducated educrat!

      “It’s little Jimmy’s turn to play with the tether ball!”

      “It’s Pammy’s turn to be Mayor.”

      Here’s a thought, Minard, why don’t you clean up that embarrassing Collaborative messs before you offer any observations on anything. And while you’re here are you going to hit us with that parcel tax?

  5. Based on the number of years served consecutively on the council without being mayor, isn’t it Dick Jones TURN to be mayor? Dick has served at least 8 years without being mayor while Pam has logged only 3. Fair is fair right?

    Jones for mayor!

  6. sharon kennedy #1 freedom fighter reputation is earned for trying to get something for free. entering sharon’s mind, a place littered with cartoon drawings, it is easy to see that sharon fights for free food via food stamps and free housing via discarded tents or buses or her mother’s home. sharon I hope I’m lying about you becaue it is hard to believe that a mother could be so callously cruel that she brought children into a world without any means or concern as to how she would feed, clothe or shelter them. Please, put my mind at ease and prove to me and your readers that you personally worked to support your family. secondly, since you tote yourself as an artist and an editor, what degrees did you earn at college. come on, sharon, why don’t you have the courage to tell the truth about yourself

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