Another Carpetbagger Bites the Carpet

Okay stifle the snickers, 8th graders.

Art Pedroza over at the the Orange Juice blog did a post today about the phantom candidate, Sue Perez, pulling a campaignus interruptus in a putative bid for the 34th State Senate seat currently held by Lou Correa. This was important to us for two reasons: part of the 34th District includes Fullerton. And Sue Perez lives in the 33rd District. We have already posted on this woman’s carpetbagging candidacy, here.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To return to the 33rd State Senate District.
Why did the chicken cross the road? To return to the 33rd State Senate District.

Of course Art’s main thrust was to immediately poke holes in his newest target, Supervisor Janet Nguyen, who for some reason decided to let herself be named co-chair of this unknown wingnut’s effort. The other co-chair,  frighteningly enough, was our own brainless scarecrow, 33rd District State Senator Mimi Walters, who, not coincidentally also championed the hollow, illegal candidacy of the Ackerwoman. Figures. Ah, more Repuglican values we can count on.

At any rate both of these co-chairs have been spared the humiliation of seeing their candidate get the living shit kicked out of her by Correa. So that worked out okay for them.

The story that is being circulated is that Perez has some baggage. Pedroza hazily speculates that this involves her carpetbagging and her husband’s appointment to the Anaheim Planning Commission by Lorri Galloway.  This seems like small change to us, especially since Perez has apparently been employed by the bizzaros at the Trinity Broadcast Network.

Jaysus says "be elected!"
Jaysus says "be elected!"

So poor Jerb Cunningham, who has spilled lotsa ink badmouthing Lou Correa, is still in search of a God-fearing candidate. Good luck little fella. Maybe your hero Dick “I don’t look so good in stripes” Ackerman can scrounge up another Lynn “the Bulldozer” Daucher for us.

Another Pellet Lands On Our Doorstep

On a post we did the other day about the Red County blog signing up a RINO, we received this choice nugget from our ethically challenged nemesis, Matthew J. Cunningham:

We’ll remember that when you faux conservatives on FFFF come out for Lou Correa next year.

Hmm. That was a pretty uninformed comment, even from our rodentine pal.

It's not true that we eat our young...
Yes, it's true. We eat our own babies.

As readers of this blog know, our primary aim is to promote political representatives that are accountable to their constituents, and not to themselves, the bureaucracy, or to lobbyists. Many of us happen to believe that conservatism is more likely to produce that result than liberalism. But we recognize all too well that plenty of so-called conservatives are the biggest government supported parasites we can think of. Consider the money machine that is Ackerman, Inc.

Faux? Poor Mr. Cunningham. Dragged down by the pecuniary interests of his boss John Lewis, he is forced to step and fetchit for the Democrat Tom Daly, making him not only just about as faux as you can get, but a sorry flunky, to boot. And here we  have hit the river bottom of the Repuglican food chain.

Come on in. The water's great!
Come on in. The water's great!

Lou Correa has his faults, to be sure. If a better candidate comes along we’ll be all for him or her. But if the alternative is some carpetbagging wacko Bible beater, seemingly backed by the same Repuglican machine that spit out Linda Ackerwoman, then  Hell, it looks like a pretty easy call.

Who Is Mimi Walters and How Did We Get Stuck With Her?

Okay, scrunch together...
We are stymied. Supply your own caption...

Mimi is the senator representing most of Fullerton in the 33rd State Senate District – so bequeathed by Dick Ackerman who made sure that some (but not all) of Fullerton was kept in his 33rd when redistricting occurred in 2001. Walters lives somewhere down near the beach but is our representative! Ah! Ackermanism, the gift that keeps giving.

In the fun photo above, Mimi Walters is the slender woman in pink, getting crushed by her good pal Mike Duvall’s tub of guts.

Why are we picking on Walters? Because to put it simply, her political presence in Fullerton is a pure expression of the repuglicanism propagated by the Ackermans and their cronies. Walters is a long-time buddy of Ackerman, Inc. and, like Mike Duvall, owes her political success to that gang. Naturally she would endorse a carpetbagging, no-ability zero like Linda Ackerman to represent us. Hell, that’s just par for the course.

But her latest episode is just as bad. Apparently she is the Campaign Co-chair for some creature named Sue Perez who wants to unseat State Senator Lou Correa for the 34th Senate job. Orange Juice blog has done a post on the subject, here. The 34th District includes a good-sized chunk of south-central Fullerton. And that makes it our business.

Well, guess what? Sue Perez doesn’t live in the 34th District! Quel surprise!She also has no political history, no record, no nothing, except that she seems to have some connection to the nut-jobs at the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and is pals with Lorri Galloway – another carpetbagger. Perez has hired Mimi Walter’s campaign consultant as an indication of her seriousness.

We would like to think that Mimi W. would have taken some time to soberly reflect upon the humiliation visited upon Linda Ackerwoman before embarking on another voyage into the same turbulent waters, but apparently such was not the case. Could the Gang find no one with even a shred of plausibility? Guess not. In the end it won’t matter much because Correa will win comfortably. Still, it would be nice to have a real opponent for Lou in the election.

So soon someone may have to festoon central Fullerton with a whole new round of “carpetbagger” signs. There’s just no rest for the weary!

In Puccini’s opera La Boheme, an undernourished Mimi finally succumbs to “consumption” in Act IV. Our Mimi may be a little harder to be rid of. But can we really afford any more of this sort of thing?

What Do Ackerwoman, Galloway and Perez All Have In Common?

We don't live here. We're just pecking our way through...
We don't live here. We're just pecking our way through...

With the announcement by a woman named  Sue Perez (who is connected to the wackos at Trinity Broadcasting and seems to be a friend of Lorri Galloway), that she intends to run for 34th State Senate District, we have the spectacle of yet another candidate who doesn’t live in the district they want to represent.  The announcement by this woman who wants Senator Lou Correa’s job, got us to thinking about some of our recent aspirants for State and County office, including the Ackerwoman and Lorri Galloway, herself.

We all know by now that Ackerwoman lives in Irvine, but wants to represent North OC in the State Assembly; Galloway lives in Anaheim Hills – in the 3rd Supervisorial District – but claims to be running for the 4th District.

Other than that they are all females, a common denominator is that any one could soon be using the yard next door as their phony residence. Of course we have left out Harry Sidhu who, like Galloway, lives in the 3rd District.

The Trouble With Harry? He doesn't live in the 4th District, either.
The Trouble With Harry? He doesn't live in the 4th District, either.

What is it with these birds? Can’t they just stay in their own yards?